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(edit) @20127   14 years oranfry changes to the code for fixing execute permissions
(edit) @20126   14 years kjdon made it part of service package
(edit) @20125   14 years kjdon a demo service rack, talked about in the manual. describes how to …
(edit) @20081   14 years ak19 Deleting server.xml file (for tomcat 5) since it is being replaced by …
(edit) @20080   14 years ak19 Changes made to work on Vista which requires Tomcat 6 for Remote …
(edit) @20061   14 years oranfry removed ant component as it's now part of the core
(edit) @20052   14 years oranfry correcting a mistake
(edit) @20011   14 years oranfry giving greenstone3 a similar suite of icons as gs2
(edit) @19977   14 years oranfry corrected the name of the core component
(edit) @19976   14 years oranfry correction to source component
(edit) @19975   14 years oranfry changed the source-fileset file to a file for all components, and made …
(edit) @19971   14 years oranfry updated this file to actually work
(edit) @19969   14 years oranfry using a patternset so dont have to give a dir
(edit) @19968   14 years oranfry a better name
(edit) @19967   14 years oranfry working on a single file to define what is 'source'
(edit) @19911   14 years oranfry minor simplification
(edit) @19426   15 years ak19 Canged words to keep in sync with the GS2
(edit) @19423   15 years ak19 Changed the Help_RestartLibrary string to say something about the File …
(edit) @19422   15 years ak19 Changed the Help_EnterLibrary string to say something about the File menu.
(edit) @18908   15 years ak19 Spelling correction
(edit) @18772   15 years ak19 Logs folder name and location altered.
(edit) @18694   15 years ak19 Merged files of GS2 and GS3. Corresponding changes …
(edit) @18691   15 years ak19 Minor changes to properties.
(edit) @17606   15 years oranfry undoing last change
(edit) @17605   15 years oranfry update to gs3-setup.bat for new location of search4j
(edit) @16784   15 years ak19 Static reference to now-static method nodeToElement() of
(edit) @16783   15 years ak19 Since XMLConverter method nodeToElement() has now been made static, …
(edit) @16763   15 years ak19 Corrected utf-8 to UTF-8 when specifying the XML encoding
(edit) @16760   15 years ak19 Added import statement for Node as a correction to previous commit: …
(edit) @16758   15 years ak19 Since greenstone3 core ModuleInterface.process() now takes a Node and …
(edit) @16756   15 years ak19 Since greenstone3 core ModuleInterface.process() now takes a Node and …
(edit) @16653   15 years shaoqun increase the size of log files and make it work with debuging
(edit) @16621   15 years oranfry undoing accidental change
(edit) @16620   15 years oranfry no need to rename gs2build-extra files as we no longer use gs2build-extra
(edit) @16105   15 years ak19 Changed once more to return formatted string again, and to only trim …
(edit) @16103   15 years ak19 To avoid a Content is not allowed in Prolog exception on the side of …
(edit) @16050   15 years ak19 Removed annoying duplicate comment
(edit) @15481   16 years ak19 Added basicQuery method/operation and merged query with protected …
(edit) @15386   16 years oranfry an icon for greenstone3
(edit) @15298   16 years ak19 New web service class to provide basic query, browsing and retrieval …
(edit) @15297   16 years ak19 Updated to work with changes to soap-deploy-site and …
(edit) @15149   16 years oranfry reversing some accidental changes
(edit) @15148   16 years oranfry a few changes to gs3-setup.bat
(edit) @15052   16 years oranfry undoing an accidental change from a few weeks ago
(edit) @14995   16 years oranfry changed a URL to a filesystem path
(edit) @14725   16 years qq6 looking for the JRE home first then the JAVA_home when running tomcat
(copy) @14125   17 years oranfry repository restructuring
copied from trunk/gsdl3/resources
(edit) @13905   17 years shaoqun MM is for month
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