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  • main/trunk/greenstone2/collect/modelcol/etc/collectionConfig.xml

    r27151 r30084  
    201201        <!-- comment out the following serviceRack if you want to disable OAI for this collection -->
    202202        <serviceRack name="OAIPMH">
     203          <setName>**title**</setName>
     204          <setDescription>**about**</setDescription>
     205          <!-- uncomment the following and set the name attribute if
     206               you want this collection to be part of a super set. -->
     207          <!--<oaiSuperSet name="xxx"/>-->       
    203208            <ListMetadataFormats>
    204                 <!--What metadata sets to support is collection specific. To support other metadata schema, simply add a metadataFormat element here.
    205                     The support of unqualified Dublin Core metadata set is mandatory in the oai specification.
    206                 -->
    207                 <metadataFormat metadataPrefix="oai_dc">
    208                     <metadataPrefix>oai_dc</metadataPrefix>
    209                     <schema></schema>
    210                     <metadataNamespace></metadataNamespace>
    211                     <!--<metadataElements>dc.Title,dc.Creator,dc.Subject,dc.Description,dc.Publisher,dc.Contributor,dc.Date,dc.Type,dc.Format,dc.Identifier,dc.Source,dc.Language,dc.Relation,dc.Coverage,dc.Rights</metadataElements>-->
    212                     <mappingList>
    213                         <!--
    214                             The mapping is in the form: <publicly supported metadata name>,<mapped metadata name>, short as <A>,<B>
    215                             The first metadata name is medatory; if there is no mapped name followed, then the first name must be used by the records and
    216                             searchable in the database, otherwise it is the mapped name stored in the database. The number of mapping elements matches the
    217                             number of external metadata of the records. If only one name is present, the returned metadata will use this name plus the retrieved value;
    218                             if both <A>,<B> are present, the returned metadata will use <A>'s name plus <B>'s value retrieved from database.
    220                             **Bear in mind: if this mapping list is not present, the standard dc. metadata names (15 in total) will be used to retrieve metadata in the database.
    222                             **The only case when this mapping is not present is that: 1. this metadata format is oai_dc; 2. the metadata is also stored in the database by Dublin Core's names.
    223                         -->
    224                         <mapping>dc:title,Title</mapping>
    225                         <!-- This mapping example means that the dc.Title is requested and the value of the metadata Title, which is used in this repository, is returned as response. -->
    226                     </mappingList>
    227                 </metadataFormat>
     209              <!--What metadata sets to support for this collection. You can select any set that is specified in OAIConfig.xml. To use a new set, you need to add a set definition in OAIConfig.xml, then reference it here, like:
     210                   <metadataFormat metadataPrefix="prefix"/> -->
     212              <metadataFormat metadataPrefix="oai_dc">
     213                <!-- you can customize the mappings by adding elements in here. See resources/oai/OAIConfig.xml for the format-->
     214              </metadataFormat>
    228215            </ListMetadataFormats>
    229216        </serviceRack>
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