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(edit) @16068   16 years oranfry these images work better in the face of text resizing
(edit) @14751   16 years qq6 updated by Anna
(edit) @14750   16 years qq6 updated by Anna
(edit) @14672   17 years anna Remove expand document button from paged document page.
(edit) @14671   17 years anna Fixed getting query params in fielded query.
(edit) @14644   17 years anna Fixed broken links in GotoForm in paged navigation
(edit) @14643   17 years anna Remove ct parameters, because now we can get it from paramList.
(edit) @14639   17 years anna remove the rank option box in advanced search page because it's …
(edit) @14638   17 years anna remove use of ct value in deciding search mode.
(edit) @14637   17 years anna shouldn't change ct value
(edit) @14600   17 years anna Added namespace in query box name in large query box mode.
(edit) @14598   17 years qq6 add gli4gs3.xsl
(edit) @14585   17 years qq6 only count the first list of classifierlist
(edit) @14582   17 years qq6 delete a string \'hello\'
(edit) @14578   17 years qq6 optimized some codes for the external link
(edit) @14577   17 years qq6 replaced the table with the list
(edit) @14573   17 years qq6 updated styles
(edit) @14572   17 years qq6 updated styles
(edit) @14564   17 years anna Fixed a bug in get element value.
(edit) @14541   17 years anna Added missing params(p.s,, p.a, p.c) in the TOC links.
(edit) @14540   17 years anna Don't display document arrows when document is expanded.
(edit) @14535   17 years qq6 added an "externalPage" template
(edit) @14508   17 years anna Fixed broken bookicon link after clicking the document buttons.
(edit) @14497   17 years anna Added new language configurations.
(edit) @14482   17 years anna Added configuration for 49 languages.
(edit) @14419   17 years anna Added the right-to-left direction display for Arabic etc. language.
(edit) @14416   17 years qq6 delete a template
(edit) @14413   17 years qq6 authentication interface
(edit) @14412   17 years qq6 added the authentication entry
(edit) @14411   17 years qq6 added styles of div,ul for the authentication interface
(edit) @14410   17 years qq6 updated interfaceConfig.xml
(edit) @14405   17 years qq6 added javascript for getting <collection>-collection-editor
(edit) @14394   17 years anna Moved options on the search pages into the preference page. Only …
(edit) @14393   17 years anna Contains javascript for the preference page.
(edit) @14392   17 years anna Added styles for preference page and document page.
(edit) @14391   17 years anna Added next and previous page arrows on document page.
(edit) @14385   17 years anna Changed paramList template so that don't generate the search level …
(edit) @14382   17 years anna Added hidden param c in preference form.
(edit) @14379   17 years anna Added parameters p.a, p.s,, p.c in documentNode and …
(edit) @14377   17 years shaoqun added code to prevent parsing duplicated classifierList nodes
(edit) @14375   17 years anna Added with-param to pass the parameter collName when call template …
(edit) @14357   17 years qq6 fixed a bug
(edit) @14355   17 years qq6 Added some strings
(edit) @14353   17 years qq6 page for the applet gli of GS3
(edit) @14350   17 years qq6 display a warning message of the user account is dsiabled
(edit) @14346   17 years qq6 added a comment
(edit) @14344   17 years qq6 fixed some error messages
(edit) @14324   17 years qq6 deleted two comments
(edit) @14297   17 years qq6 added authentication interface
(edit) @14294   17 years qq6 added links to the authentication page and the library interface page
(edit) @14291   17 years qq6 add an entry of authentication page and an entry of applet gli page
(copy) @14125   17 years oranfry repository restructuring
copied from trunk/gsdl3/web/interfaces
(edit) @13996   17 years lh92 Added code to display the page turning when book switch is on and the …
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