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11/28/14 17:30:00 (6 years ago)

Second of 2 commits (previous committed as user sjs49) to get diffcol on the 64 bit Ubuntu that has perl 5.18 to work again for the Multimedia and MARC-Singlefile collections. This commit does updates the etc/collect.cfg for both collections, sets a dc.Title for a doc in the Multimedia collection (strawberry.txt in tablature, now set to Strawberry Fields For Ever, whereas it defaulted to Forever as one word) which produced a new metadata.xml inside the tablature folder, and an updated marc file for the MARC-Singlefile collection, which has 2 changes: a duplicate subject of Computer Programming was removed from a Steve Reeves paper and the subject Database management occurred frequently with a period at end and once without period, the last of which has now got a period too for merging with the other. The collect.cfg file for Multimedia sorts the AZCompactList classifier by ex.Identifier and sets the removeprefix flag to ignore occurrences of A and The at the start of titles, and modifies the removesuffix flag to not require a space between the final character of a title and any subsequent punctuation. All these changes were necessary to ensure that the ordering (of titles and other influential metadata) was always consistent by making them unique, by making more titles group into bookshelves, or enforcing a sort order.

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  • other-projects/nightly-tasks/diffcol/trunk/model-collect/MARC-Singlefile/etc/collect.cfg

    r28007 r29477  
    4242classify    List -metadata dc.Title;ex.Title -partition_type_within_level approximate_size
    44 classify    AZCompactList -metadata dc.Subject
     44classify    AZCompactList -metadata dc.Subject -sort dc.Title
    4646format VList "<td valign=\"top\">[link][icon][/link]</td>
  • other-projects/nightly-tasks/diffcol/trunk/model-collect/MARC-Singlefile/import/CMSwp-all.marc

    r28007 r29477  
    646646  aQA75.5.W926 no.98/12
    6476472 aCBISE'98d(1998 :cPisa, Italy)
    648 10aProceedings of CBISE'98 :bCAiSE®98 Workshop on Component Based Information Systems Engineering /cedited by John Grundy.
     64810aProceedings of CBISE'98 :bCAiSEï¿œ98 Workshop on Component Based Information Systems Engineering /cedited by John Grundy.
    64964910aCAiSE*98 Workshop on Component Based Information Systems Engineering
    650650  aHamilton, N.Z. :bDept. of Computer Science, University of Waikato,cc1998.
    21732173 0aLogic programming (Computer science)
    21742174 0aModality (Logic)
    2175  0aComputer programming.
    21762175 0aComputer programming.
    21772176 0aTeams in the workplacexData processing.
    35773576 0aComputer softwarexHuman factors.
    35783577 0aVisual programming (Computer science)
    3579 1 aSâanchez, Alfredo,d1962-
     35781 aSï¿œanchez, Alfredo,d1962-
    358035791 aTwidale, Michael.
    358135801 aNichols, David M.
    37313730 0aAlgorithms.
    37323731 0aDatabase management
    3733 1 aPfahringer, Bernhard.
     3732.1 aPfahringer, Bernhard.
    373437331 aKirkby, Richardq(Richard Brendon)
    373537342 aUniversity of Waikato.bDept. of Computer Science.
  • other-projects/nightly-tasks/diffcol/trunk/model-collect/Multimedia/etc/collect.cfg

    r28237 r29477  
    4242plugin  DirectoryPlugin
    44 classify    AZCompactList -metadata dc.Title,ex.Title -removesuffix (?i)(\\s+\\d+)|(\\s+[[:punct:]].*) -sort ex.Title
     44classify    AZCompactList -metadata dc.Title,ex.Title -removesuffix (?i)(\\s+\\d+)|(\\s*[[:punct:]].*) -removeprefix (?i)(a|the)\\s* -sort ex.Identifier
    4545classify    List -sort_leaf_nodes_using ex.Title -metadata dc.Format -buttonname browse -partition_type_within_level none -bookshelf_type always
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