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(edit) @38420   3 weeks davidb Next, next interation trying to get Timeline working
(edit) @38419   3 weeks davidb Tabletop output XML tightened up
(edit) @38418   3 weeks davidb Next interation trying to get Timeline working
(edit) @38416   3 weeks davidb Adding in MajrEventsID to Picture classifier
(edit) @38415   3 weeks davidb Updated to dynamically generate Timelines and MajorEvents
(edit) @38414   3 weeks davidb Useful script that targets main files that likely need editing
(edit) @38413   3 weeks davidb Expansion to support timeline/majorevents
(edit) @38409   3 weeks davidb Useful script for testing
(edit) @38408   3 weeks davidb Changed to being applied to the 'building' dir
(edit) @38407   3 weeks davidb Filename to match mp4 file
(edit) @38406   3 weeks davidb Renamed script
(edit) @38405   3 weeks davidb Switch to running this in archvies dir after
(edit) @38404   3 weeks davidb Updated echo statements
(edit) @38403   3 weeks davidb Additional echo statements added
(edit) @38402   3 weeks davidb Changed to running on the archives dir …
(edit) @38401   3 weeks davidb As for video-archive (va) metadata
(edit) @38400   3 weeks davidb PNG versions, 450 DPI
(edit) @38399   3 weeks davidb Campus maps
(edit) @38398   3 weeks davidb Collection config file works with 'va' metadata namespace, for …
(edit) @38397   3 weeks davidb Generate PNG version of map PDFs
(edit) @38396   3 weeks davidb Directory for campus map files
(edit) @38394   3 weeks davidb Format rule added for Tbl_Maps
(edit) @38393   3 weeks davidb New Tbl_Maps dynamically generated entry added in
(edit) @38392   3 weeks davidb New outputTable for Maps added in
(edit) @38391   3 weeks davidb Note added about bash script version not currently using …
(edit) @38390   3 weeks davidb Initial campus-map classifier added
(edit) @38389   4 weeks davidb Scripts that help test the connect-proxy
(edit) @38388   4 weeks davidb Refactored to allow for deeper nested doc dirs
(edit) @38387   4 weeks davidb Additional info printed out, as a guide
(edit) @38386   4 weeks davidb Changed classifier format statement for CoolStuff to use pa.CoolStuffID
(edit) @38385   4 weeks davidb What looks to be whitespace differences
(edit) @38384   4 weeks davidb Expansion of photo-archive (pa) metadata fields
(edit) @38383   4 weeks davidb Image tar-ball to get add into the import folder, where metadata files …
(edit) @38382   4 weeks davidb Fixed typo in directory name; adding in video version of script
(edit) @38381   4 weeks davidb Addition of pa.CoolStuffID for collection mapping to Table
(edit) @38380   4 weeks davidb Additional entries -- as a result of the folder renames?
(edit) @38379   4 weeks davidb Whitespace changes, likely causes by WebSwing GLI reading/writing file
(edit) @38378   4 weeks davidb Videos content plus thumbnail
(edit) @38377   4 weeks kjdon maori version of properties
(edit) @38368   4 weeks kjdon removing unnecessary files
(edit) @38367   4 weeks kjdon committing the current working version
(edit) @38366   4 weeks kjdon don't need this
(edit) @38365   4 weeks kjdon we don't need to store archives and index in svn
(edit) @38364   4 weeks kjdon updating the few import docs that we have in svn to match those that …
(edit) @38363   4 weeks kjdon local property file now named interface_custom, not niupepa. updated …
(edit) @38362   4 weeks kjdon use teh new custom template for adding javascript
(edit) @38361   4 weeks kjdon standardising the code
(edit) @38360   4 weeks kjdon removed some debug statements
(edit) @38359   4 weeks kjdon renamed the properties files to match the new standard in gs
(edit) @38353   5 weeks kjdon committing the changes made on to …
(edit) @38349   6 weeks kjdon committing hte gli.col files
(edit) @38348   6 weeks kjdon
(edit) @38347   6 weeks kjdon add in the default format for favourites
(edit) @38346   6 weeks kjdon commiting interface as it is on, as we are …
(edit) @38345   6 weeks kjdon commiting interface as it is on, as we are …
(edit) @38344   6 weeks kjdon commiting interface as it is on, as we are …
(edit) @38343   6 weeks kjdon interface customisations for wmtb
(edit) @38342   6 weeks kjdon bringing this in line with current interfaceConfig. and turning off …
(edit) @38333   7 weeks kjdon updated favourites display
(edit) @38332   7 weeks kjdon we no longer use berry baskets
(edit) @38331   7 weeks kjdon we no longer use custom favourites js
(edit) @38330   7 weeks kjdon adding the properties files into the interface
(edit) @38325   8 weeks kjdon brought this up to date with latest gs version
(edit) @38324   8 weeks kjdon on the new server we have moved to python 3. So these files updated …
(edit) @38323   8 weeks kjdon current live version on new server is /greenstone3, running on port 8383
(edit) @38322   8 weeks kjdon I'm not sure why I switched off using this - we need this custom …
(edit) @38321   8 weeks kjdon site name changed to hnz
(edit) @38320   8 weeks kjdon the changes I made for heritage classifiers have been merged into …
(edit) @38319   8 weeks kjdon we are now using the standard Greenstone CSVPlugin for this …
(edit) @38318   8 weeks kjdon remove the commented out download line, so we only see one line diff …
(edit) @38317   8 weeks kjdon we don't use any of these files, and all the strings in them are …
(edit) @38313   2 months davidb Changes in response to running with the latest version of the Google …
(edit) @38312   2 months davidb Range of changes
(edit) @38311   2 months davidb More careful testing with tablet-sized and mobile-sized screens
(edit) @38310   2 months davidb Update in names used
(edit) @38309   2 months davidb Changes after testing in Lighthouse
(edit) @38308   2 months davidb mobile version
(edit) @38307   2 months davidb Work developing tablet-friendly and mobile-friendly CSS display
(edit) @38306   2 months davidb Work developing tablet-friendly and mobile-friendly CSS display
(edit) @38305   2 months davidb To generate lower res/mobile friendly versions
(edit) @38304   2 months davidb Resizing to be smaller logos for PNG version
(edit) @38303   2 months davidb Renaming to match correct image file type
(edit) @38300   2 months davidb Fixed typo in variable name
(edit) @38295   2 months davidb Name changes to be clearer about what is run
(edit) @38294   2 months davidb Tighten up full-build script sequence
(edit) @38283   2 months davidb File ignore tidy up
(edit) @38282   2 months davidb Don't want these under svn control as the change after each rebuild
(edit) @38281   2 months davidb Changes after rebuild with streamlined fuseki3.war
(edit) @38264   2 months kjdon updating group desriptions using properties files. also adding tk …
(edit) @38263   2 months kjdon adding the showcase site and group config files
(edit) @38262   2 months kjdon bringing this in line with default interfaceConfig
(edit) @38261   2 months kjdon removed Ms
(edit) @38260   2 months kjdon added in link for computing50, and a dec group link
(edit) @38255   2 months davidb Added in bin-bash line 1
(edit) @38254   2 months davidb Need to specify process_exp more carefully
(edit) @38253   2 months davidb Changes so location on this directory/GSDL3SRCHOME on disk fed into …
(edit) @38252   2 months davidb Fall back files (for now) for tabletop access DB requests
(edit) @38250   2 months davidb Tweaks to collection config suitable for the demo version
(edit) @38249   2 months davidb Updated/tidied up
(edit) @38247   2 months davidb What it says on the tin
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