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(edit) @33047   5 years cpb16 Corpus generator complete!
(edit) @33044   5 years cpb16 Streamlined numpages checking and random selection. Corrected …
(edit) @33031   5 years cpb16 Completed numpages checking. Generated makefiles and scripts to …
(edit) @33017   5 years cpb16 Renamed Downloaders as .sh; Completed a metadata formater script; …
(edit) @33014   5 years cpb16 Created metadata downloader for numpages metadata
(edit) @33010   5 years cpb16 Updated and Renamed PNG retrieving code, ZIP file downlading is also …
(edit) @33009   5 years cpb16 undo
(edit) @33008   5 years cpb16 Deleted old java file
(edit) @33007   5 years cpb16 Have made java files compatiable with args.
(edit) @33002   5 years cpb16 Added args compatilibility to java programs and updated makefile to …
(edit) @33000   5 years cpb16 To process a tab-delimited HathiTrust file and filter down to open …
(edit) @32998   5 years cpb16 Directory for Java code for generating the corpus
(edit) @32997   5 years davidb To download a set of pages
(edit) @32976   5 years davidb Fixed mistake in variable assignment; extended code to take doc-id and …
(edit) @32965   5 years davidb Further changes after test-run
(edit) @32964   5 years davidb Overlooked file from commit -- needed to get the main data dump in the …
(edit) @32963   5 years davidb Added text and some refinement of scripts to make things easier to run
(edit) @32962   5 years davidb Scripts for processing the tab-delimited HathiTrust metadata files
(edit) @32961   5 years davidb Order dependant?
(edit) @32960   5 years davidb Reverting back to plain directory in svn:ignore property
(edit) @32959   5 years davidb Ignore property for directory now set properly
(edit) @32958   5 years davidb Ignore content of download-images
(edit) @32957   5 years davidb Make use of new download-images folder
(edit) @32956   5 years davidb Tweak to name
(edit) @32955   5 years davidb Properties to ignore the user-supplied .txt files
(edit) @32954   5 years davidb Better name for directory
(edit) @32953   5 years davidb Better place to save downloaded images
(edit) @32952   5 years davidb Further generalization for running the script
(edit) @32951   5 years davidb Name changed to reflect additional changes now in the script
(edit) @32950   5 years davidb Some additional features added
(edit) @32949   5 years davidb Perl script now produces PNG file directly
(edit) @32948   5 years davidb Files in the spirit of 'config' to be copied to '.txt' versions, which …
(edit) @32947   5 years davidb Tidy up of text
(edit) @32946   5 years davidb Script to trial out downloading a open-open file
(edit) @32932   5 years davidb Update after testing
(edit) @32931   5 years davidb Sample client from HathiTrust
(edit) @32930   5 years davidb Some initial files
(copy) @32929   5 years davidb Tidy up on name
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(edit) @32928   5 years davidb Reboot of the is-music project
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