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     119 Feb 2018
     3I modified the archives, to split up pj.Location, pj.Subject, pj.PersonOfInterst, pj.Author, pj.Event. These are the 'multivalued' metadata where you can specify values separated by ;. Current processing will split the values and store them individually in archives. Some values were added before the online processing could handle them. SO I have split any existing values.
     5A few I did by hand. The others were done by running the following several times.
     7find . -name "doc.xml" -exec sed -i -r 's%(<Metadata .*name="pj.)(Subject|Location|PersonOfInterest|Author)(">)([^;]+);\s*([^\s].+)(</Metadata>)%\1\2\3\4\6\n\1\2\3\5\6%g' {} \;
     9? 2017
     11We have changed to using original tif files instead of jpg.
     1417 Aug 2017
     16I have made a new plugin, PJPlugin. It processes the item files, and converts all metadata  to pj.metadata, (ignoring any that are empty). It also changes the image file extension from .tif to .jpg. Don't need to do any of the old sed stuff.
     17SO I am using the jpg files instead of the tif files.
     18Copying .item, OCR/.txt, jpg/.jpg
     21Have done 3A*, 3B*, 3C*, 3D*
     23Ran -keepold to add new documents to archives. -site pei-jones written-works
     25mv building index
     26and re configure message router (or restart server)
     28**** adding the new archives files to svn. Want to add folder and doc.xml, NOT all the images.
     301. add the folder without any contents:
     31  svn add --depth=empty foldername
     32  You need to add all the folders first, eg
     33  svn add --depth=empty 3A*
     352. Set the svn:ignore property. Existing folders will already have it, but need to set it for the new folders.
     37Run svn propget svn:ignore . (inside archives). will look something like this:
     39>svn propget svn:ignore
     47The run propset:
     49archives>svn propset svn:ignore "*.jpeg
     54*.tif" . --recursive
     56Now when you do svn st, should only show the doc.xml files as being unversioned.
     58add them:
     59svn add */doc.xml
     60svn commit -m "adding the new archive files"
     62(NOTE: if you did "svn add foldername" by mistake and got all the images added, can do
     63"svn rm --keep-local foldername" to undo it. )
     67Old Notes.
    169Adding extra material from /nzdl-storage/other-projects/pei-jones/JOnes_Collection
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