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2017-07-13T23:00:05+12:00 (7 years ago)

Related to commits 31803 and 31804. Committing the changes necessary for getting imagemagick to compile on Ubuntu 16.04. There was a new compilation error despite the aforementioned earlier commits: there needed to be --with-libiconv passed to the PKG-CONFIG package when configuring to work with glib. And the --with-libiconv flag moreover needed to not be at the end, so I've placed it as the first of the additional flags in the script. NOTE that I'm not sure if this flag is necessary on the Mac and have left it out for now. 2. This meant I could return to renaming the gs-modified libiconv package to gs-libiconv. (I'd reversed an earlier commit thinking the new compilation error was because the only libiconv related change had been to rename the package to have a gs- prefix, even though this seemed unlikely to be the cause. Since it wasn't the cause, have put the gs- renaming back.)

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