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Adding in lbz2 (lib BZIP2) to the list of libraries in the GNUMakefile that wvware needs to link against in order to still compile after gnome-lib's recent change from generating dynamically linked libs to statically linked ones

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    1 wv - Microsoft Word converter
     19. 27 Oct 2016
     2After the changes to build gnome-lib as statically linked libraries, need to link wvware against BZIP2 as well, so had to add in -lbz2 in the GNUMakefile.in (and added it to GNUMakefile.am) in the list of WVLIBS. The lbz2 library must be listed in the correct position for compilation to work, which seems to be before lz (libz/ZLib).
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     7Justified text in Word docs converted to html were showing up left aligned. Thanks to Giorgi Varamishvili for telling us of this problem. Changed the wvware config files that map markup in input word docs to markup into output formats like html, txt and xml. In this case both html and xml were mapping justified ('block') text to left (aligned). Changed both to justify. and although we don't use
     97.      @26816  [26816]     4 years     davidb 
     11config.guess and config.sub updated to new versions that include android as host architecture
     136.      @26065  [26065]     4 years     sjm84   
     15Reverting this file back to a previous version until I can figure out which the configure changes aren't working
     175.      @26061  [26061]     4 years     sjm84   
     19Having problems with autoconf (I think), trying a different version
     214.      @26053  [26053]     4 years     sjm84   
     23A minor text fix
     253.      @26052  [26052]     4 years     sjm84   
     27Adding a better message for wvWare configuration failures
     292.      @22694  [22694]     6 years     mdewsnip   
     31Added wv-1.2.4-gs.tar.gz, a slightly modified version of wv-1.2.4.tar.gz (as downloaded from sourceforge) that only installs the stuff Greenstone needs. This is basically a drop-in replacement for wv-0.7.1-gs.tar.gz, although the new version has different library dependencies (now requires libgsf, no longer seems to use iconv).
     331. wv - Microsoft Word converter
    335This directory contains a version of the wv program.  It was originally
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