#******************* #** Language Orientation Property Component.Orientation:LTR #******************* # #***** AboutDialog ***** AboutDialog.Acknowledgement:Acknowledgements for proprietary programs, packages or classes... AboutDialog.Date:(November 2009) AboutDialog.Item0:'Xerces Java 1' from The Apache Software Foundation (http://www.apache.org/) AboutDialog.Item2:'WGet' from Free Software Foundation, Inc. (http://www.gnu.org/software/wget/wget.html) AboutDialog.Item3:'qfslib' from Quality First Software GmbH. (http://www.qfs.de/en/qflib/index.html) AboutDialog.Item4:'ExtensionFileFilter.class' by Bruno Dumon and contributors (http://pollo.sourceforge.net/) AboutDialog.Item5:'How to disable file renaming in file chooser' - vladi21 (http://www.experts-exchange.com/) AboutDialog.Item6:'Autoscrolling' - Java Swing by Robert Eckstein, Marc Loy & Dave Wood (http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/jswing/chapter/dnd.beta.pdf) AboutDialog.Item7:'Add ghosted drag images to your JTrees' - By Andrew J. Armstrong (http://www.javaworld.com/javaworld/javatips/jw-javatip114.html) AboutDialog.Item8:'Stop annoying java.prefs error when you don't have superuser access' - Thanks to Walter Schatz AboutDialog.Item9:'New folder', 'delete' and 'help' icons from the Dropline Neu! icon set by Silvestre Herrera, available from http://art.gnome.org/ AboutDialog.Java_Req:Java is a trademark of Sun Microsystems Inc. The JRE is redistributed as per the Supplemental License Terms, found at http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.4.1/j2re-1_4_1_02-license.html AboutDialog.Java_Req_One:This product includes code licensed from RSA Security, Inc. AboutDialog.Java_Req_Two:Some portions licensed from IBM are available at http\://oss.software.ibm.com/icu4j/ AboutDialog.Thanks:Also thanks to those who posted helpful java information on the web... AboutDialog.Title:About... AboutDialog.Title_One:Greenstone Librarian Interface AboutDialog.Title_Two:Greenstone Digital Library, University of Waikato AboutDialog.Copyright:Copyright (C) 2003-2009 New Zealand Digital Library Project AboutDialog.Copyright_Two:Published under the GPL. See LICENSE.txt for details. #*********************** # #***** Audit Table ***** AuditTable.File:Filename #*********************** # #***** Auto Filter ***** Autofilter.AND:AND Autofilter.Ascending:Ascending Autofilter.Case_Sensitive:Match Case Autofilter.Custom_Filter:Advanced Autofilter.Descending:Descending Autofilter.Filter_By_Value:Simple Autofilter.Name:Column Name Autofilter.None:None Autofilter.Operator:Condition Autofilter.OR:OR Autofilter.Order:Ordering Autofilter.Order_Tooltip:Sort the matching items in this order Autofilter.Remove:Remove Filter Autofilter.Remove_Tooltip:Remove this filter from the table column Autofilter.Set:Set Filter Autofilter.Set_Tooltip:Add this filter to the table column Autofilter.Table_Header_Tooltip:Filter by {0} Autofilter.Title:Autofilter Metadata Autofilter.eqeq:equal to Autofilter.!eq:does not equal Autofilter.<:is less than Autofilter.:is greater than Autofilter.>eq:is greater than or equal to Autofilter.^:starts with Autofilter.!^:does not start with Autofilter.$:ends with Autofilter.!$:does not end with Autofilter.?:contains Autofilter.!?:does not contain # # ******************************************************** # *************** Collection Design Module *************** # ******************************************************** # * The dictionary phrases used in the creation of the * # * Colection Design Module. Note that we still have * # * access to the format arguments (argument 32+) for * # * html formatting. * # ******************************************************** CDM.ArgumentConfiguration.Bad_Integer:The argument '{0}' requires an integer value,
but no integer can be parsed from {1}. CDM.ArgumentConfiguration.Error_Title:Error In Arguments CDM.ArgumentConfiguration.Header:
Please configure the arguments for {0}.
CDM.ArgumentConfiguration.No_Value:The argument '{0}' requires a value, but no value is specified. CDM.ArgumentConfiguration.Required_Argument:The argument '{0}' must be given a value. CDM.ArgumentConfiguration.Title:Configuring Arguments CDM.BuildTypeManager.Title:Select the Indexer CDM.BuildTypeManager.mg:MG CDM.BuildTypeManager.mg_Description:This is the original indexer used by Greenstone, developed mainly by Alistair Moffat and described in the classic book Managing Gigabytes. It does section level indexing, and searches can be boolean or ranked (not both at once). For each index specified in the collection, a separate index file is created. For phrase searching, Greenstone does an "AND" search on all the terms, then scans the resulting hits to see if the phrase is present. It has been extensively tested on very large collections (many GB of text). CDM.BuildTypeManager.mgpp:MGPP CDM.BuildTypeManager.mgpp_Description:This new version of MG (MG plus plus) was developed by the New Zealand Digital Library Project. It does word level indexing, which allows fielded, phrase and proximity searching to be handled by the indexer. Boolean searches can be ranked. Only a single index file is created for a Greenstone collection: document/section levels and text/metadata fields are all handled by one index file. For collections with many indexes, this results in a smaller collection size than using MG. For large collections, searching may be a bit slower due to the index being word level rather than section level. CDM.BuildTypeManager.lucene:Lucene CDM.BuildTypeManager.lucene_Description:Lucene was developed by the Apache Software Foundation. It handles field and proximity searching, but only at a single level (e.g. complete documents or individual sections, but not both). Therefore document and section indexes for a collection require two separate index files. It provides a similar range of search functionality to MGPP with the addition of single-character wildcards, range searching and sorting of search results by metadata fields. It was added to Greenstone to facilitate incremental collection building, which MG and MGPP can't provide. CDM.BuildTypeManager.Current_Type:Indexer in use: {0} CDM.BuildTypeManager.Change:Change... CDM.BuildTypeManager.Change_Tooltip:Change the indexer used by this collection CDM.ClassifierManager.Add:Add Classifier... CDM.ClassifierManager.Add_Tooltip:Use the specified classifier with this collection CDM.ClassifierManager.Assigned:Assigned Classifiers CDM.ClassifierManager.Classifier:Select classifier to add CDM.ClassifierManager.Classifier_Str:classifier CDM.ClassifierManager.Classifier_List_XML_Parse_Failed:Unable to get the list of classifiers using classinfo.pl -listall. CDM.ClassifierManager.Classifier_XML_Parse_Failed:Unable to determine the arguments for the {0}\nclassifier. Please ensure that the classifier in question\nprovides the -xml flag by running the classinfo.pl script\nsimilar to the description of the pluginfo.pl script in\nsection 2.1 of the Greenstone Developers Guide. CDM.ClassifierManager.Configure:Configure Classifier... CDM.ClassifierManager.Configure_Tooltip:Change the options of the selected classifier CDM.ClassifierManager.Remove:Remove Classifier CDM.ClassifierManager.Remove_Tooltip:Remove the selected classifier from the list CDM.DatabaseTypeManager.Change:Change... CDM.DatabaseTypeManager.Change_Tooltip:Change the type of database used by this collection CDM.DatabaseTypeManager.Current_Type:Database in use: {0} CDM.DatabaseTypeManager.Title:Select the Database CDM.DatabaseTypeManager.gdbm:GDBM CDM.DatabaseTypeManager.gdbm_Description: GDBM (or GNU Database Manager) is a simple flat-file database engine which Greenstone uses as the default database for new collections. CDM.DatabaseTypeManager.jdbm:JDBM CDM.DatabaseTypeManager.jdbm_Description: JDBM (or Java Database Manager) is essentially a Java implementation of GDBM. Consider using this database engine combined with the Lucene indexer if you are wanting to create a pure Java run-time. CDM.DatabaseTypeManager.sqlite:SQLITE CDM.DatabaseTypeManager.sqlite_Description: SQLite is a simple relational database engine. It can be used in Greenstone to provide experimental advanced searching features that are not possible with the other database engines. To enable these features add "sqlform" to the list of SearchTypes in the Format Features section of the Format tab. CDM.FormatManager.Add:Add Format CDM.FormatManager.Add_Tooltip:Add the specified format command CDM.FormatManager.AllFeatures:All Features CDM.FormatManager.AllParts:All Components CDM.FormatManager.Default_Warning:Are you sure you want to reset the format statement to its default? CDM.FormatManager.Default:Reset to Default CDM.FormatManager.Default_Tooltip:Reset the selected format command to its default value CDM.FormatManager.Editor:HTML Format String CDM.FormatManager.Editor_Tooltip:Enter or edit the format command CDM.FormatManager.Editor_Disabled_Tooltip:Click 'Add Format' to add this format command to your collection. CDM.FormatManager.Enabled:Enabled CDM.FormatManager.Feature:Choose Feature CDM.FormatManager.Feature_Tooltip:The feature to format CDM.FormatManager.Insert:Insert CDM.FormatManager.Insert_Tooltip:Insert the selected variable into the format command CDM.FormatManager.Default:Reset to Default CDM.FormatManager.Default_Tooltip:Reset the selected variable to its default CDM.FormatManager.Insert_Variable:Insert Variable... CDM.FormatManager.Part:Affected Component CDM.FormatManager.Part_Tooltip:The aspect of the selected feature to format CDM.FormatManager.Remove:Remove Format CDM.FormatManager.Remove_Tooltip:Remove the selected format command CDM.FormatManager.Variable_Tooltip:Insert one of the predefined variables into the selected format command CDM.FormatManager.MessageBox:XML Validation CDM.FormatManager.MessageBox_Tooltip:XML Template validation Message CDM.General.Access:This collection should be publicly accessible CDM.General.Browser_Title:Select An Image CDM.General.Collection_Extra:Collection description: CDM.General.Collection_Extra_Tooltip:A description of the purpose and content of the collection CDM.General.Collection_Name:Collection title: CDM.General.Collection_Name_Tooltip:Name of the collection CDM.General.Email.Creator:Creator's email CDM.General.Email.Creator_Tooltip:E-mail address of the collection's creator CDM.General.Email.Maintainer:Maintainer's email CDM.General.Email.Maintainer_Tooltip:E-mail address of the collection's maintainer CDM.General.Icon_Collection:URL to 'about page' image: CDM.General.Icon_Collection_Tooltip:The URL of the image to display on the collection's about page CDM.General.Icon_Collection_Small:URL to 'home page' image: CDM.General.Icon_Collection_Small_Tooltip:The URL of the image to display on the library's home page for this collection CDM.General.Image_Copy_Failed:An error has occurred which prevents the image you selected being copied.\nPlease try manually copying the image:\n{0}\n to the images folder of your collection:\n{1} CDM.General.Image_Filter:Images (gifs, jpgs and pngs) CDM.GUI.Classifiers:Browsing Classifiers CDM.GUI.Formats:Format Features CDM.GUI.General:General CDM.GUI.Indexes:Search Indexes CDM.GUI.Macros:Collection Specific Macros CDM.GUI.Plugins:Document Plugins CDM.GUI.Root:CDM_ROOT CDM.GUI.SearchMetadata:Search CDM.GUI.Subcollections:Partition Indexes CDM.GUI.SuperCollection:Cross-Collection Search CDM.GUI.Translation:Translate Text CDM.GUI.DepositorMetadata:Depositor Metadata CDM.HelpButton:Help for this screen CDM.HelpButton_Tooltip:Open up the GLI help for this screen CDM.IndexManager.Add_Index:Add Index CDM.IndexManager.Add_Index_Tooltip:Add the specified index CDM.IndexManager.Allfields_Index:Add combined searching over all assigned indexes (allfields) CDM.IndexManager.Default_Index_Indicator:[Default Index] CDM.IndexManager.Index_Exists:That index has already been assigned for this collection. CDM.IndexManager.Indexes:Assigned Indexes CDM.IndexManager.Level:Indexing level: CDM.IndexManager.Level_Tooltip:Textual unit on which index is based CDM.IndexManager.Add_All:Add All CDM.IndexManager.Add_All_Tooltip:Add a separate index for every source CDM.IndexManager.Edit_Index:Edit Index CDM.IndexManager.Edit_Index_Tooltip:Modify the selected index CDM.IndexManager.New_Index:New Index CDM.IndexManager.New_Index_Tooltip:Add a new index CDM.IndexManager.Remove_Index:Remove Index CDM.IndexManager.Remove_Index_Tooltip:Remove the selected index CDM.IndexManager.Replace_Index:Replace Index CDM.IndexManager.Replace_Index_Tooltip:Update the selected index CDM.IndexManager.Select_All:Select All CDM.IndexManager.Select_All_Tooltip:Select all index sources CDM.IndexManager.Select_None:Select None CDM.IndexManager.Select_None_Tooltip:Deselect all index sources CDM.IndexManager.Set_Default:Set Default Index CDM.IndexManager.Set_Default_Tooltip:Make the selected index the default index CDM.IndexManager.Source:Include in index: CDM.IndexManager.Source_Tooltip:The metadata elements to build the index on CDM.IndexManager.Text_Source:Full text CDM.IndexManager.Text_Source_Tooltip:Include the full text of the documents in the index CDM.IndexingManager.Accent_fold:Accent fold CDM.IndexingManager.Accent_fold_Tooltip:Generate an accent-folded index, which enables searching for words ignoring accents. CDM.IndexingManager.Casefold:Casefold CDM.IndexingManager.Casefold_Tooltip:Generate a case-folded index, which enables case-insensitive searching. CDM.IndexingManager.Options:Indexing options: CDM.IndexingManager.Separate_cjk:CJK Text Segmentation CDM.IndexingManager.Separate_cjk_Tooltip:Segment CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) text. Currently involves inserting a space between each CJK character.
This is necessary for searching in CJK text unless the text has been segmented into words already. CDM.IndexingManager.Stem:Stem CDM.IndexingManager.Stem_Tooltip:Generate a stemmed index, which enables searching on word stems.
For example, searching for "farm" will also match "farms" "farming" "farmers" (useful for English and French only). CDM.LanguageManager.Add_Tooltip:Add an index partition based on the specified languages CDM.LanguageManager.Assigned_Languages:Assigned Language Partitions CDM.LanguageManager.Default_Language:Default Language CDM.LanguageManager.LanguageMetadata:Language Metadata: CDM.LanguageManager.LanguageMetadata_Tooltip:The metadata element to use to determine a document's language CDM.LanguageManager.Remove_Tooltip:Remove the selected language partition from the list CDM.LanguageManager.Replace_Tooltip:Replace the selected partition with a new one based on the ticked languages CDM.LanguageManager.Selector:Languages to add: CDM.LanguageManager.Selector_Tooltip:The languages to build an index partition on CDM.LanguageManager.Set_Default:Set Default CDM.LanguageManager.Set_Default_Tooltip:Make the selected language partition the default CDM.LevelManager.Document:document CDM.LevelManager.Section:section CDM.LevelManager.Paragraph:paragraph CDM.LevelManager.Level_Title:Indexing Levels CDM.LevelManager.Default:Default CDM.LevelManager.Default_Tooltip:Default level in reader's interface CDM.MacrosManager.Editor_Tooltip:Edit macros here CDM.Move.At_Bottom:Cannot move the {0} {1} lower as it is already at the bottom of the list. CDM.Move.At_Top:Cannot move the {0} {1} higher as it is already at the top of the list. CDM.Move.Cannot:Cannot move the plugin {0} any lower as RecPlug and ArcPlug must be at the bottom of the list. CDM.Move.Fixed:RecPlug and ArcPlug are generally required to be last and so are fixed in place.
If you really must move them please hand edit the collect.cfg file. CDM.Move.Move_Down:Move Down CDM.Move.Move_Down_Tooltip:Move the selected item down the list CDM.Move.Move_Up:Move Up CDM.Move.Move_Up_Tooltip:Move the selected item up the list CDM.Move.Title:Error - Cannot Move CDM.PlugInManager.Add:Add Plugin... CDM.PlugInManager.QuickAdd:Add Plugin CDM.PlugInManager.Add_Tooltip:Use the specified plugin with this collection CDM.PlugInManager.Assigned:Assigned Plugins CDM.PlugInManager.Configure:Configure Plugin... CDM.PlugInManager.Configure_Tooltip:Change the options of the selected plugin CDM.PlugInManager.Ignore:Don't Add Plugin CDM.PlugInManager.Ignore_Tooltip:Don't add any plugins to this collection. CDM.PlugInManager.PlugIn:Select plugin to add: CDM.PlugInManager.PlugIn_Tooltip:The plugins available for use in the collection CDM.PlugInManager.PlugIn_Str:plugin CDM.PlugInManager.PlugIn_XML_Parse_Failed:Unable to determine the arguments for the {0}\nplugin. Please ensure that the plugin in question provides\nthe -xml flag by running the pluginfo.pl script described\nin section 2.1 of the Greenstone Developers Guide. CDM.PluginManager.Plugin_List_XML_Parse_Failed:Unable to get the list of plugins using pluginfo.pl -listall. CDM.PluginManager.Plugin_Suggestion_Prompt:None of the plugins in this collection are expected to process the file "{0}" directly. (However, it may be included in the collection if it belongs to another file, for example, an image in a web page.) The following plugins may be able to process this file. You can add one to your collection now by selecting it and pressing the Add button. (Note that you can change the list of plugins at any time by going to "Document Plugins" on the Design Pane.) CDM.PlugInManager.Remove:Remove Plugin CDM.PlugInManager.Remove_Tooltip:Remove the selected plugin from the list CDM.PluginManager.SuggestedPluginListTitle:Suggested plugins for file CDM.SearchMetadataManager.Component:Item in search menu CDM.SearchMetadataManager.Component_Name:Display text CDM.SearchMetadataManager.Type_index:Index CDM.SearchMetadataManager.Type_level:Level CDM.SearchMetadataManager.Type_partition:Partition CDM.SearchMetadataManager.Type_language:Language Partition CDM.SubcollectionManager.Add:Add Filter CDM.SubcollectionManager.Add_Tooltip:Add the specified filter to the collection CDM.SubcollectionManager.Assigned:Defined Subcollection Filters CDM.SubcollectionManager.Exclude:Exclude CDM.SubcollectionManager.Flags:Flags to set when matching CDM.SubcollectionManager.Flags_Tooltip:Regular expression flags to use when matching (eg. "i" for case-insensitive matching) CDM.SubcollectionManager.Include:Include CDM.SubcollectionManager.Inclusive:What do we do with files that match? CDM.SubcollectionManager.Language_Controls:Assign Languages CDM.SubcollectionManager.Match:Regular expression to match with: CDM.SubcollectionManager.Match_Tooltip:A regular expression defining the documents in the subcollection CDM.SubcollectionManager.Name:Subcollection filter name: CDM.SubcollectionManager.Name_Tooltip:The name of the new subcollection filter CDM.SubcollectionManager.Remove:Remove Filter CDM.SubcollectionManager.Remove_Tooltip:Remove the selected filter from the list CDM.SubcollectionManager.Replace:Replace Filter CDM.SubcollectionManager.Replace_Tooltip:Update the details of the selected filter CDM.SubcollectionManager.Source:Document attribute to match against: CDM.SubcollectionManager.Source_Tooltip:The document attribute to filter on CDM.SubcollectionManager.Subcollection_Controls:Define Filters CDM.SubcollectionManager.Subindex_Controls:Assign Partitions CDM.SubcollectionIndexManager.Add_Subindex:Add Partition CDM.SubcollectionIndexManager.Add_Subindex_Tooltip:Add the specified partition to this collection CDM.SubcollectionIndexManager.Default_Partition_Indicator:[Default Partition] CDM.SubcollectionIndexManager.Remove_Subindex:Remove Partition CDM.SubcollectionIndexManager.Remove_Subindex_Tooltip:Remove the selected partition from this collection CDM.SubcollectionIndexManager.Replace_Subindex:Replace Partition CDM.SubcollectionIndexManager.Replace_Subindex_Tooltip:Update the selected partition CDM.SubcollectionIndexManager.Set_Default_Subindex:Set Default CDM.SubcollectionIndexManager.Set_Default_Subindex_Tooltip:Make the selected partition the default CDM.SubcollectionIndexManager.Source:Build partition on: CDM.SubcollectionIndexManager.Source_Tooltip:The subcollection filters to build the partition on CDM.SubcollectionIndexManager.Subindexes:Assigned Subcollection Partitions CDM.TranslationManager.Add:Add Translation CDM.TranslationManager.Add_Tooltip:Add the specified translation to the collection CDM.TranslationManager.Affected_Features:Features CDM.TranslationManager.Assigned_Fragments:Assigned Translations CDM.TranslationManager.Default_Text:Initial Text Fragment CDM.TranslationManager.Fragment_Column:Text Fragment CDM.TranslationManager.Language:Language of translation: CDM.TranslationManager.Language_Column:Language CDM.TranslationManager.Language_Tooltip:The language being translated into CDM.TranslationManager.Remove:Remove Translation CDM.TranslationManager.Remove_Tooltip:Remove the selected translation from the collection CDM.TranslationManager.Replace:Replace Translation CDM.TranslationManager.Replace_Tooltip:Update the selected translation CDM.TranslationManager.Translation:Translated Text CDM.TranslationManager.Translation_Tooltip:Enter the translation of the string here CDM.DepositorMetadataManager.Warning:At least one metadata element should be selected. #******************* # #***** Collection ***** Collection.Collection:Collection Collection.Delete_Tooltip:Delete selected files and folders Collection.Filter_Tooltip:Restrict the files shown in the file tree Collection.New_Folder_Tooltip:Create a new folder Collection.No_Collection:No Collection Collection.No_Collection_Loaded:No collection loaded Collection.Stop:Stop Collection.Stop_Tooltip:Stop copying files Collection.Workspace:Workspace #********************** # #***** CollectionBuilt ***** CollectionBuilt.Message:The collection has been built and is ready for previewing. CollectionBuilt.Title:Collection Creation Result #*************************** # #******ScheduldBuilt****** ScheduleBuilt.Message:The scheduling of this collection has been altered. ScheduleBuilt.Title:Collection Scheduling Result #*************************** # #***** CollectionManager ***** CollectionManager.Schedule_Failed:An error has occurred and the collection could not be scheduled for periodic building. CollectionManager.Build_Cancelled:Building the collection has been cancelled. CollectionManager.Cannot_Create_Collection:An error has occurred and the collection could not be created. CollectionManager.Cannot_Create_Collection_With_Reason:The collection could not be created because:\n{0-Error message} CollectionManager.Cannot_Delete_Index:This collection cannot be rebuilt because the old index files cannot be deleted.\nPlease make sure that Greenstone or some other program is not using these files,\n and try again. CollectionManager.Cannot_Delete_Index_Log:Old index files unable to be deleted so importing stopped. CollectionManager.Cannot_Open:The collection at:\n{0-Collection file path}\ncannot be opened. CollectionManager.Cannot_Open_With_Reason:The collection at:\n{0-Collection file path}\ncannot be opened because:\n{1-Error message} CollectionManager.Creating_Collection:Creating collection CollectionManager.Creating_Collection_Please_Wait:Creating collection, please wait... CollectionManager.Loading_Collection:Loading collection CollectionManager.Loading_Collection_Please_Wait:Loading collection, please wait... CollectionManager.Loading_Successful:Loaded collection {0}. CollectionManager.Missing_Config:This collection does not have a valid collect.cfg file CollectionManager.Not_Col_File:'{0}' is not a Librarian Interface Collection File (.col) CollectionManager.No_Config_File:The collect.cfg file has not been created by mkcol.pl. CollectionManager.Preview_Ready_Failed:An error has occurred which will prevent the collection being previewed. CollectionManager.Preview_Ready_Title:Collection Preview State. CollectionManager.Schedule_Ready_Title:Scheduling State. CollectionManager.Build_Not_Moved:The building directory could not be moved. Try building again, or exit GLI and the server, and then restart GLI and try building again - this should fix the problem. CollectionManager.Index_Not_Deleted:The index directory could not be deleted. Try exiting GLI and the server, and then restart GLI and try building again - this should fix the problem. CollectionManager.Install_Exception:Exception detected during collection install:\n{0}\nMost likely caused by Windows or Local Library holding locks on files.\nPlease make sure that none of the collection source files\nare opened in external applications, then rebuild. #***************************** # #***** CollectionPopupMenu ***** CollectionPopupMenu.Delete:Delete CollectionPopupMenu.New_Dummy_Doc:New dummy document CollectionPopupMenu.New_Folder:New folder CollectionPopupMenu.Refresh:Refresh folder view CollectionPopupMenu.Rename:Rename CollectionPopupMenu.Replace:Replace... #******************************* # #***** CreatePane ***** CreatePane.Schedule_Progress:Schedule Progress CreatePane.Schedule:Schedule Options CreatePane.Schedule_Tooltip:Options for the scheduling of automatic collection formation CreatePane.Schedule_Build:Schedule Action CreatePane.Schedule_Build_Tooltip:Schedule automatic collection formation CreatePane.Build:Build Options CreatePane.Build_Tooltip:Options for the indexing and classification stage of collection formation CreatePane.Build_Collection:Build Collection CreatePane.Build_Collection_Tooltip:Start the collection formation process CreatePane.Build_Progress:Build Progress CreatePane.Cancel_Build:Cancel Build CreatePane.Cancel_Build_Tooltip:Stop the collection formation process CreatePane.Full_Build:Complete Rebuild CreatePane.Full_Build_Tooltip:Completely rebuild the collection from scratch CreatePane.Import:Import Options CreatePane.Import_Tooltip:Options for the file conversion and metadata assignment stage of collection formation CreatePane.Import_Progress:Import Progress CreatePane.Minimal_Build:Minimal Rebuild CreatePane.Minimal_Build_Tooltip:Faster, as only the parts of the collection building process that are necessary are performed CreatePane.Minimal_Build_Not_Required:Rebuilding is not required because you have not added any files to the collection,\nedited metadata, or changed options in the Design pane.\n(To force a rebuild, choose "Complete Rebuild" and press the "Build Collection" button.) CreatePane.Log:Message Log CreatePane.Log_Tooltip:View output from previous collection formation attempts CreatePane.Mode_All:all CreatePane.Options:Option Groups CreatePane.Options_Title:Collection Import, Build, and Scheduling Options CreatePane.Preview_Collection:Preview Collection CreatePane.Preview_Collection_Tooltip:Preview the collection #********************** # #***** Dates ***** Dates.Mon:Monday Dates.Tue:Tuesday Dates.Wed:Wednesday Dates.Thu:Thursday Dates.Fri:Friday Dates.Sat:Saturday Dates.Sun:Sunday Dates.Jan:January Dates.Feb:February Dates.Mar:March Dates.Apr:April Dates.May:May Dates.Jun:June Dates.Jul:July Dates.Aug:August Dates.Sep:September Dates.Oct:October Dates.Nov:November Dates.Dec:December #********************** # #***** Delete Collection Prompt ***** DeleteCollectionPrompt.Collection_Details:Selected collection's details DeleteCollectionPrompt.Collection_List:Available collections DeleteCollectionPrompt.Confirm_Delete:Please tick the box to confirm collection deletion. DeleteCollectionPrompt.Delete:Delete DeleteCollectionPrompt.Delete_Tooltip:Delete the selected collection DeleteCollectionPrompt.Details:Creator - {0}\nMaintainer - {1}\nDescription\n{2} DeleteCollectionPrompt.Failed_Delete:Collection could not be completely deleted. DeleteCollectionPrompt.Failed_Fedora_Delete:Error trying to purge collection from Fedora. DeleteCollectionPrompt.Failed_Title:Deletion Failed! DeleteCollectionPrompt.No_Collection:No collection selected. DeleteCollectionPrompt.Successful_Delete:Collection has been deleted. DeleteCollectionPrompt.Successful_Title:Deletion Complete! DeleteCollectionPrompt.Title:Collection Deletion DeleteCollectionPrompt.Cannot_Delete_Open_Collection_Tooltip:Cannot delete collection {0}, since it is currently open #********************** # #***** DirectoryLevelMetadata ***** DirectoryLevelMetadata.Message:You are about to assign 'folder level' metadata to the selected folder (or folders). Such metadata will be automatically inherited by all files and folders in this folder. Furthermore this metadata cannot be removed from specific children, only replaced. To continue with this action click 'OK'. DirectoryLevelMetadata.Title:About to add folder level metadata #******************* # #***** Download ***** DOWNLOAD.MODE.Root:Download_Root DOWNLOAD.MODE.WebDownload:Web DOWNLOAD.MODE.MediaWikiDownload:MediaWiki DOWNLOAD.MODE.OAIDownload:OAI DOWNLOAD.MODE.ZDownload:Z39.50 DOWNLOAD.MODE.SRWDownload:SRU Download.ServerInformation:Server Information Download.ServerInformation_Tooltip:Download some information about the server, and check that a connection can be made #******************** # #***** EnrichPane ***** EnrichPane.AutoMessage:This element, {0}, belongs to the Greenstone metadata set. This set represents metadata that can usually be extracted automatically. To check what {0} metadata can be extracted create the collection using the 'Create' tab. EnrichPane.ExistingValues:Existing values for {0} EnrichPane.InheritedMetadataSelected:This piece of metadata is inherited from a folder above it, and cannot be edited. You can visit the actual folder containing the metadata by clicking on the folder icon at the start of the row. EnrichPane.InheritedMetadata_Tooltip:Click this icon to visit the folder where this inherited piece of metadata was assigned EnrichPane.ManageMetadataSets:Manage Metadata Sets... EnrichPane.ManageMetadataSets_Tooltip:Change the metadata sets used by the collection EnrichPane.No_File:No File Selected EnrichPane.No_Metadata:No Metadata Available EnrichPane.No_Metadata_Element:No Metadata Element Selected EnrichPane.NotOneFileOnlyMetadataSelected:This piece of metadata does not apply only to this file, and cannot be edited. EnrichPane.Value_Field_Tooltip:Value to assign to the selected metadata element EnrichPane.Value_Field_Tooltip_Uneditable:Value assigned to the selected metadata element #*********************** # #****** ExplodeMetadataPrompt ******* ExplodeMetadataPrompt.Explode:Explode ExplodeMetadataPrompt.Explode_Tooltip:Explode the metadata file ExplodeMetadataPrompt.Instructions:Exploding this metadata file will produce individual records with editable metadata. This is an irreversible process and the original metadata file will be removed from the collection. ExplodeMetadataPrompt.Failed_Title:Exploding Failed. ExplodeMetadataPrompt.Failed_Explode:The database {0} could not be exploded. ExplodeMetadataPrompt.NotExplodable:This file is not explodable. ExplodeMetadataPrompt.Successful_Explode:Database {0} successfully exploded. ExplodeMetadataPrompt.Successful_Title:Exploding Complete. ExplodeMetadataPrompt.Title:Explode Metadata Database ExplodeMetadataPrompt.Plugin:Plugin to use for exploding #*********************** # #****** ReplaceSrcWithHTMLPrompt ******* ReplaceSrcWithHTMLPrompt.ReplaceSrc:Replace with HTML version ReplaceSrcWithHTMLPrompt.ReplaceSrc_Tooltip:Replace this source document with the HTML version Greenstone generates. ReplaceSrcWithHTMLPrompt.Instructions:Replacing a document with its generated HTML version will allow you to edit the HTML file and rebuild the collection in future with these edits intact. This is an irreversible process and the original document(s) thus replaced will be removed from the collection. ReplaceSrcWithHTMLPrompt.Failed_Title:Replacing with HTML Failed. ReplaceSrcWithHTMLPrompt.Failed_ReplaceSrc:The document(s) {0} could not be replaced with an HTML version. ReplaceSrcWithHTMLPrompt.NotSrcReplaceable:This file-type can not be replaced with an HTML version. ReplaceSrcWithHTMLPrompt.Successful_ReplaceSrc:All selected documents successfully replaced with their HTML versions. ReplaceSrcWithHTMLPrompt.Successful_Title:Replacing with Generated HTML Versions Complete. ReplaceSrcWithHTMLPrompt.Title:Replace Source Documents with HTML Files ReplaceSrcWithHTMLPrompt.Plugin:Plugin to use for exploding #*********************** # #****** WriteCDImagePrompt ******* WriteCDImagePrompt.CD_Name:CD/DVD name WriteCDImagePrompt.Export:Write CD/DVD image WriteCDImagePrompt.Export_Tooltip:Write the selected collections as a Windows CD/DVD Image WriteCDImagePrompt.Failed_Export:The collections ({0}) could not be exported. WriteCDImagePrompt.Failed_Title:Export Failed WriteCDImagePrompt.Install:CD/DVD will install some files when used (faster) WriteCDImagePrompt.Install_Tooltip:Produces a self-installing CD-ROM that installs the library server (and optionally all the collection files) onto the host machine. WriteCDImagePrompt.NoInstall:CD/DVD will not install any files when used WriteCDImagePrompt.NoInstall_Tooltip:Produces a CD-ROM that runs the library directly from the CD-ROM without installing anything on the host machine. WriteCDImagePrompt.Instructions:Export one or more collections to a self-installing Windows CD/DVD image (although this works on any platform, the CD/DVD image that is created only runs under Windows). WriteCDImagePrompt.Progress_Label:Copying Files. This could take some time... WriteCDImagePrompt.Size_Label:Estimated size: WriteCDImagePrompt.Successful_Export:The collections ({0}) have been exported. WriteCDImagePrompt.Successful_Title:Export Complete WriteCDImagePrompt.Title:Export Collection to CD/DVD #************************ # #****** ExportAsPrompt ******* ExportAsPrompt.Export_Name:Folder name ExportAsPrompt.Export_Name_Tooltip:The name of the folder in the Greenstone tmp directory where the exported collection will be saved. ExportAsPrompt.Export:Export collection ExportAsPrompt.Export_Tooltip:Export the selected collection in the chosen file format into the designated directory ExportAsPrompt.Failed_ExportOne:The collection {0} could not be exported. ExportAsPrompt.Failed_Details:See {1} for details ExportAsPrompt.Failed_Title:Export Failed ExportAsPrompt.Instructions:Export files in a collection into another format. ExportAsPrompt.Progress_Label:Exporting Files. This could take some time... ExportAsPrompt.Successful_ExportOne:The collection {0} has been exported. ExportAsPrompt.Successful_Details:Files exported to: {1} ExportAsPrompt.Successful_Title:Export Complete ExportAsPrompt.Title:Export Collection ExportAsPrompt.SaveAs:Export to ExportAsPrompt.SaveAs_Tooltip:Select the format you want to export to ExportAsPrompt.Cancel:Cancel ExportAsPrompt.Cancel_Tooltip:Cancel the exporting process ExportAsPrompt.Browse:Browse ExportAsPrompt.Browse_Tooltip:Choose a xsl file ExportAsPrompt.ApplyXSL:Apply XSL file to {0} ExportAsPrompt.ApplyXSL_Tooltip:Use a xsl file to convert the exported files. ExportAsPrompt.MARCXMLGroup:Group marc records ExportAsPrompt.MARCXMLGroup_Tooltip:Export all marc records to a single file. ExportAsPrompt.MappingXML:Apply the mapping file ExportAsPrompt.MappingXML_Tooltip:Use a mapping file for converting the exported files. # #***** Inherited Metadata ***** ExtractedMetadata.Message:The selected file or folder contains extracted metadata, but it is currently hidden. To view extracted metadata go to the "File" menu and select "Preferences". In the "General" properties sheet select "View Extracted Metadata", then click "Ok". ExtractedMetadata.Title:This File/Folder Has Hidden Extracted Metadata # #***** FileActions ***** FileActions.Calculating_Size:Calculating total size of selected files FileActions.ChooseDestinationDirectory:Choose destination directory FileActions.Copying:Copying {0} FileActions.Could_Not_Delete:Could not delete {0} FileActions.Cyclic_Path:Cannot copy {0}: the destination folder is a subfolder of the source folder. FileActions.Deleting:Deleting {0} FileActions.Directories_Selected:{0} folders selected FileActions.Directory_Selected:1 folder selected FileActions.File_Already_Exists_No_Create:The file '{0}' already exists. FileActions.File_And_Directories_Selected:1 file and {0} folders selected FileActions.File_And_Directory_Selected:1 file and 1 folder selected FileActions.File_Create_Error:The file {0} could not be created. FileActions.Folder_Create_Error:The folder {0} could not be created. FileActions.Folder_Does_Not_Exist:This folder no longer exists, it may have been renamed or deleted FileActions.File_Exists:{0} already exists in the destination folder. Overwrite it? FileActions.File_Move_Error_Message:Could not move {0} to\n{1}. FileActions.File_Not_Deleted_Message:{0}\nThe file named above can not be deleted. \nPlease check that you don't have the file open\nin an external program, then try again. FileActions.File_Not_Found_Message:{0}\nThe file named above can not be found. Once file view\nhas refreshed, please check the file still exists. FileActions.File_Selected:1 file selected FileActions.Files_And_Directory_Selected:{0} files and 1 folder selected FileActions.Files_Selected:{0} files selected FileActions.Folder_Already_Exists:The folder name '{0}' is already in use. Cannot create folder. FileActions.Insufficient_Space_Message:The file action has failed because of insufficient disk\nspace. For the file to copy successfully you require a\nfurther: {0} FileActions.Moving:Moving {0} FileActions.No_Activity:No action requested FileActions.Read_Not_Permitted_Message:Could not read {0}. FileActions.Read_Only:Files from the workspace are read only and cannot be deleted. FileActions.Replacing:Replacing {0} FileActions.Selected:{0} files and {1} folders selected FileActions.Unknown_File_Error_Message:Although no error message was reported during the file\naction, a final check has shown that the destination\ncopy is not the same as the source file. The reason\nfor this is unknown. Please check your media and update\nyour installed JVM. FileActions.Write_Not_Permitted_Message:The Librarian Interface does not have permission to write to\n{0}\nPlease check file permissions. FileActions.Write_Not_Permitted_Title:Error - Incorrect File Permissions FileActions.Yes_To_All:Yes to All FileActions.File_Permission_Detail:\n\nNote: In general, the Greenstone Librarian Interface needs write permission for the Greenstone home folder, \nwhich is {0}.\nPlease grant 'Full Control' for this folder (and all subfolders) to the current user ({1}) and try again.\n\n(Alternatively, re-install Greenstone into a location where you have "Full Control" already,\n such as a your home folder or "My Documents".) #************************ # #******* File Associations dialog ********** FileAssociationDialog.Add:Add FileAssociationDialog.Add_Tooltip:Use this application to view files of this type FileAssociationDialog.Batch_File:Batch files FileAssociationDialog.Browse:Browse FileAssociationDialog.Browse_Tooltip:Choose the application to use from your filespace FileAssociationDialog.Browse_Tooltip_Mac:Browsing for your application is currently disabled for MacOS FileAssociationDialog.Browse_Title:Choose Application FileAssociationDialog.Close:Close FileAssociationDialog.Close_Tooltip:Close this dialog and return to the main window FileAssociationDialog.Command:Launch command: FileAssociationDialog.Command_File:Command files FileAssociationDialog.Command_Tooltip:Enter the command to launch the application to use FileAssociationDialog.Details:New File Association Details FileAssociationDialog.Executable_File:Executable files FileAssociationDialog.Extension:For files ending: FileAssociationDialog.Extension_Tooltip:The file extension of the files to view FileAssociationDialog.Instructions:Use this dialog to set what external programs are used to view a certain file-type, and what command is sent to launch this program.\nTo add a new file-type, type its extension in 'For files ending'. To add or modify a launch command, type the new command in 'Launch command' or click 'Browse' to search the file system for an appropriate program. Use the special string '%1' to indicate where the name of the file to be opened should be inserted, e.g. "C:\\Windows\\System\\MSPaint.exe %1". '%1' will be appended to the end of a command if not otherwise specified.\nMacOS users should always try the mac specific command "open [-a ] %1" first. FileAssociationDialog.Table.Command:Command FileAssociationDialog.Table.Extension:Extension FileAssociationDialog.Title:Edit File Associations FileAssociationDialog.Remove:Remove FileAssociationDialog.Remove_Tooltip:Remove the selected association from the existing associations FileAssociationDialog.Replace:Replace FileAssociationDialog.Replace_Tooltip:Replace the selected association with the new association details #******************* # #******Filter*************** Filter.0:HTM & HTML Filter.1:XML Filter.2:Text Files Filter.3:Images Filter.4:PDF Filter.5:Office Documents Filter.All_Files:All Files Filter.Filter_Tree:Show Files Filter.Invalid_Pattern:The pattern you have entered for filtering files is invalid.
Please try again using regular expression syntax and with
* for the wildcard character.
#*********************** # #***** GAuthenticator ***** GAuthenticator.Password:Password: GAuthenticator.Password_Tooltip:Enter your password here GAuthenticator.Title:Password Required. GAuthenticator.Username:User Name: GAuthenticator.Username_Tooltip:Enter your username here #************************** # #***** General Messages ***** # 0 - A String representing the name and method of the class in question. General.Apply:Apply General.Apply_Tooltip:Apply the current settings but do not exit the dialog General.Browse:Browse... General.Cancel:Cancel General.Cancel_Tooltip:Cancel the changes (will not undo any that have been applied already) General.CD:Change Dir... General.CD_Tooltip:Browse to a different collect directory General.ChooseCollectDirectory:Choose your collect directory... General.Close:Close General.Close_Tooltip:Close this dialog box General.Edit:Edit Value General.Error:Error General.LLS_Not_Started:You've launched the Greenstone server, but not pressed its Enter Library button yet.\nOnce you've done this, press Preview Collection in the Librarian Interface again to view the collection. General.LLS_Not_Started_Title:Local Library Server not started yet. General.No:No General.NotSunJava:Java vendor: {0}\nNote that the Librarian Interface has been developed and tested with Java from Sun Microsystems. General.OK:OK General.OK_Tooltip:Accept the current settings and exit the dialog General.Outstanding_Processes:The Librarian Interface cannot close completely until all programs
started within The Librarian Interface have also exited. General.Outstanding_Processes_Title:Waiting To Exit General.Pure_Cancel_Tooltip:Abort this action (no changes will be made) General.Reconfigure:Reconfigure your web server manually General.Review_Output:Please review output below: General.Redo:Redo General.Redo_Tooltip:Restore the last undo General.Save:Save General.Undo:Undo General.Undo_Tooltip:Undo the last edit General.Usage:Usage: {0} \nAll parameters are optional but the Librarian Interface may fail to work if -gsdl and -library aren't set.\n -gsdl : Force path to gsdl\n -library : Path to cgi-bin\n -mozilla : Enabled mozilla\n -mirror : Enable web-mirroring controls\n -laf [java|windows|motif|mac] : Look and feel\n -debug : Enable debug messages\n -no_load : Don't load previously open collection\n -load : Load the specified collection General.View:View Value General.Warning:Warning General.Yes:Yes #**************************** # #***** GShell ***** GShell.BadArgument:Argument {0} is invalid. GShell.BadArgumentValue:Argument {0} has an invalid value. GShell.BadPluginOptions:The bad argument occurred in plugin {0}. GShell.BadClassifierOptions:The bad argument occurred in classifier {0}. GShell.Build.Auxilary:Creating auxiliary files and tidying up... GShell.Build.BuildBegun1:************** Build Started ************** GShell.Build.BuildCancelled:************** Cancelled ************** GShell.Build.BuildComplete1:************** Build Finished ************** GShell.Build.CompressText:Compressing text... GShell.Build.Index:Creating an index based on {0-index source and level}... GShell.Build.InfoDatabase:Creating information database... GShell.Build.Phind:Generating a Phind classifier. This may take some time... GShell.Schedule.ScheduleBegun1:**************** Schedule Started *************** GShell.Schedule.ScheduleComplete1:**************** Schedule Finished ************* GShell.Schedule.ScheduleDelete:*********** Deleting Existing Scheduling ***** GShell.Command:Command GShell.Failure:Command failed. GShell.Import.FileNotProcessed:The file {0-target file path} was recognised but could not be processed by any plugin. GShell.Import.FileNotRecognised:The file {0-target file path} was not recognised by any plugin. GShell.Import.FileProcessing:The file {0-target file path} is being processed by {1-plugin name}. GShell.Import.FileProcessingError:The file {0-target file path} encountered an error during processing. GShell.Import.ImportBegun1:************** Import Started ************** GShell.Import.ImportComplete1:************** Import Finished ************** GShell.Import.ImportComplete2:{0-number documents considered} documents were considered for processing: GShell.Import.ImportComplete2.1:1 document was considered for processing: GShell.Import.ImportComplete.Processed:{0-number processed} documents were processed and included in the collection. GShell.Import.ImportComplete.Processed.1:1 document was processed and included in the collection. GShell.Import.ImportComplete.Blocked:{0-number blocked} were prevented from being added by plugins (such as images in web pages). GShell.Import.ImportComplete.Blocked.1:1 was prevented from being added by plugins (such as images in web pages). GShell.Import.ImportComplete.Ignored:{0-number ignored} were unrecognised. GShell.Import.ImportComplete.Ignored.1:1 was unrecognised. GShell.Import.ImportComplete.Failed:{0-number failed} were rejected. GShell.Import.ImportComplete.Failed.1:1 was rejected. GShell.Import.ImportComplete3:\n GShell.Import.SegmentProcessing:Processing segment {0-segment number}. GShell.Import.SegmentProcessingError:Error processing segment {0-segment number}. GShell.Import.Warning:{0-plugin name} Warning: GShell.Parsing_Metadata_Complete:Archived metadata extraction complete. GShell.Parsing_Metadata_Start:Extracting new metadata from archive files. GShell.Success:Command complete. #********************* # #***** GUI ***** # Currently Enabled and Disabled display the same text but in different # colours. If necessary this can be changed. GUI.Create:Create GUI.Create_Tooltip:Build your collection using Greenstone GUI.Design:Design GUI.Design_Tooltip:Design the functionality of your collection GUI.Download:Download GUI.Download_Tooltip:Download resources from the internet for your collection GUI.Enrich:Enrich GUI.Enrich_Tooltip:Assign metadata to the files in your collection GUI.Format:Format GUI.Format_Tooltip:Design the appearance of your collection GUI.Gather:Gather GUI.Gather_Tooltip:Select the files to include in your collection GUI.CollectHome.title:The collect directory has changed GUI.CollectHome.message:The collect directory value has been changed from: GUI.CollectHome.to:to: GUI.CollectHome.dir:{0} GUI.CollectHome.gli:Do you want the Librarian Interface to remember the new collect directory? GUI.CollectHome.server:Do you want the Greenstone Server to remember the new collect directory? GUI.CollectHome.resetToDefault:No, reset to default GUI.CollectHome.leaveAtDefault:No, leave at default GUI.CollectHome.reset:Reset to default #*************** # #***** HELP ***** Help.Contents:Contents Help.Title:Librarian Interface Help Pages #**************************** # #***** Invalid Metadata ****** InvalidMetadata.Message:This metadata element is restricted to the pre-defined set of values. Please choose one from the existing values. InvalidMetadata.Title:Invalid Metadata #*************************** # #***** LegacyCollection LegacyCollection.Message:You are about to load a collection that has not been created by the GLI. Existing metadata will be imported into the Dublin Core metadata set. Original metadata files will be saved in a folder called import.bak. LegacyCollection.Title:Loading External Collection #*************************** # #***** LockFileDialog ***** LockFileDialog.Cancel_Tooltip:Do not steal control of the lock file (collection will not open) LockFileDialog.Date:Date LockFileDialog.Error:error LockFileDialog.Lockfile_Message_One:The presence of a lock file suggests this collection is already open. LockFileDialog.Lockfile_Message_Two:Do you wish to 'steal' control of this lock file? LockFileDialog.Machine:Where LockFileDialog.Name:Name LockFileDialog.OK_Tooltip:Steal control of the lock file LockFileDialog.Title:Lock File Detected LockFileDialog.User:Who #******************** # #*****MappingPrompt ********** MappingPrompt.File:Folder MappingPrompt.Map:Create Shortcut MappingPrompt.Name:Name MappingPrompt.Title:Set Folder Shortcut MappingPrompt.Unmap:Remove Shortcut #******************* # #***** Menu Options ***** Menu.Collapse:Close Folder Menu.Copy_Collection:Copy this collection to... Menu.Edit:Edit Menu.Edit_Copy:Copy ({0}-c) Menu.Edit_Cut:Cut ({0}-x) Menu.Edit_Paste:Paste ({0}-v) Menu.Edit_Config:Edit collectionConfig.xml Menu.Expand:Open Folder Menu.Explode_Metadata_Database:Explode metadata database Menu.Replace_SrcDoc_With_HTML:Replace with HTML version Menu.File:File Menu.File_Associations:File Associations... Menu.File_CDimage:Write CD/DVD image... Menu.File_Close:Close Menu.File_Delete:Delete... Menu.File_Exit:Exit Menu.File_ExportAs:Export... Menu.File_New:New... Menu.File_Open:Open... Menu.File_Options:Preferences... Menu.File_Save:Save Menu.Help:Help Menu.Help_About:About... Menu.Metadata_View:Assigned Metadata for the {0} Menu.Move_Collection:Move this collection to... Menu.Open_Externally:Open in external program #******************** # #***** MetaAudit ***** MetaAudit.Close:Close MetaAudit.Close_Tooltip:Close this dialog box MetaAudit.Title:All Metadata #********************* # #***** Metadata ***** Metadata.Element:Element Metadata.Value:Value MetadataSet.Files:Metadata Set Files #********************************** # #***** MetadataSetDialog********** MetadataSetDialog.Title:Manage Metadata Sets MetadataSetDialog.Add_Title:Add Metadata Set MetadataSetDialog.Current_Sets:Assigned Metadata Sets MetadataSetDialog.Available_Sets:Available Metadata Sets MetadataSetDialog.Add:Add... MetadataSetDialog.Add_Tooltip:Add a new metadata set to the collection MetadataSetDialog.New_Set:New... MetadataSetDialog.New_Set_Tooltip:Create a new metadata set MetadataSetDialog.Add_Set:Add MetadataSetDialog.Add_Set_Tooltip:Add the selected metadata set to the collection MetadataSetDialog.Browse:Browse... MetadataSetDialog.Browse_Tooltip:Add a new metadata set to the collection MetadataSetDialog.Edit:Edit... MetadataSetDialog.Edit_Tooltip:Edit the selected metadata set MetadataSetDialog.Remove:Remove MetadataSetDialog.Remove_Tooltip:Remove the selected metadata set from the collection MetadataSetDialog.Elements:Elements in selected Metadata Set #**************************************** # #***** MetadataSetNamespaceClash warning*** MetadataSetNamespaceClash.Title:Metadata Set Namespace Clash MetadataSetNamespaceClash.Message:The metadata set you have chosen to add ({0}) has the same namespace as one already in the collection ({1}). If you add this new set, the old one will be deleted and the new one added in its place. Any assigned metadata values will be transferred to the new set if it contains the appropriate elements. #********************************************* # #******** MetadataImportMappingPrompt ********* MIMP.Add:Add MIMP.Add_Tooltip:Add the metadata element to the selected set MIMP.Ignore:Ignore MIMP.Ignore_Tooltip:Ignore this metadata element MIMP.Instructions:The metadata element {0} cannot be automatically imported into the collection. Select a metadata set and either:\n(1) press 'Add' to add the metadata to that set (only if there is not already {0} metadata in the set), or\n(2) choose an element and press 'Merge' to import {0} metadata to this element, or\n(3) ignore this metadata element. MIMP.Merge:Merge MIMP.Merge_Tooltip:Map the metadata element to the specified element in the selected set MIMP.Source_Element:Source metadata element: MIMP.Target_Element:Target metadata element: MIMP.Target_Set:Target metadata set: MIMP.Title:Merging Action Required. #***************************** # #***** Mirroring ***** Mirroring.ClearCache:Clear Cache Mirroring.ClearCache_Tooltip:Delete all downloaded files Mirroring.Download:Download Mirroring.Download_Tooltip:Start a new download job Mirroring.DownloadJob.Close:Close Mirroring.DownloadJob.Close_Tooltip:Remove this job from the list, stopping it if it is currently running Mirroring.DownloadJob.Downloading:Downloading {0} Mirroring.DownloadJob.Download_Complete:Download complete Mirroring.DownloadJob.Download_Stopped:Download halted Mirroring.DownloadJob.Download_Progress:Downloading in progress Mirroring.DownloadJob.Log:View Log Mirroring.DownloadJob.Log_Tooltip:View details about this download Mirroring.DownloadJob.Log_Title:Download Log Mirroring.DownloadJob.Pause:Pause Mirroring.DownloadJob.Pause_Tooltip:Pause this download Mirroring.DownloadJob.Stop:Stop Mirroring.DownloadJob.Stop_Tooltip:Stop this download job if it is currently running Mirroring.DownloadJob.Stopped:Stopped Mirroring.DownloadJob.Stopped_Tooltip:This download has been stopped Mirroring.DownloadJob.Resume:Resume Mirroring.DownloadJob.Resume_Tooltip:Resume this download Mirroring.DownloadJob.Status:Downloaded {0} of {1} files ({2} warnings, {3} errors) Mirroring.DownloadJob.Warning_No_Valid_Certificate:WARNING: Can't download from a site that doesn't have a (valid) security certificate. Mirroring.DownloadJob.Enable_NoCheckCertificate:Enable 'No certificate checking' in Preferences > Connection to download insecurely from 'https' URLs. Mirroring.DownloadJob.Waiting:Waiting to start Mirroring.DownloadJob.Waiting_User:Waiting for user action Mirroring.Invalid_URL:The URL entered is not valid. Please correct. Mirroring.Invalid_URL_Title:Invalid URL Mirroring.Preferences:Configure Proxy... Mirroring.Preferences_Tooltip:Enable proxy and/or edit proxy settings #********************* # #***** Missing EXEC ***** MissingEXEC.Message:Warning! You will not be able to view your new collections within the Librarian Interface unless you specify the path to the Greenstone Library Webserver. You can enter this now in the text field below, or later by going to Preferences and choosing the Connection tab. Remember that a valid url must start with the protocol "http://", and will probably end with the executable name ("gsdl" for Greenstone Windows Local Library Server, "library.cgi" for other web servers). MissingEXEC.Title:Missing Greenstone Library Address #***** Missing EXEC_GS3 ***** MissingEXEC_GS3.Message:Please enter the Greenstone 3 library URL. You will not be able to view your new collections within the Librarian Interface unless you specify the path to the Greenstone context in the locally running Tomcat Webserver. You can enter this now in the text field below, or later by going to Preferences and choosing the Connection tab. Remember that a valid URL must start with the protocol "http://". MissingEXEC_GS3.Title:Greenstone 3 Library URL #***** Missing GLIServer ***** MissingGLIServer.Message:Enter the address of the remote Greenstone "gliserver.pl" script in the text field below. Remember that a valid URL must start with the protocol "http://" and end with "gliserver.pl". MissingGLIServer.Title:Specify GLI Server Address #***** Missing GSDL ***** MissingGSDL.Message:Warning! You will not be able to access all of the Librarian Interface's features without a local copy of Greenstone Digital Library also installed. If you believe you are receiving this message in error please check your installation, and the paths specified in Librarian Interface batch or script file. MissingGSDL.Title:Missing Greenstone Path #***** Missing PERL ***** MissingPERL.Message:Warning! You will not be able to create new collections, nor build existing ones, without PERL installed, and the Librarian Interface was unable to find PERL on your system. If you believe you are receiving this message in error please check your installation, and the paths specified in Librarian Interface batch or script file. MissingPERL.Title:Missing PERL Path #******* MissingImageMagick ******** MissingImageMagick.Message:Warning! The Librarian Interface failed to locate an appropriate version of ImageMagick. Images can be included in collections but no image processing functionality will be available, such as converting images to a different type, or generating thumbnails. MissingImageMagick.Title:Missing ImageMagick #******* MissingPDFBox ******** MissingPDFBox.Message:To process PDF documents version 1.5 and above, download the PDFBox extension from \nhttp://svn.greenstone.org/{0}gs2-extensions/pdf-box/trunk/pdf-box-java.{1}\nInstall it by unzipping it into your {2} folder. Then configure your PDFPlugin with pdfbox_conversion turned on. MissingPDFBox.Title:Missing PDFBox extension #******** Multiple filename encodings not supported ******* NoEncodingSupport.Message:Your locale seems to be in UTF-8. Non-UTF-8 filenames are not supported by your setup. NoEncodingSupport.Title:No Filename Encoding Support #******** Non-standard collect home ******* NonStandardCollectHome.Message:Your current collect home {0} is located outside of your Greenstone installation and is not its default collect directory at {1}. To work with the collect directory of your choice, go to File > Preferences > Connection and set the Collect Directory field to a folder. NonStandardCollectHome.Title:Non-standard collect home #***************************** # #***** New Session ***** NewCollectionPrompt.Base_Collection:Base this collection on: NewCollectionPrompt.Base_Collection_Tooltip:Select an existing collection to base the new collection on NewCollectionPrompt.ChooseACollection:Choose a collection NewCollectionPrompt.Collection_Description:Description of content: NewCollectionPrompt.Collection_Name:Collection folder: NewCollectionPrompt.Collection_Scope_Personal:This is a personal collection NewCollectionPrompt.Collection_Scope_Personal_Tooltip:The collection can be edited by the person who created it and users in the "all-collections-editor" group. NewCollectionPrompt.Collection_Scope_Shared:This is not a personal collection NewCollectionPrompt.Collection_Scope_Shared_Tooltip:The collection can be edited by users in the "all-collections-editor" group. NewCollectionPrompt.Error:Error in new collection. NewCollectionPrompt.Instructions:To create a new collection fill out the fields below. NewCollectionPrompt.NewCollection:-- New Collection -- NewCollectionPrompt.OtherCollections:-- Other Collections... -- NewCollectionPrompt.Select:Select NewCollectionPrompt.Title:Create a new Collection. NewCollectionPrompt.Title_Clash:The title you have chosen for your collection is already in use. Continue? NewCollectionPrompt.Title_Error:The title field must be filled out. Please correct. #***** New Folder OrFilePrompt ***** NewFolderOrFilePrompt.Default_File_Name:dummy NewFolderOrFilePrompt.Default_Folder_Name:new folder NewFolderOrFilePrompt.Destination_Name:Destination Folder NewFolderOrFilePrompt.File_Name:File Name NewFolderOrFilePrompt.File_Name_Tooltip:Enter a name for the new file NewFolderOrFilePrompt.Folder_Name:Folder Name NewFolderOrFilePrompt.Folder_Name_Tooltip:Enter a name for the new folder NewFolderOrFilePrompt.Title_Folder:Create a new folder NewFolderOrFilePrompt.Title_File:Create a new dummy document #********************** # #******* OldWGET ******* NoPluginExpectedToProcessFile.Message:None of Greenstone's plugins are expected to process the file "{0}" directly. (However, it may be included in the collection if it belongs to another file, for example, an image in a web page.) Check that the file has the correct extension. If it is correct then you may have to use UnknownPlug to process this file. NoPluginExpectedToProcessFile.Title:No plugin expected to process file #*********************** # #***** OpenCollectionDialog ***** OpenCollectionDialog.Available_Collections:Available Collections OpenCollectionDialog.Description:Collection Description OpenCollectionDialog.Open:Open OpenCollectionDialog.Open_Tooltip:Load the selected collection into the Librarian Interface OpenCollectionDialog.Title:Open Greenstone Collection #********************** # #***** FormatConversionDialog ***** FormatConversionDialog.Accept_All:Accept All FormatConversionDialog.Accept_All_Tooltip:Closes this dialog, accepting the default Greenstone3 format statements that have been automatically produced for the current and any subsequent Greenstone2 format statements. FormatConversionDialog.Cancel_Or_Accept_All:One or more Greenstone3 format statements contains invalid XML.\nEither press Cancel to correct the XML.\nOr press OK to store the Greenstone3 format statements as-is, albeit inactive.\nYou can later use the Format tab to revisit the format statements if you want to update their syntax. FormatConversionDialog.Cancel_Or_Continue_Next:Either press Cancel to go back and re-edit the XML.\nOr press OK to store the current XML as-is, albeit inactive, and continue on to the next statement.\nYou can later use the Format tab to revisit this format statement if you want to update its syntax. FormatConversionDialog.Cancel_Tooltip:Cancels out of opening the collection and closes this dialog, discarding any changes made in the dialog. FormatConversionDialog.Error_GS3_Format:Error in Greenstone3 format statement. FormatConversionDialog.GS2_Text_Tooltip:Greenstone2 format statement. FormatConversionDialog.GS3_Text_Tooltip:Greenstone3 format statement, must be XML to be active in Greenstone. FormatConversionDialog.Invalid_XML:Invalid XML. FormatConversionDialog.Invalid_XML_Warning_Title:Cancel or Continue? FormatConversionDialog.Next:Next FormatConversionDialog.Next_Tooltip:Inspect the next Greenstone3 format statement that has been automatically converted from a Greenstone2 format statement. FormatConversionDialog.Reconvert:Reconvert FormatConversionDialog.Reconvert_Tooltip:Converts the text that is currently in the Greenstone2 format text area into a Greenstone3 format statement. FormatConversionDialog.Tidy_Done:Tidy done. FormatConversionDialog.Tidy_Failed:Tidy failed. FormatConversionDialog.Title:Convert Greenstone2 format statements to Greenstone3 FormatConversionDialog.XHTML_Tidy:XHTML Tidy FormatConversionDialog.XHTML_Tidy_Tooltip:Will run HTML Tidy over the Greenstone3 format statement to try to fix up obvious XHTML errors. FormatConversionDialog.XML_Still_Invalid:XML is still invalid. #***** ConfigFileEditor ***** ConfigFileEditor.Tooltip:Greenstone 3 collection configuration XML editor. ConfigFileEditor.Save_Tooltip:Save changes and close. ConfigFileEditor.Cancel_Tooltip:Close without saving. #********************** # #***** Options Pane inside CreatePane ***** OptionsPane.Cancelled: - cancelled OptionsPane.LogHistory:Log history OptionsPane.Successful: - successful OptionsPane.Scheduled: - scheduled OptionsPane.Unknown: - unknown OptionsPane.Unsuccessful: - unsuccessful #******************* # #***** Preferences ***** Preferences:Preferences Preferences.Connection:Connection Preferences.Connection_Tooltip:Set the URL to the greenstone library and configure a proxy connection if appropriate Preferences.Connection.GLIServer_URL:Greenstone gliserver URL: Preferences.Connection.GLIServer_URL_Tooltip:The URL of the Greenstone "gliserver" CGI script Preferences.Connection.Library_Path:Library Path: Preferences.Connection.Library_Path_GS3:Greenstone Web Path: Preferences.Connection.Library_Path_Tooltip:The URL of the Greenstone web-server Preferences.Connection.Library_Path_Tooltip_GS3:The URL of the Greenstone web-server Preferences.Connection.Library_Path_Connection_Failure:Failed to connect. Check that the Greenstone server at {0} is running. Preferences.Connection.CollectDirectory:Collect Directory: Preferences.Connection.CollectDirectory_Tooltip:The path to the collect directory you want to work with. Preferences.Connection.ProgramCommand:Preview Command: Preferences.Connection.ProgramCommand_Tooltip:The launch command for the program used to view the collection preview. Remember to use %1 as the placeholder for the collection address, and to use speechmarks where necessary. Preferences.Connection.No_Check_Certificate: No certificate checking (effective on 'https' URLs) Preferences.Connection.No_Check_Certificate_Tooltip:Tick to download even from 'https' URLs that don't have a (valid) security certificate. Preferences.Connection.HTTP_Proxy_Host:HTTP Proxy Host: Preferences.Connection.HTTP_Proxy_Host_Tooltip:The address of your HTTP proxy server Preferences.Connection.HTTP_Proxy_Port:Port: Preferences.Connection.HTTP_Proxy_Port_Tooltip:The port number of your HTTP proxy server Preferences.Connection.HTTPS_Proxy_Host:HTTPS Proxy Host: Preferences.Connection.HTTPS_Proxy_Host_Tooltip:The address of your HTTPS proxy server Preferences.Connection.HTTPS_Proxy_Port:Port: Preferences.Connection.HTTPS_Proxy_Port_Tooltip:The port number of your HTTPS proxy server Preferences.Connection.FTP_Proxy_Host:FTP Proxy Host: Preferences.Connection.FTP_Proxy_Host_Tooltip:The address of your FTP proxy server Preferences.Connection.FTP_Proxy_Port:Port: Preferences.Connection.FTP_Proxy_Port_Tooltip:The port number of your FTP proxy server Preferences.Connection.Proxy_Host_Missing:Enter a value for at least one proxy host or turn off Use Proxy Connection in the Connection tab. Preferences.Connection.Servlet:Servlet: Preferences.Connection.Servlet_Tooltip:The servlet to use to view your site Preferences.Connection.Servlet_Tooltip2:There is no servlet specified for this site, you can still build collections, but you wont be able to view them Preferences.Connection.Site:Site: Preferences.Connection.Site_Tooltip:The site you want to work in Preferences.Connection.Use_Proxy:Use proxy connection? Preferences.General:General Preferences.General_Tooltip:Set some general preferences Preferences.General.Email:User's Email: Preferences.General.Email_Tooltip:The email address automatically used for any collection created with the GLI Preferences.General.Font:Font: Preferences.General.Font_Tooltip:The font used for the GLI interface. Preferences.General.Interface_Language:Interface Language: Preferences.General.Interface_Language_Tooltip:Select the language you wish the interface and its controls to be displayed in. Preferences.General.Restart_Required:GLI should now be restarted in order to complete loading a new interface language. Preferences.General.Manual_Restart_Required:Please restart the GLI client to take the changed connection settings into account. Preferences.General.Show_File_Size:Show file sizes Preferences.General.Show_File_Size_Tooltip:Show file sizes next to entries in the Workspace and Collection file trees. Preferences.General.View_Extracted_Metadata:View Extracted Metadata Preferences.General.View_Extracted_Metadata_Tooltip:Display metadata extracted by the greenstone plugins in the metadata list in the Enrich view. Preferences.Mode:Mode Preferences.Mode_Tooltip:Click on an entry to select a suitable level of operation Preferences.Mode.Assistant:Library Assistant Preferences.Mode.Assistant_Description:Use this setting to gain access to the basic features of the Greenstone Librarian Interface: adding documents and metadata to collections, creating new collections whose structure mirrors existing ones, and building collections. Preferences.Mode.Librarian:Librarian Preferences.Mode.Librarian_Description:This setting gives normal use of the Greenstone Librarian Interface: creating and designing new collections, adding documents and metadata to collections, and building collections. Preferences.Mode.Expert:Expert Preferences.Mode.Expert_Description:This setting enables expert use of the Greenstone Librarian Interface. It is recommended for users who are experienced with Greenstone, and are able to perform troubleshooting tasks that involve interpreting debugging output from PERL scripts. All features of the Greenstone Librarian Interface are enabled. Preferences.Warnings:Warnings Preferences.Warnings_Tooltip:Enable or disable various warning dialogs Preferences.Workflow:Workflow Preferences.Workflow_Tooltip:Design the interface workflow: set which views should be enabled Preferences.Workflow.Predefined.Label:Predefined Workflows Preferences.Workflow.Title:Check box to enable view #********************** # #**** PreviewCommandDialog ******* PreviewCommandDialog.Instructions:Enter the command for opening the program to view collection preview. Remember to use %1 as the placeholder for the collection address, and to use speechmarks where necessary. PreviewCommandDialog.Title:Preview Command ShowPreviousCollection.Title:Preview the collection previously built ShowPreviousCollection.Message:An error has occurred and the collection could not be created.You are previewing the collection that was built previously. #********************** # #***** Remote Greenstone Server ***** RemoteGreenstoneServer.Authentication_Message:Please enter your Greenstone username and password: RemoteGreenstoneServer.Authentication_Message_gs3:Please enter your Greenstone username and password at site: RemoteGreenstoneServer.Error:An error has occurred on the remote Greenstone server while performing this operation:\n{0-Error message} RemoteGreenstoneServer.Error_Title:Remote Greenstone Server Error RemoteGreenstoneServer.Progress:Remote Greenstone Server Progress: RemoteGreenstoneServer.Steal_Lock_Message:This collection is currently locked by user '{0-User name}'.\nDo you want to steal control of this lock file (not recommended, as work may be lost)? #********************** # #***** Rename Prompt ***** RenamePrompt.Name:Name: RenamePrompt.Title:Rename file/folder #********************** # #***** Replace Prompt ***** ReplacePrompt.Title:Replace file with ... #********************** # #***** Save Collection Box ***** SaveCollectionBox.File_Name:File Name: SaveCollectionBox.Files_Of_Type:Files of Type: SaveCollectionBox.Look_In:Look In: #********************** # #***** Save Progress Box ******* SaveProgressDialog.Title:Saving Collection #******************************* # Server.QuitManual:The Librarian Interface was unable to close the local\nlibrary server automatically. Please exit the server\nmanually by clicking on the cross icon in its top\nright-hand corner, then click OK on this dialog. Server.QuitTimeOut:The greenstone local library has not responded to the\nautomatic close command for {0} seconds. Do you\nwish to wait for another {0} seconds? Server.StartUpTimeOut:The greenstone local library has not responded to the\nstart command for {0} seconds. Do you\nwish to wait for another {0} seconds? Server.Reconfigure:You just changed collecthome.\nAs GLI didn't start your webserver, it can't reconfigure this automatically.\nPlease reconfigure your server manually to work with the change to collecthome. # #***** Sources ***** Source.General:General #********************** # #***** Trees ***** Tree.DownloadedFiles:Downloaded Files Tree.Files:files Tree.Home:Home Folder ({0}) Tree.Root:Local Filespace Tree.World:Documents in Greenstone Collections #*********************** # #***** Warning Dialog ***** WarningDialog.Dont_Show_Again:Do not show this warning again WarningDialog.Dont_Show_Again_Message:Do not show this message again WarningDialog.Invalid_Value:The value you have entered in the value field\nis not valid for the specified property. WarningDialog.Value:Enter value: # #****** WGet ***** WGet.Prompt:WGet Mirroring Client # #****** Workflows ***** Workflow.AllPanels:All panels Workflow.LocalSourceCollectionBuilding:Local source collection building Workflow.DocumentEnriching:Document enriching #********GEMS****** GEMS.Title:Greenstone Editor for Metadata Sets GEMS.OpenMetadataSetPrompt.Title:Open Metadata Set GEMS.OpenMetadataSetPrompt.Open_Tooltip:Open the selected metadata set GEMS.Set_Description:Metadata set description GEMS.OpenMetadataSetPrompt.Open:Open GEMS.OpenMetadataSetPrompt.Available_Sets:Available metadata sets GEMS.DeleteMetadataSetPrompt.Title:Delete Metadata Set GEMS.DeleteMetadataSetPrompt.Delete_Tooltip:Delete the selected metadata set GEMS.DeleteMetadataSetPrompt.Delete:Delete GEMS.DeleteMetadataSetPrompt.Available_Sets:Available metadata sets GEMS.DeleteMetadataSetPrompt.Confirm_Delete:Please tick the box to confirm metadata set deletion. GEMS.DeleteMetadataSetPrompt.No_Set:No metadata set selected GEMS.Confirm_Removal:Are you sure you wish to remove this {0}? GEMS.Confirm_Removal_Title:Confirm Removal GEMS.Attribute:Attribute GEMS.Popup.AddElement:Add Element GEMS.Popup.DeleteElement:Delete Element GEMS.Popup.AddSubElement:Add Subelement GEMS.Popup.DeleteSubElement:Delete Subelement GEMS.NewMetadataSetPrompt.Title:New Metadata Set GEMS.NewMetadataSetPrompt.Instructions:To create a new metadata set fill out the fields below: GEMS.NewMetadataSetPrompt.Base_MetadataSet:Base this metadata set on: GEMS.NewMetadataSetPrompt.Metadata_Title:Metadata set title: GEMS.NewMetadataSetPrompt.Metadata_Namespace:Metadata set namespace: GEMS.NewMetadataSetPrompt.New_Metadata:-- New Metadata Set -- GEMS.NewMetadataSetPrompt.Title_Error_Message:A new metadata set must have a Title GEMS.NewMetadataSetPrompt.Title_Error:No Title Specified GEMS.NewMetadataSetPrompt.Namespace_Error_Message:A new metadata set must have a namespace GEMS.NewMetadataSetPrompt.Namespace_Error:No Namespace Specified GEMS.SelectedLanguage:Add attributes for language: GEMS.Language:--Choose Language-- GEMS.LanguageDependent:Language dependent attributes GEMS.Attribute_Table:Attributes GEMS.Attribute_Deletion_Error:Attribute Deletion Error GEMS.Attribute_Deletion_Error_Message:This attribute is required and cannot be deleted GEMS.Add_Lang_Depend_Attr_Error:Attribute Addition Error GEMS.Add_Lang_Depend_Attr_Error_Message:No "language-dependent" attribute is provided, please add this attribute. GEMS.Attribute_Edition_Error:Attribute Edition Error GEMS.Attribute_Edition_Error_Message:This attribute is required and cannot be empty GEMS.Confirm_Save:This metadata set has been changed, would you like to save it? GEMS.Confirm_Save_Title:Save Metadata Set GEMS.Confirm_DeleteElement:Are you sure you wish to delete element {0}? GEMS.Confirm_DeleteElement_Title:Delete Element GEMS.File_Deletion_Error_Message:This file cannot be deleted GEMS.File_Deletion_Error:File Deletion Error GEMS.Namespace_Conflict_Message:Warning: this namespace has been used by another metadata set. Continue? GEMS.Namespace_Conflict:Namespace Conflict GEMS.Move_Up:Move Up GEMS.Move_Down:Move Down GEMS.Cannot_Undo:(this action cannot be undone) GEMS.AttributeTable.Name:Name GEMS.AttributeTable.Language:Language GEMS.AttributeTable.Value:Value GEMS.NewMetadataElementNamePrompt.Title:New Element GEMS.NewMetadataElementNamePrompt.Name:Please enter a name for the new element GEMS.NewMetadataElementNamePrompt.SubTitle:New Subelement GEMS.NewMetadataElementNamePrompt.SubName:Please enter a name for the new subelement GEMS.NewMetadataElementNamePrompt.Name_Error_Message:An element with this name already exists. GEMS.NewMetadataElementNamePrompt.Name_Error:Element Name Error GEMS.NewMetadataElementNamePrompt.EmptyName_Error_Message:A new element must have a name. GEMS.No_Set_Loaded:No metadata set is loaded. Please use File->New to create a new set, or File->Open to open an existing set.