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Hello.  This page is a gateway of sorts to my four websites.

You can visit my two never-ending website tributes to the wonderful poets John Keats and Lord Byron, as well as my Tudor England site.

You can also visit Tudor England: Images and view portraits of 16th century kings, queens, and various courtiers.  It's a reasonably entertaining way to pass the time.  Indeed, a study of Henry VIII's progression from handsome young king to bloated tyrant leads one to all sorts of reflections, most of them unpleasant.

The websites were originally posted in June 1997.  Of the three, the Keats site is my personal favorite.  The Tudor site gets the most visitors, with Byron in second place and Keats in third.

The visitors (such as you) are the main reason I haven't taken the sites down.  When thousands of people visit your work each month, you start to feel unaccountably responsible and mature about things.  So I can't keep a goldfish or plant alive, but my websites are still around.  Impressive.

Enjoy your visit.




click here to visit the Tudor England site