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Changed the "how to generate classifier button images" item to point to the generation page, which now has most of the FAQ item text that Katherine wrote.

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    11631163_tfaqgliapplet_ {
    11641164<p>To get the GLI applet running, please do the following:
    1165 <ul>
    11661166<li>Install Greenstone and the GLI on your server computer. Currently, this must be a GNU/Linux or Unix machine.</li>
    11671167<li>Set up your web server (eg. Apache) for Greenstone. Check that standard Greenstone works.</li>
    11821182<li>Edit the gsdl/etc/main.cfg file and set the "gliapplet" field to "enabled".</li>
    11831183<li>Visit your Greenstone homepage and click "The Librarian Interface" button. The applet should load and appear on this page, producing a button that says "Launch Greenstone Librarian Interface...". Clicking this will run the GLI as an applet, allowing users to build collections on your server without having Greenstone installed on their machines.</li>
    1184 </ul>
    11851185<p>Note that the applet transfers a lot of data between the machine it is running on and the server. This makes using the GLI applet impractical if you don't have a high speed connection between your machine and the server.
    14311431_tfaqbuild11body_ {
    1433 There are several images and macro file modifications needed for a new type of classifier. The following instructions use Countries as an example. <i>Countries</i> is the metadata name (or buttonname), <i>count</i> is the short form used in image names, and <i>countries</i> is the text that appears on the images.
    1434 <p>The images that are needed are the navigation bar images, and the title image with the green bar in the background. There are 3 navigation bar images: <i>tcountgr.gif</i> is the green one and <i>tcounton.gif</i> and  <i>tcountof.gif</i> are the two yellow ones for the rollover effect.
    1435 <i>h_count.gif</i> is the title image.
    1437 <p>These images can be generated by going <a href="">here</a>. Select the appropriate language and enter the image text (e.g. countries) in the box. English versions of the images should be saved to $GSDLHOME/images, while other language versions should be placed in the appropriate subdirectory of $GSDLHOME/images, for example $GSDLHOME/images/fr for french images. The images should be renamed as above, for example <i>1102920344gr.gif</i> would be renamed to <i>tcountgr.gif</i>.
    1439 <p>To get Greenstone to use the new images, some macro files need to be edited.
    1440 The following lines should all be put next to the other ones ones of the same type. Use Title as an example to search for the approriate place to insert.
    1441 <p>
    1442 <i></i>
    1443 <br>
    1444 <br>\_Countrieswidth\_ \{\_widthcountx\_ \}
    1446 <br>\_imageCountries\_ \{\_gsimage\_(\_httpbrowseCountries\_,\_httpicontcountof\_,\_httpicontcounton\_,countries,\_textimageCountries\_)\}
    1447 <br>\_icontabCountriesgreen\_ \{&lt;img
    1448 src="\_httpicontcountgr\_" width=\_widthtcountx\_ border=0&gt;\}
    1449 <br>\_icontabCountriesgreen\_[v=1] \{\_texticontabCountriesgreen\_ \}
    1450 <p>
    1451 <i></i>
    1452 <br>
    1453 <br>\_textCountriespage\_ \{\_texticonhcount\_ \}
    1455 <br>\_iconCountriespage\_ \{&lt;img src="\_httpiconhcount\_" width="\_widthhcount\_"
    1456 height="\_heighthcount\_"&gt;\}
    1457 <br>\_iconCountriespage\_ [v=1] \{&lt;h2&gt;\_texticonhcount\_&lt;/h2&gt;\}
    1459 <p>
    1460 <i></i>
    1461 <br>
    1462 <br>\_textimageCountries\_ \{Browse by countries\}
    1463 <br>\_texticontabCountriesgreen\_ \{Countries\}
    1464 <br>\_texticonhcount\_ \{Countries\}
    1465 <br>\_textCountriesshort\_ \{access publications by country\}
    1466 <br>\_textCountrieslong\_ \{&lt;p&gt;You can &lt;i&gt;access publications by country&lt;/i&gt; by
    1467 pressing the &lt;i&gt;countries&lt;/i&gt; button. This brings up a list of countries. \}
    1468 <br>
    1469 <br>## "countries" ## nav\_bar\_button ## tcount ##
    1470 <br>\_httpicontcountgr\_ \{\_httpimg\_/tcountgr.gif\}
    1471 <br>\_httpicontcountof\_ \{\_httpimg\_/tcountof.gif\}
    1472 <br>\_httpicontcounton\_ \{\_httpimg\_/tcounton.gif\}
    1473 <br>\_widthtcountx\_ \{87\}
    1475 <br>## "countries" ## green_title ## h_count ##
    1476 <br>\_httpiconhcount\_ \{\_httpimg\_/h\_count.gif\}
    1477 <br>\_widthhcount\_ \{200\}
    1478 <br>\_heighthcount\_ \{57\}
    1480 <p>To use the images for other languages, you need to edit the appropriate language macro file, and add the same items as for, with the exception that image paths will have the subdirectory in them. For example, \_httpimg\_/fr/h\_count.gif.
     1432Visit <a href="">this page</a> and follow the instructions.
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