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adding in super set info, and a couple of syntax changes

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  • main/trunk/greenstone3/web/WEB-INF/classes/

    r27670 r28848  
    66  <repositoryName>Greenstone3 OAI repository</repositoryName>
    77  <!-- The unique id of this repository - if using version 2.0 should correspond to your domaine name -->
    8   <repositoryId></repositoryId>
     8  <repositoryIdentifier></repositoryIdentifier>
    99  <!-- The base url to request metadata from this repository.
    1010  TODO: this element should be determined and overriden dynamically given the osi request url in
    2525  <!-- Metadata describing the repository. Any metadata can go here -->
    2626  <oaiInfo>
    27     <!-- <Metadata name="meta-name">meta-value</Metadata>-->
     27    <!-- <metadata name="meta-name">meta-value</metadata>-->
    2828  </oaiInfo>
    2929  <!-- Information above this line goes into the response to the Identify request -->
     30  <!-- OAI super sets. This exposes a group of collections as a single OAI set.
     31  Copy and fill in the values for each super set you want. This sets up a super set, then each collection for this super set must state in its OAIPMH service element that it belongs to the super set (<oaiSuperSet name="xxx"/> where xxx is the setSpec)-->
     32<!--  <oaiSuperSet>
     33    <setSpec>oai set identifier</setSpec>
     34    <setName>Human readable set name</setName>
     35    <setDescription>Set description</setDescription>
     36  </oaiSuperSet>-->
    3038  <!-- set the following to no if you don't want a stylesheet to be specified in the OAI output -->
    3139  <useOAIStylesheet>yes</useOAIStylesheet>
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