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Installer language selection now uses a dropdown in place of radio buttons to accomodate additional language translations submitted for the gsinstaller module. To get the dropdown <large-select> to work like the radio buttons <select>, Dr Bainbridge figured out that Oran had made some code changes to <select> in AntInstaller's LoadConfigFilter.java. Added the same change in for the <large-select> and then needed to port Oran's additional changes to SelectInput.java into LargeSelectInput.java (didn't put the changes in the superclass InputField.java since a lot of other AntInstaller classes inherit from that).

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  • main/trunk/release-kits/kits/rk3/installer/antinstall-config.xml

    r29944 r30052  
    1414    <!-- select language page -->
     15    <!-- We want a dropdown for installer language selection.
     16    <select> is rendered as radio buttons in the GUI version.
     17    antinstaller.sourceforge.net/manual.html
     18    <large-select>: "The large select has identical options to the select input.
     19    Large select enables the list of options to be greater and is displayed differently.
     20    In the Swing GUI the options are rendered as a drop-down list.
     21    In the text/console UI the options are shown to the user 20 lines at a time."
     22    An example: https://github.com/ykyuen/maven-h2o/blob/master/h2o-installer/ant-installer/antinstall-config.xml
     24    However, to get <large-select> to work as <select> did, needed to modify the AntInstaller code itself
     25    in release-kits\shared\core\ant-installer\src\org\tp23\antinstaller\runtime\exe\LoadConfigFilter.java,
     26    and also bring the code in antinstaller\input\LargeSelectInput.java up to speed with Oran's changes to <select>
     27    in ant-installer\src\org\tp23\antinstaller\input\SelectInput.java
     29    <option value="hy" text="Armenian"/>
     30    <option value="jp" text="日本語 (Japanese)"/>
     31    -->
    1532    <page type="input" name="language-selector" displayText="">
    1633        <comment name="language-selector-explanation"/>
    17         <select property="language" defaultValue="en" displayText="" useAsLocale="true">
     34        <large-select property="language" defaultValue="en" displayText="" useAsLocale="true">
    1835            <option value="en" text="English"/>
    1936            <option value="fr" text="Français (French)"/>
    2340            <option value="zh" text="äž­æ–‡ (Chinese)"/>
    2441            <option value="ar" text="Arabic"/>
    25         </select>
     42            <option value="kk" text="Қазақ (Kazakh)"/>
     43        </large-select>
    2644    </page>
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