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(edit) @24377   13 years ak19 For ticket 779: wvware's env including lib is set in, no …
(edit) @24376   13 years ak19 For ticket 779: wvware's env including lib is set in, no …
(edit) @23718   13 years sjm84 Removed iconv again, as another way to solve the problem was discovered
(edit) @23716   13 years sjm84 Added iconv for mac only
(edit) @23631   13 years sjm84 libpng isn't necessary on Mac
(edit) @23629   13 years sjm84 Added libpng to the gnome-lib and updated the gnome-lib tarballs
(edit) @23622   13 years sjm84 Adding readline to the gnome-lib extension as it is needed by several …
(edit) @23601   13 years sjm84 Fixed a mistake in previous commit -> Updated gnome-lib's setup.bash …
(edit) @23600   13 years sjm84 Updated gnome-lib's setup.bash to work with Greenstone 3
(edit) @23558   13 years sjm84 Added PKG_CONFIG_PATH to the list of environment variables set by …
(edit) @23375   14 years sjm84 Adding XML-Parser and expat to the packages needed for gnome-lib
(edit) @23274   14 years sjm84 LIBBZ2 needs -fPIC when compiling for 64-bit
(edit) @23260   14 years sjm84 Added the -fPIC argument to the CFLAGS of the bz2 library in the …
(edit) @23150   14 years sjm84 Adding libz and libbz2 to the gnome-lib extension
(edit) @23126   14 years sjm84 The makedist process now also removes .la files from the install lib …
(edit) @23122   14 years sjm84 Several minor fixes to devel.bash
(edit) @23112   14 years sjm84 Removed some unnecessary code
(edit) @23103   14 years sjm84 Added the ability to change the dist name (e.g. linux, windows, java etc.)
(edit) @23099   14 years sjm84 A few minor fixes to the gnome lib setup.bash
(edit) @23096   14 years sjm84 Upgraded this extension to use the exthome variable correctly and a …
(edit) @23082   14 years sjm84 Added a missing backslash
(edit) @23080   14 years sjm84 Modified the method used to pass a variable into Greenstone's setup.bash
(edit) @23078   14 years sjm84 Swapped the order of sourcing cascade-lib.bash and setup.bash in devel.bash
(edit) @23076   14 years sjm84 Several changes to the GNOME support library to fix issues when a …
(edit) @23038   14 years sjm84 Trying a version of this extension without static compilation
(edit) @23027   14 years sjm84 Adding cascade-make as an external project
(add) @23026   14 years sjm84 Updating the gnome-lib extension to use the new folder structure
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