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2015-06-26T20:39:39+12:00 (9 years ago)

Finished implementing two of Kathy's excellent requests. 1. That when all caveat bins/src for GS2 have been generated for a day, these all get transferred into the nzdl release-snapshots area as 'stables'. And the same for GS3. 2. A new subfolder inside caveat-emptor called 'latest', which the caveat page links to. This page should provide a link to the last successfully caveat generated binary or src version. That way, even if all binaries and src versions fail to generate for the last 5 days or more, and the links to the previous caveat days don't provide any downloads, the new 'latest' link would still provide something to download for each src or binary version, even if it is very old.

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