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(edit) @22061   14 years sjm84 Changed the error message that is printed when it is unsucessful
(edit) @22059   14 years sjm84 This file does the hard work of associating GLI with Ekit
(edit) @22042   14 years ak19 Upgraded the technology used in mat-colbuild.bat and …
(edit) @22041   14 years sjm84 Updated mat-colbuild.bash and mat-colbuild-download.bash so that they …
(edit) @22036   14 years sjm84 Implemented the same temporary fix used in
(edit) @22035   14 years sjm84 The "Local Collection Analysis" check box now starts if checked …
(edit) @22034   14 years sjm84 Fixed the script not being able to find, this may …
(edit) @22030   14 years sjm84 Added an ekit.bat file so that it can be run from windows
(edit) @22028   14 years sjm84 Adding ekit contents
(edit) @22027   14 years sjm84 Adding a trunk directory for ekit
(edit) @22026   14 years sjm84 ant clean now removes the mat.xml from the tomcat localhost directory
(edit) @22025   14 years sjm84 Making a directory for ekit
(edit) @22023   14 years ak19 mat-colbuild.bat now receives the hostname and port number from the servlet
(edit) @22022   14 years sjm84 Removed some debug statements
(edit) @22021   14 years sjm84 Fixed some more errors from previous commit
(edit) @22020   14 years sjm84 lib and classes directories should be made in the build.xml
(edit) @22019   14 years sjm84 Corrected a property that was not placed early enough in the file
(edit) @22018   14 years sjm84 Fixed a small mistake in previous commit
(edit) @22017   14 years sjm84 Tidied up the build.xml file and it now copies the mat/lib directory …
(edit) @22014   14 years ak19 Corrected a broken test for Windows
(edit) @22013   14 years ak19 Updated Mat.bat to conform to new package name
(edit) @22007   14 years sjm84 Combined the 9th and 10th command line argument sent to …
(edit) @22004   14 years sjm84 getControlPanel is now getPanel because of BasePanel change
(edit) @22002   14 years sjm84 Updated to find lsof in either /usr/bin or /usr/sbin and various other …
(edit) @22001   14 years sjm84 Fixed a recursive library copy
(edit) @21996   14 years sjm84 This now receives the hostname and port number from the servlet, also …
(edit) @21995   14 years sjm84 now gives its host name and port number to the …
(edit) @21976   14 years sjm84 build.xml no longer creates files within the [GREENSTONE HOME]/web …
(edit) @21975   14 years sjm84 PrintHTML now uses the correct [GREENSTONE HOME]/ext/mat directory …
(edit) @21974   14 years sjm84 MetadataStats now uses the correct [GREENSTONE HOME]/ext/mat directory …
(edit) @21972   14 years sjm84 MatServlet now uses the correct /mat/ rather than /greenstone/mat
(edit) @21968   14 years sjm84 GDBM files now use the extension gdb rather than ldb
(edit) @21944   14 years sjm84 Modified build.xml so that it now looks for libraries in the correct place
(edit) @21943   14 years sjm84 Removing guiext.jar due to it now being created when Mat is compiled
(edit) @21942   14 years sjm84 Added a web.xml file for Mat
(edit) @21941   14 years sjm84 Tidied and modified Mat's build.xml file, it also now creates a …
(edit) @21940   14 years sjm84 Modified after the collection name change
(edit) @21939   14 years sjm84 Adding static front page for MAT
(edit) @21938   14 years sjm84 Creating mat.xml file that will go into the …
(edit) @21937   14 years sjm84 Adding web directory
(edit) @21936   14 years sjm84 Removed the web-mat.xml file as it is no longer needed
(edit) @21935   14 years sjm84 Modified the readme file to conform to the package name change
(edit) @21927   14 years sjm84 Renamed package to org.greenstone.mat from …
(edit) @21926   14 years sjm84 Updated the directories in MAT's build.xml after package name change
(edit) @21921   14 years sjm84 Moving these file to here temporarily, most of them will be deleted later
(edit) @21917   14 years sjm84 Reorganising Mat folders
(edit) @21844   14 years sjm84 Updated guiext.jar after GAI GUI extension rearranging
(edit) @21823   14 years davidb Newer version of jarred up Mat extension
(edit) @21815   14 years davidb First attempt at having a GUI extension part to being …
(edit) @21660   14 years kjdon changed a couple of comments
(edit) @21659   14 years kjdon some more instructions
(edit) @21602   14 years davidb comment change
(edit) @21601   14 years davidb section level indexing support
(edit) @21600   14 years davidb index each keyframe for each section
(edit) @21343   15 years kjdon moved disable_pharos_imageis option into PharosImagePlugin. new option …
(edit) @21342   15 years kjdon moved disable_pharos_imageis option into PharosImagePlugin
(edit) @21340   15 years kjdon corrected jpg regex
(edit) @21339   15 years kjdon make the tmp directory if it doesn't exist
(edit) @21334   15 years davidb setup.bash for new VideoIS extension
(edit) @21333   15 years davidb New extension for Greenstone 3 that combines Video capabilities …
(edit) @21316   15 years kjdon mods to remove_one
(edit) @21305   15 years kjdon added back in proper chacking for pharos, removeold renamed to …
(edit) @21304   15 years kjdon removeold renamed to remove_all, added remove_one
(edit) @21302   15 years davidb More specific name for extension
(edit) @21300   15 years kjdon the beginnings of a readme file
(edit) @21299   15 years davidb Removed debugging statement
(edit) @21298   15 years davidb Switch to using -classpath rather than -jar, so can control where …
(edit) @21297   15 years kjdon use the directory name in GSDL3EXTS rather than hard-coding pharos as …
(edit) @21296   15 years kjdon removed a debug statement
(edit) @21294   15 years kjdon pharos plugin moved to extension folder rather than cluttering up main …
(edit) @21293   15 years kjdon add pharos to GSDL3EXTS
(edit) @21284   15 years davidb No longer use PHAROS_PREFIX_URL environment variable
(edit) @21279   15 years kjdon class package name change, added hidden attribute to service, remove …
(edit) @21278   15 years kjdon fixed a bug
(edit) @21277   15 years kjdon changed install-into-greenstone to install
(edit) @21276   15 years kjdon tidied up the query template
(edit) @21275   15 years davidb Changed start and stop Derby DB to perl code
(edit) @21271   15 years kjdon PharosImageIS->ImageIS name change
(edit) @21270   15 years kjdon name change
(edit) @21269   15 years kjdon changed which jar file is used
(edit) @21268   15 years kjdon make the pharos jar file
(edit) @21267   15 years kjdon rename file
(edit) @21266   15 years kjdon we need to rename PharosImageIS back to ImageIS as it is used in other …
(edit) @21265   15 years kjdon commented out some stuff in add which is now in constructor
(edit) @21264   15 years kjdon new pharos services for greenstone
(edit) @21263   15 years kjdon imageis jar without ImageIS class, we compile that up separately
(edit) @21262   15 years kjdon changed jar file name, added a use statement for fileparse
(edit) @21261   15 years davidb restructure of jar files
(edit) @21260   15 years davidb change to new jar and class setup
(edit) @21259   15 years davidb need use PHAROSIS_SRC_HOME not PHAROSIS_HOME
(edit) @21258   15 years kjdon some locations changed, added compile and install targets
(edit) @21257   15 years kjdon its now in a package
(edit) @21256   15 years kjdon PHAROSHOME should be PHAROSIS_HOME
(edit) @21255   15 years davidb switch from etc/templates to resources/templates
(edit) @21254   15 years davidb Switch from using imageishome to pharosishome
(edit) @21253   15 years kjdon moving file into resources
(edit) @21252   15 years kjdon classes dir for compiling into
(edit) @21251   15 years kjdon moving PharosImageIS into a package
(edit) @21250   15 years davidb Elimination of IMAGEIS environment variable. Everything is now based …
(edit) @21249   15 years davidb Elimination of cmdline-api-srcpack folder. Content moved to top level
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