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Updates to the recent commit's modifications to do with pdfbox: new class has been renamed from to org/greenstone/pdfbox/ and uses a GS package. This class file is no longer included in pdfbox-app.jar, but is just compiled against that. Added Apache v 2.0 licensing related files. now refers to the newly named Java class with the new org.greenstone.pdfbox package name. Updated the Readme to add instructions to do with compiling the new java file and its new folder/package structure, and information related to the Apache license. There's also the new java/build subfolder containing the precompiled class file (and Java pkg structure) for the new class. This new build folder with the new custom class, and the modified and the modified pdfbox-app.jar (without the custom class) are modifications to the pdfbox tarball/zip files too.

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