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(edit) @36132   3 months davidb Changes as a result of testing on Linux machine in the DL lab
(edit) @36131   3 months davidb Initial set of files for Structured Audio extension
(edit) @36130   3 months davidb Start of a new extension for presenting structured audio in the …
(edit) @35883   6 months cstephen Upgrade log4j 2.16.0 -> 2.17.1 to resolve CVE-2021-44832 and CVE-2021-45105
(edit) @35830   7 months cstephen Upgrade log4j 2.15.0 -> 2.16.0 to resolve CVE-2021-45046
(edit) @35809   7 months cstephen Upgrade log4j from 2.12.1 -> 2.15.0. Resolves RCE vunerability and …
(edit) @35807   7 months cstephen Upgrade log4j from 2.12.1 -> 2.15.0. Resolves RCE vunerability and …
(edit) @35804   7 months cstephen Fix failure to startup when the temporary directory already exists
(edit) @35792   7 months cstephen Add external reference to the macroniser
(edit) @35789   7 months cstephen Update READMEs
(edit) @35783   7 months cstephen Update README
(edit) @35780   7 months cstephen Stop setting tesseract config file. Prevent servlet API from being …
(edit) @35768   7 months cstephen implement thresholded image retrieval
(edit) @35767   7 months cstephen Shift javadoc libraries to their own folder
(edit) @35766   7 months cstephen Add missing newline at EOF
(edit) @35765   7 months cstephen Fix web.xml
(edit) @35764   7 months cstephen Improve README and web defaults
(edit) @35763   7 months cstephen Improve various components
(edit) @35733   8 months cstephen Add OCR servlet
(edit) @35695   9 months davidb Changes to fit in with Release Kit settting JAVACFLAGS
(edit) @35694   9 months davidb Elimiate warning about antruntime when javac compiling through ant
(edit) @35693   9 months davidb Tidy up of error messages
(edit) @35685   9 months davidb Commented out debug print statements
(edit) @35684   9 months davidb Commented out debug print statements
(edit) @35653   9 months davidb Now https not http for SVN
(edit) @35650   9 months davidb Tweaks to echo statements. Tidy up of commented out code
(edit) @35560   9 months davidb svn:ingore property for solr.war
(edit) @35494   9 months davidb Notes on what to do to get setup
(edit) @35493   9 months cstephen Add utf-8 charset meta to unauthorised page
(edit) @35487   9 months cstephen Fix build.xml log statement
(edit) @35485   9 months cstephen Ignore
(edit) @35419   10 months davidb Some echo fine-tuning
(edit) @35388   10 months kjdon added a clean target
(edit) @35387   10 months davidb Add CORS filter to allow requests from localhost:8080
(edit) @35386   10 months kjdon add in source and target args to javac to keep the compiling in line …
(edit) @35353   10 months davidb Removal of some jars in the list, as newer versions are now committed …
(edit) @35349   10 months davidb Changed to newer version of GSON jar file. Change was triggered by …
(edit) @35315   11 months davidb Some refinement of the (echo) messages generated so the information …
(edit) @35314   11 months davidb Some refinement of the (echo) messages generated so the information …
(edit) @35283   11 months davidb Add failed transcription to TestServlet response
(edit) @35260   11 months davidb Output more metadata from the test servlet
(edit) @35254   11 months davidb Return an actual transcription from the test servlet
(edit) @35251   11 months davidb Add test servlet Change package name to koreromaoriproxy
(edit) @35249   11 months davidb Prevent one failed request from causing all other transcribed files …
(edit) @35248   11 months davidb Improve logging and error handling
(edit) @35247   11 months davidb Use correct web 3.0 deployment descriptors Add log4j web APIs and …
(edit) @35246   11 months davidb Cleanup old asynchronous code and fix string comparison
(edit) @35242   11 months davidb Improve error handling for calls to the Reo Tuhituhi API
(edit) @35241   11 months davidb Implement support for returning proper audio file name
(edit) @35240   11 months davidb Add setup file and ANT configuration tasks to allow including the API …
(edit) @35239   11 months davidb Adding proxy servlet for the Korero Maori Reo Tuhituhi API (initail commit)
(edit) @35230   12 months davidb Creating extension for NLP tools that can operate within a Greenstone3 …
(edit) @35212   13 months davidb More careful processing of 'position' to array index
(edit) @35211   13 months davidb Utility script to make compiling up and installing changes to …
(edit) @35197   13 months davidb Changes after compiling on newly updated MacOs (Macrocarpa)
(edit) @35196   13 months davidb av.json files now read in and appended to central CSV file
(edit) @35195   13 months davidb Cutouts for now, based on audioDB
(edit) @35193   13 months davidb NaN was occuring on some computed values. This was eventually traced …
(edit) @35182   14 months davidb Some useful code from StackOverflow
(edit) @35181   14 months davidb Echo statements at end of script added in
(edit) @35180   14 months davidb No longer needed here, as they have been moved into the core GS3 code base
(edit) @35178   14 months davidb Script and supporting config file to install Java code into main GS3 …
(edit) @35177   14 months davidb Some initial scaffolding work on getting a Weka-based KNN model going
(edit) @35176   14 months davidb M4 needed on AWS to compile up Flex
(edit) @35175   14 months davidb New and updated tar files as a result of testing on AWS; toplevel …
(edit) @35172   14 months kjdon we noticed when doing a solr search at document level that we were …
(edit) @34928   16 months davidb Minimal amount of this file ported for now
(edit) @34927   16 months davidb Testing now appends text output to <pre> tag in page
(edit) @34926   16 months davidb Additional files added in
(edit) @34925   16 months davidb Some initial work porting the Java code to Javascript
(edit) @34924   17 months davidb Folders for grunt-generated files
(edit) @34923   17 months davidb Linux binary of NodeJS/npm
(edit) @34922   17 months davidb Initial set of files to transpile Phind JS code into backwards …
(edit) @34920   17 months davidb The start of the extension in which to develop a HTML5 style …
(edit) @34841   17 months davidb Some notes on how to use this extension in a collection/interface
(edit) @34810   17 months davidb Development of player+renderer so it can be configured to show either …
(edit) @34809   17 months davidb Proof of concept stage reached, where AV values are used to drive the …
(edit) @34808   17 months davidb Some untarred folder to ignore
(edit) @34807   17 months davidb Some untarred folder to ignore
(edit) @34806   17 months davidb Some untarred folder to ignore
(edit) @34805   17 months davidb Bash script that breaks up the audio into 6 second chunks, spaced out …
(edit) @34804   17 months davidb Plugin code extended to extract AV values from CSV file and associate …
(edit) @34689   18 months davidb Adding compiling up NodeJS from source back into the sequence (always …
(edit) @34688   18 months davidb More updating of instruction text
(edit) @34687   18 months davidb no longer configuring the tests, so avoid runing the test target
(edit) @34686   18 months davidb Extra details of what to do added in
(edit) @34681   18 months davidb compile sequence for essentia changed to use the internal script it …
(edit) @34680   18 months davidb Minor tweak so install only installs the software, not all the …
(edit) @34679   18 months davidb Record of the file modification needed to get fpcalc to compile up. …
(edit) @34678   18 months davidb Record of where the supporting tar-balls came from
(edit) @34677   18 months davidb Development of supporting packages for essenstia through cascade-make. …
(edit) @34676   18 months davidb Record where virtual env tar-ball came from
(edit) @34675   18 months davidb Additional tools needed to compile (after testing in Amazon Linux2 AMI)
(edit) @34674   18 months davidb Move to detangle role of setup/devel files
(edit) @34671   18 months davidb Adjusted to use a scale factor of x2 on the spectrogram
(edit) @34670   18 months davidb Changed so additional files copied across, echo statement dynamically …
(edit) @34669   18 months davidb Next step in development of spectrum renderer: now inherits from …
(edit) @34668   18 months davidb Files to wavesurfer/src that need to be tweaked/augemented to
(edit) @34666   18 months davidb Parallel idea to SETUP but for DEVEL (i.e. compiling)
(edit) @34663   18 months davidb Further notes added after fresh test on Amazon Linux2 AMI
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