2014-04-14T22:20:14+12:00 (10 years ago)

All the changes required to get the GTI installed on a local greenstone using the latest gs2 src code from svn, since this has the security updates. 1. ApplyXSLT in build-src needed a lot of code additions since runtime-src's gtiaction.cpp needs to send the xml file from stdin using a pipe command. ApplyXSLT used to read stdin from a piped cmd differently, expecting DocStart and DocEnd embedding tags to mark the start and stop of each stream. This is still used by code in BasePlugout, so ApplyXSLT has been modified to take a minus-c parameter when requested to read from stdin without special embedding tag markers, such as when gtiaction calls it. ApplyXSLT uses an internal StreamGobbler class to read the stdin since it takes a while for xml generated by the gti.pl (which is piped in) to come in to ApplyXSLT. 2. The inner StreamGobbler class needed to be added into the ApplyXSLT jar file, so the Makefile.in has been updated. 3. In runtime-src, added in missing header files and updated the code that generated the spreadsheets on GTI, since it was firstly hardcoded to use paths on /home/nzdl, and the code that generated the spreadsheets when running ApplyXSLT/xalan.jar no longer worked as it had been coded.

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  • main/trunk/greenstone2/build-src/src/java/org/nzdl/gsdl/Makefile.in

    r23356 r28973  
    1515ApplyXSLT.jar: $(CLASSES)
    1616    $(JAR) cvf ApplyXSLT.jar -C ../../..  org/nzdl/gsdl/ApplyXSLT.class \
    17       -C ../../.. org/nzdl/gsdl/ApplyXSLTUtil.class
     17      -C ../../.. org/nzdl/gsdl/ApplyXSLTUtil.class \
     18      -C ../../.. org/nzdl/gsdl/ApplyXSLT\$$ReadStreamGobbler.class
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