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(edit) @19339   15 years anna added a language parameter so that it can be set in the command line …
(edit) @19162   15 years anna added copyright files (README.txt) for each sample file package.
(edit) @18844   15 years anna Readme file for the sample files of the word_and_pdf tutorial exercises.
(edit) @18843   15 years anna Tidied up the sample files for the tutorial exercises.
(edit) @18842   15 years anna Changed the sample files for the incremental building and indexers …
(edit) @18812   15 years oranfry more changes to the script to make the last changes …
(edit) @18754   15 years oranfry cleaning up a few properties
(edit) @18753   15 years anna Updated Brasilian Portuguese translation of the Installer's Guide. …
(edit) @18750   15 years oranfry xml fix
(edit) @18749   15 years oranfry to allocate more memory to the jvm
(edit) @18747   15 years oranfry fixes to get russian fonts working
(edit) @18743   15 years oranfry avoid out of heap space error and little bash errors
(edit) @18742   15 years oranfry ignore build directory
(edit) @18741   15 years oranfry improved generate-pdf scripts
(edit) @18714   15 years anna Updated Brazilian Portuguese translations of the Installer's manual. …
(edit) @18636   15 years anna Brazilian Portuguese translation of the Installer's Manual. Many …
(edit) @18602   15 years kjdon fixed the html so that no images appear independently in the collection
(edit) @18579   15 years kjdon updated the files based on the download from the wiki
(edit) @18578   15 years kjdon email showing permission granted to use the files
(edit) @18577   15 years kjdon new files for modified formatting exercise
(edit) @18576   15 years kjdon demo sample files for incremental build exercise
(edit) @18575   15 years kjdon simple html exercise changed to use simple_html files instead of these …
(edit) @18574   15 years kjdon new simple html files which replace the hobbits files
(edit) @18573   15 years kjdon marc file changed due to copyright reasons. now uses waikato working …
(edit) @18423   15 years kjdon added teh sample files into svn. I got these files from the releases …
(edit) @17495   15 years anna Added quote around the paths so that it's safe to have spaces in paths".
(edit) @17494   15 years anna Updated tutorials and associated files.
(edit) @16346   16 years anna Added a subsection about installing Greenstone on Vista.
(edit) @15032   16 years anna Arabic Translations for the Installer's Guide. Many thanks to Kamal …
(edit) @14998   16 years oranfry committing a windows eqivalent to
(edit) @14606   16 years oranfry making the script work non-interactively, same as …
(copy) @14545   16 years oranfry moving the greenstone documentation project (promoting it to a real …
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(copy) @14152   17 years oranfry repository restructuring
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