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(edit) @22512   13 years kjdon more strings
(edit) @22511   13 years kjdon need to quote the args in case they have spaces
(edit) @22509   13 years kjdon strings for OpenOfficeConverter plugin
(edit) @22508   13 years kjdon some moving around and tidying up of code
(edit) @22506   13 years kjdon openoffice_scripting arg has been moved to top level plugin. It should …
(edit) @22502   13 years kjdon added 2>&1 to soffice -headless command - otherwise it hangs under linux
(edit) @22501   13 years kjdon fixed a cut and paste error
(edit) @22500   13 years kjdon added a note about needing java 1.5
(edit) @22499   13 years kjdon change -cp to -classpath as its more general
(edit) @22498   13 years kjdon a readme
(edit) @22497   13 years kjdon converted to unix file
(edit) @22496   13 years davidb Work out name of extension rather than use hard-wired name
(edit) @22495   13 years davidb Change of name to from GEXTOPENOFFICE to GEXT_OPENOFFICE
(edit) @22494   13 years davidb Restructuring of plugin to be both BaseMediaplugin and ConvertBinaryFile
(edit) @22376   13 years davidb Tidy up of script
(edit) @22375   13 years davidb Adjustment to environment variable name used for extension home directory
(edit) @22374   13 years davidb Upgrading setup.bash to work when sourced from other directories
(edit) @22373   13 years davidb Improvements to setup.bash
(edit) @22250   13 years davidb Refactoring of hame from GEXTOPENOFFICE to GEXT_OPENOFFICE
(edit) @22248   13 years davidb Adding cascade-make in as external project
(edit) @22238   13 years davidb Whitespace tidyup
(edit) @22229   13 years davidb Minor tweaks
(edit) @22228   13 years davidb Initial cut at setup file for Windows
(edit) @22227   13 years davidb Initial cut at supporting Converter plugin for OpenOffice docs
(edit) @22226   13 years davidb Supporting scripts for converting office docs to HTML
(add) @22204   13 years davidb Initial pass at extension that uses OpenOffice to convert documents to …
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