2017-08-11T16:13:21+12:00 (6 years ago)
  1. Getting the recently added util::print_env() subroutine, which has now already helped in debugging a 2nd issue, to work on Windows. Keeping the same changes for linux too. 2. Dr Bainbridge said that single quoting the string https in dictionary props files would be better.
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  • main/trunk/gli/classes/dictionary.properties

    r31865 r31875  
    867867Mirroring.DownloadJob.Resume_Tooltip:Resume this download
    868868Mirroring.DownloadJob.Status:Downloaded {0} of {1} files ({2} warnings, {3} errors)
    869 Mirroring.DownloadJob.Warning_No_Valid_Certificate:WARNING: Can't download from a site that doesn\'t have a (valid) security certificate.
    870 Mirroring.DownloadJob.Enable_NoCheckCertificate:Enable 'No certificate checking' in Preferences > Connection to download insecurely from https URLs.
     869Mirroring.DownloadJob.Warning_No_Valid_Certificate:WARNING: Can't download from a site that doesn't have a (valid) security certificate.
     870Mirroring.DownloadJob.Enable_NoCheckCertificate:Enable 'No certificate checking' in Preferences > Connection to download insecurely from 'https' URLs.
    871871Mirroring.DownloadJob.Waiting:Waiting to start
    872872Mirroring.DownloadJob.Waiting_User:Waiting for user action
    10021002Preferences.Connection.ProgramCommand:Preview Command:
    10031003Preferences.Connection.ProgramCommand_Tooltip:The launch command for the program used to view the collection preview. Remember to use %1 as the placeholder for the collection address, and to use speechmarks where necessary.
    1004 Preferences.Connection.No_Check_Certificate: No certificate checking (effective on https URLs) # Disable https security certificate checking?
    1005 Preferences.Connection.No_Check_Certificate_Tooltip:Tick to download even from https URLs that don\'t have a (valid) security certificate.
     1004Preferences.Connection.No_Check_Certificate: No certificate checking (effective on 'https' URLs)
     1005Preferences.Connection.No_Check_Certificate_Tooltip:Tick to download even from 'https' URLs that don't have a (valid) security certificate.
    10061006Preferences.Connection.Proxy_Host:Proxy Host:
    10071007Preferences.Connection.Proxy_Host_Tooltip:The address of your proxy server
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