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(edit) @22835   11 years sjm84 Linux now completely deletes the gnone-lib once compilation is …
(edit) @22830   11 years sjm84 Fixed a small typo
(edit) @22828   11 years sjm84 Fixed using the gnome-lib extension on Mac
(edit) @22821   11 years ak19 Linux and Mac release kits now use the gnome-lib extension to assist …
(edit) @22801   11 years sjm84 Documentation being retrieved from external sites can now fail without …
(edit) @22800   11 years sjm84 The new wvWare uses GNUmakefile rather than Makefile so rk2 needed to …
(edit) @22781   11 years sjm84 is not longer unzipped
(edit) @22699   11 years sjm84 Tidied up this file to make it easier to read
(edit) @22698   11 years sjm84 This should now put things in the right places for the CD-ROM installer
(edit) @22659   11 years sjm84 Changed the icon choosing code and added new icons for the uninstaller …
(edit) @22493   11 years sjm84 Some Apache HTTPD debugging files are now removed as they are …
(edit) @22490   11 years sjm84 Fixed issues with apache httpd compiling on Windows 7
(edit) @22479   11 years sjm84 Fixed a bug that prevented the Greenstone 2 stable releases from being …
(edit) @22463   11 years sjm84 Removed some lines that were accidentally added in the previous commit
(edit) @22461   11 years sjm84 Modified the script that adds the different versions of XML-Parser so …
(edit) @22447   11 years sjm84 Corrected the different versions of the XML Parser going into the …
(edit) @22425   11 years sjm84 Linux installations now include 3 versions of the XML parser for Perl
(edit) @22389   11 years sjm84 The *.app folders are no longer included in non-mac versions
(edit) @22333   11 years sjm84 Fixed a few errors in the separation of Apache from the rest of …
(edit) @22325   11 years sjm84 Several upgrades to the release kits have been made including: …
(edit) @22247   11 years sjm84 Updated this file so that CDs of the current version can AUTORUN, we …
(edit) @22161   11 years sjm84 Fixed an error that was causing the full-windows.tar.gz file to get …
(edit) @22160   11 years sjm84 Versions less than 2.84 now have apache manually extracted
(edit) @22158   11 years ak19 Reverting to use xlhtml- which has now got all the changes that …
(edit) @22148   11 years ak19 References to xlhtml- changed to refer to xlhtml-0.5 instead.
(edit) @22131   11 years sjm84 Start menu icons are now backwards compatible and also fixed …
(edit) @22116   11 years sjm84 windows and full-windows are now correctly separated into two …
(edit) @22111   11 years sjm84 Uncommented out some code that was responsible for building the demo …
(edit) @22110   11 years sjm84 Changed patternsets for Imagemagick and Ghostscript so that they no …
(edit) @22099   11 years sjm84 Fixed a small error with previous commit
(edit) @22098   11 years sjm84 Added new properties that can be defined to specify the software to be …
(edit) @22097   11 years sjm84 Fixed some bugs with rk2
(edit) @22094   11 years sjm84 This release is now more backwards compatible, there will likely be …
(edit) @22093   11 years sjm84 When run on Windows this now creates a …
(edit) @21907   11 years ak19 Cosmetic change.
(edit) @21896   11 years ak19 gsdlsite.cfg can always have quotes inserted to sandwich the value for …
(edit) @21890   11 years ak19 No quotes around GSDLHOME filepath in setup.bat. since the set …
(edit) @21885   11 years ak19 GSDLHOME in gsdlsite.cfg only to be embedded in quotes there are …
(edit) @21847   11 years oranfry dont rely on hooks for replacement
(edit) @21845   11 years oranfry make sure properties forwarded to greenstone are permanent
(edit) @21842   11 years oranfry insert ant into greenstone3 installations
(edit) @21820   11 years ak19 Adds quotes around GSDLHOME path in gsdl3site.cfg
(edit) @21819   11 years ak19 Using new icons.
(edit) @21818   11 years ak19 Adds quotes around GSDLHOME path in gsdlsite.cfg
(edit) @21807   11 years oranfry cant change ant permissions for now
(edit) @21749   11 years oranfry fixing derk
(edit) @21748   11 years oranfry moved binary specific forwarding properties to rk3, and fixed sork3
(edit) @21745   11 years oranfry moving forward property set to greenstone3 shared area
(edit) @21744   11 years oranfry bug fox to sork2
(edit) @21725   11 years oranfry got rk2 and rk3 going on mac
(edit) @21658   11 years oranfry fixes
(edit) @21653   11 years oranfry fixed final destination of imagemagick and ghostscript binaries
(edit) @21652   11 years oranfry got properties target working for all kits, plus some fixes
(edit) @21651   11 years oranfry tidied up the cdrom and documented examples release kits
(edit) @21650   11 years oranfry tidied up the source code release-kits
(edit) @21649   11 years oranfry change all uses of svnant to execs of system svn
(edit) @21648   11 years oranfry tidy-ups
(edit) @21647   11 years oranfry fixes
(edit) @21634   11 years oranfry fixes
(edit) @21632   11 years oranfry use the new shared wrap script
(edit) @21630   11 years oranfry tidy up for greenstone3, and made wrap shared
(edit) @21623   11 years oranfry working on final cleanup of release-kits
(edit) @21610   11 years oranfry removing redundant files
(edit) @21608   11 years oranfry moving things around for simplicity
(edit) @21593   11 years oranfry fixes to rk2 for linux and mac
(edit) @21521   11 years oranfry getting rk2 working properly under windows
(edit) @21510   11 years oranfry fixed codo
(edit) @21394   11 years oranfry moving specific stuff out of general area
(edit) @21393   11 years oranfry added missing targets
(edit) @21391   11 years oranfry deleting unneeded stuff
(edit) @21390   11 years oranfry deleted empty properties
(edit) @21389   11 years oranfry no more cross links, yey
(edit) @21388   11 years oranfry combining release kits into one
(add) @21386   11 years oranfry rearranging into one release kit
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