2019-03-15T22:35:54+13:00 (3 years ago)

Rebuilding linux imagemagick tarball after testing GS3 binary on Ubuntu 18.04 showed that its imagemagick installation was broken because identify linked to a png library on the system, which then needed a different version of libz as it found the one included incompatible and nothing compatible on the syste. And so the identify command in the bundled imagemagick failed. During the course of producing a new ImageMagick tarball, I went through the checks in the README written since the El Capitan tarball was created which required the binary ImageMagicks that we bundle to support GIF, JPEG, PNG and TIFF. However the old and locally rebuilt ImageMagick tarball didn't have TIFF support. In order to get TIFF support in the Linux ImageMagick tarball (which we didn't have before), needed to switch to a newer ImageMagick version at least. However, I first tried switching to a newer tiff library and left that in as the date for the newer ImageMagick match better with the date for the newer tiff. Upgrading Tiff from 3.9.4 to versions 3.9.7 and 4.0.7 made no difference. Neither did 4.0.10, until Imagemagick got upgraded alongside to 6.9.10-33. Then ImageMagick finally had tiff support and so listed tiff among its delegates. The older ImageMagick worked with tiff-3.9.4 on El Capitan to produce Imagemagick binaries with tiff support. In case El Capitan breaks with the update, we can switch back to those versions for El Capitan.

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