02/11/15 18:47:05 (6 years ago)

First part of commit fixing up GLI to work with commit of reviosion 29687. In revision 29687 web.xml got split into web.xml and servlets.xml, which the first included as an entity. GLI parses web.xml and other XML files on startup, and now requires an EntityResolver to parse the inclusion of servlets.xml in web.xml. The use of an EntityResolver when parsing web.xml was also required in the GS3 server application code (in GS3/src/java), and worked there. The same change however didn't work in GLI, because the xerces and xml-apis (sax) classes used by GLI were not the same as what the GS3 server code used. The contents of xercesImpl.jar and xml-apis.jar used by GS3 have now replaced what was there in the older apache.jar, the rest of the contents are the same as before because they don't seem to be tightly coupled with the xerces and xml-apis parts of the apache.jar contents, whereas these two are.

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  • main/trunk/gli/makejar.sh

    r25683 r29729  
    4646# GLI class files and supporting libraries
    4747cd jar
    48 jar xf ../lib/apache.jar com org
     48jar xf ../lib/apache.jar com org javax
    4949jar xf ../lib/qfslib.jar de
    5050jar xf ../lib/rsyntaxtextarea.jar org theme.dtd
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