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    11<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    22<!-- Collection groups configuration file
    3         Uncomment hierarchy and groupDescription elements to make collection groups work.
    4     Describe your structure inside hiearchy tag as shown in example below.
    5     Describe your groups in groupDescriptions element as shown below.
    6     Without group tag with @name in groupDescriptions group will be invisible(but available).
    7     If your collection not described in hierarchy element it will be visible after described
    8     groups and collections at home page.
    9         First level - home page
    10             Second level - inside first group
    11                 Third level - inside second group
    13     -->
     4A collection group is a set of collections that are presented under one
     5icon/link on the home page. Clicking that link takes you to the group home page,
     6which lists all the collections in that group.
     8By default, there are no groups.
     10Uncomment or add hierarchy and groupDescriptions elements to add groups to your library.
     12Describe your structure inside a hierarchy tag as shown in the examples below.
     14Hierarchy can contain groups and/or collections. Groups can contain other groups and/or collections.
     15The order they are listed is the order they will appear on the home page.
     17Describe your groups in groupDescriptions element as shown in the example below.
     18Without a matching group element in groupDescriptions, a group mentioned in the hierarchy
     19will be invisible (but available).
     21If a collection is not mentioned in the hierarchy or as part of a group it will be listed on the main
     22home page after the specified groups and collections.
     25<!-- this example puts a few Greenstone demo collections into some groups. The home page
     26will display the demo group plus any unlisted collections. The demo group home page will display its two subgroups;
     27their home pages will display their list of collections. -->
    15     <!--
    16     <hierarchy>
    17         <group name="group2">
    18             <collection name="solr-jdbm-demo" />
    19         </group>
    20         <group name="group1">
    21             <group name="group3">
    22                 <collection name="solr-jdbm-demo" />
    23                 <group name="group1">
    24                     <collection name="solr-jdbm-demo" />
    25                     <group name="group1">
    26                     </group>
    27                 </group>
    28             </group>
    29         </group>
    30         <collection name="lucene-jdbm-demo" />
    31     </hierarchy>
    32     <groupDescriptions>
    33         <group name="group1">
    34         </group>
    35         <group name="group2">
    36             <title>Group 2 title</title>
    37             <description>Second group full description example</description>
    38             <shortDescription>Second group short description example</shortDescription>
    40         </group>
    41         <group name="group3">
    42             <title>Group 3 title</title>
    43             <description>Group 3 full description example </description>
    44             <shortDescription>Group 3 short description example</shortDescription>
    45             <backgroundImage>/images/Group3.jpg</backgroundImage>
    46         </group>
    47     </groupDescriptions>
    48     -->
     31  <hierarchy>
     32    <group name="demo">
     33      <group name="standard">
     34    <collection name="solr-jdbm-demo" />
     35    <collection name="lucene-jdbm-demo" />
     36      </group>
     37      <group name="dec">
     38    <collection name="bibtex-e"/>
     39    <collection name="dls-e"/>
     40    <collection name="garish-e"/>
     41    <collection name="isis-e"/>
     42      </group>     
     43    </group>
     44  </hierarchy>
     45  <groupDescriptions>
     46    <group name="demo">
     47      <title>Demo Collections</title>
     48      <description>Collections for demonstration purposes, provided by the Greenstone project.</description>
     49      <shortDescription>Greenstone demonstration collections</shortDescription>
     50      <backgroundImage>/images/Group3.jpg</backgroundImage>
     51    </group>
     52    <group name="standard">
     53      <title>Standard Demos</title>
     54      <description>These collections are the standard demonstration collections that come with a Greenstone binary release.</description>
     55      <shortDescription>Demonstration collections that come with the Greenstone binary.</shortDescription>
     56    </group>
     57    <group name="dec">
     58      <title>Documented Example Collections</title>
     59      <description>These documented example collections describe how they are constructed on their about page. Useful for learning about different Greenstone features.</description>
     60      <shortDescription>Collections that describe how they were built.</shortDescription>
     61    </group>
     62  </groupDescriptions>
     64    -->
     66<!-- If you want to put your collections into a specific order, you can list them in the hierarchy. Any unmentioned collections will be listed at the end. -->
     70  <hierarchy>
     71    <collection name="solr-jdbm-demo"/>
     72    <collection name="lucene-jdbm-demo"/>
     73    <collection name="paradise-gardens"/>
     74  </hierarchy>
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