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(edit) @24658   10 years davidb The all important .so file
(edit) @24657   10 years davidb Multi threaded version of Expat/XMLParser from Expanse
(edit) @23846   10 years sjm84 Adding a mac .bundle file for Perl 5.10 XML-Parser
(edit) @23844   10 years sjm84 Adding an Expat .so file that was missing from the XML-Parser we …
(edit) @23774   10 years sjm84 Fixed the perl 5.10 XML-Parser that Greenstone users
(edit) @23528   10 years sjm84 Renamed the folder inside jre_bin_x64 from jre_bin to jre
(edit) @23527   10 years sjm84 Changed the 64-bit java installer to be lsb 3.1 compatible
(edit) @23282   10 years sjm84 Increased the maximum memory used by the installer to prevent "out of …
(edit) @23265   10 years sjm84 Removed an accidentally added semi-colon
(edit) @23256   10 years sjm84 More minor installer/uninstaller modifications
(edit) @22416   11 years ak19 Added the perl 5.10 XML-Parser to the versions that are included with …
(edit) @22415   11 years ak19 Moving XML-Parser in the release-kits from the shared/greenstone3 …
(edit) @22335   11 years sjm84 Removed the extract option for the CD on Linux
(edit) @22334   11 years sjm84 Removed the extract option for the on Linux
(edit) @22324   11 years sjm84 Fixed an error with the -extract option on linux
(edit) @22225   11 years sjm84 Implemented the extract option for web installer
(edit) @21630   11 years oranfry tidy up for greenstone3, and made wrap shared
(edit) @21385   11 years oranfry rearranging release kits into one
(edit) @21384   11 years oranfry all the *rk2s being replaced by rk2
(edit) @21362   11 years oranfry got rid of all files and had the main scripts do the same job
(copy) @21002   11 years oranfry restructuring the repository
copied from release-kits/shared/linux
(edit) @20401   12 years oranfry bug fix in installer, and a few minor fixes
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