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(edit) @26891   11 years davidb Inside S-block panoramas
(edit) @26890   11 years davidb Extra metadata descriptions
(edit) @26889   11 years davidb Initial content
(edit) @26888   11 years davidb Panorama based collection of the University of Waikato campus
(edit) @26774   11 years davidb Removal of non paradise-garden test files
(edit) @26587   11 years kjdon translations provided by Te Taka Keegan
(edit) @26481   11 years kjdon added internal page links as per original niupepa collection. removed …
(edit) @26480   11 years kjdon added internal page links as per original niupepa collection. removed …
(edit) @26479   11 years kjdon put the final . inside the </p> tag so it doesn't appear on the next line
(edit) @26478   11 years kjdon fixed up an HTML error which was preventing abexpl.abbrev from being …
(edit) @26444   11 years kjdon added in libraryParamList and some titles for classifiers
(edit) @26409   11 years kjdon got the language swap javascript out of the properties file and into …
(edit) @26389   11 years kjdon abstract and commentary links on doc page now dependent on whether …
(edit) @26388   11 years kjdon added a missing space char
(edit) @26369   11 years kjdon custom prefs - add in stem,case,accent prefs
(edit) @26365   11 years kjdon changed the look of the language swap link
(edit) @26351   11 years kjdon DocType is a top level metadata. on the search page, we are at page …
(edit) @26350   11 years kjdon added an empty line at start. It wasn't resolving _vol_.This seemed to …
(edit) @26348   11 years sjm84 Added a link to swap between the two languages. Also added missing …
(edit) @26341   11 years kjdon indexoption xml changed, added rollover text to abstract/commentary …
(edit) @26340   11 years kjdon fixed up some encoding problems
(edit) @26339   11 years kjdon don't use disable-output-escaping with copy-of
(edit) @26337   11 years sjm84 Fixing an error introduced by the collectionText changes
(edit) @26335   11 years sjm84 Made the properties xml-safe
(edit) @26330   11 years sjm84 Re-adding fragments that were accidentally deleted in the last commit
(edit) @26329   11 years sjm84 Fixing an indentation error
(edit) @26328   11 years sjm84 Cleaning up the about page
(edit) @26327   11 years sjm84 Cleaning up the text fragments
(edit) @26323   11 years sjm84 Fixing some spacing issues
(edit) @26321   11 years kjdon new page for explanation about the abstracts
(edit) @26319   11 years kjdon more changes to get it working like gs2 version
(edit) @26318   11 years kjdon lots more text strings
(edit) @26314   11 years sjm84 issuetoitem will now use the last number in the name for the page number
(edit) @26300   11 years sjm84 Reformatting this as well as making abstracts show up on the Dates …
(edit) @26295   11 years sjm84 Adding the date to the document title
(edit) @26283   11 years sjm84 Added a style to make the sectionHeaders less bulky
(edit) @26266   11 years kjdon modifying format statements; added replace elem for abstract documents …
(edit) @26265   11 years kjdon defining the query submit button for the collection
(edit) @26258   11 years sjm84 Fixed a minor error
(edit) @26256   11 years sjm84 Added an about page complete with translations
(edit) @26252   11 years kjdon added abstract text
(edit) @26251   11 years kjdon abstracts are in an abstracts folder, need to take this off the path …
(edit) @26247   11 years kjdon some style format changes by GLI. changed indexes and index sub …
(edit) @26246   11 years kjdon some custom query templates
(edit) @26245   11 years kjdon added query form string
(edit) @26244   11 years kjdon changing doctype to Abstract
(edit) @26231   11 years kjdon changed a bit of formatting, edited it in GLI so lots of indentation …
(edit) @26230   11 years kjdon added metadata folder and gli.col for use with gli
(edit) @26229   11 years kjdon can't use doctype in gs3 to signal commentary/abstract etc as we need …
(edit) @26228   11 years kjdon niupepa images. need the abstract, commentary etc images. Don't need …
(edit) @26201   11 years kjdon a small subset of niupepa plus all the config files for building and …
(edit) @26152   11 years sjm84 Adding the bulk of the collection
(edit) @26151   11 years sjm84 Creating a directory for the paradise garden collection
(add) @24390   12 years sjm84 Creating a new directory for published model collection to reside in
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