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2022-06-07T19:45:50+12:00 (4 weeks ago)

First attempt at porting authen-e DEC (documented example collection) to GS3. At present all but 2 docs (farming butterflies, fb33fe and fb34fe) are private and accessible only to users in the group: demo. This is as in the GS2 version of authen-e. The collection description text still needs to be updated and the files for the 5 languages already supported should have the collection description split into multilines, but there's now an overridden about.xsl, as Dr Bainbridge described, that will ensure the coll description is loaded from teh collectionConfig.props file for the selected language where available. I've also worked out how GS3 allows displayItem static strings to be declared in props file to be called from the collectionConfig.xml file. An example is textsource, which replaced the GS2 macro _textsource_.

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