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    88At the University of Waikato NZDL group
    99   David Bainbridge <[email protected]>
    10    Dave Nichols <dave[email protected]>,
     10   Dave Nichols <dm[email protected]>,
    1111   Brett Sheeran <[email protected]> (bas6 in the cvs log)
    1212   Stuart Yeates <[email protected]>
    1414Formerly with the NZDL group:
    1515   Aziz Mahoui <[email protected]>
    16    Gordon W. Paynter <>
     16   Gordon W. Paynter <>
    19    George Buchanan <[email protected]>
     19   George Buchanan <[email protected]>
     23The NZDL Java-Client interface is a package for writing java applications to
     24communicate with the Greenstone Digital Library.
     26The interface is through Common Object Reference Broker Architecture (CORBA).
     27In order to communicate to Greenstone collections, this software requires that
     28the server machine has Corbaserver installed and running.
     321. Introduction
     34It is now possible to access Greenstone collections using the Corba
     35protocol and a Java client.
     39As a Java programmer it is not necessary to understand Corba at all -
     40as the Corba complexity has been reduced to a series of Java objects,
     41methods and interfaces.
     45To demonstrate how to use the Nzdl classes we have created an
     46application, SimpleGraphicalClient, which can query a Corba server
     47and display the resulting documents. This client is probably a
     48good starting point to using Java with the NZDL.
     512. Getting the code
     542.1 Getting the SimpleGraphicalClient application source code
     56cvs -d :pserver:[email protected]:2402/usr/local/global-cvs/gsdl-src checkout java-client
     57cd java-client
     602.2 Getting the Server
     62cvs :pserver:[email protected]:2402/usr/local/global-cvs/gsdl-src checkout gsdl
     63cd gsdl
     64./configure --enable-corba
     66make install
     68(anything else??)
     703. Running the client
     72It is important to get the directories correct - as Java
     73uses them to manage the namespace of the classes. So you
     74should have something that looks like:
     78In this directory you will find:
     80corba - directory, lots of nasty corba stuff, avoid
     81service - the java classes you use, no need to look at this - early test application
     83SimpleGraphicalClient - directory, the Java package
     86java org.nzdl.gsdl.SimpleGraphicalClient.SimpleGraphicalClient
     894. Running the server
     91corbaserver -ORBNoCodeSets
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