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(edit) @17523   13 years oranfry dont compile search4j and pass param to make-concrete task
(edit) @17457   13 years oranfry put into the releases now
(edit) @17453   13 years oranfry making mac release kits use components
(edit) @17449   13 years oranfry insert the export to cdrom package files into gs2 mac and linux releases
(edit) @17441   13 years oranfry temoprarily commenting out calls to inster-uninstaller in linux …
(edit) @17437   13 years oranfry changes to the way binaries are stored in the cgi-bin and bin/(os) …
(edit) @17425   13 years oranfry give the instert-uninstaller target the format of the script to include
(edit) @17423   13 years oranfry create-component targets for mac
(edit) @17422   13 years oranfry made the create-components targets more stable
(edit) @17317   13 years oranfry adding the rk.os property to greenstone2 release-kits
(edit) @17268   13 years oranfry compile search4j in release process and started standardising java …
(edit) @17262   13 years oranfry finishing the split up of compile-uninstaller
(edit) @17257   13 years oranfry added the uninstaller to all release kits
(edit) @17107   13 years oranfry changed build scripts and create-installer targets after the …
(edit) @17077   13 years oranfry force the use of command line svn to stop seg faults and bus errors on …
(edit) @16911   13 years oranfry fixed a file path
(edit) @16818   13 years oranfry fixed installer sourcecode target, use shared code from rk2 targets …
(edit) @16808   13 years oranfry fixes to mark2
(edit) @16741   13 years oranfry changes to mark2 after ant hack cleaned up
(edit) @16654   13 years oranfry got mark2 working
(edit) @16519   14 years oranfry now mark2 does different things for intel and ppc macs
(edit) @16469   14 years oranfry binaries werent making it into release, fixed the problem. also, now …
(edit) @16460   14 years oranfry no longer need to check out indexers seperately
(edit) @16456   14 years oranfry moved the compiled gdbm, reflecting that change
(edit) @16453   14 years oranfry the bulk of the work on the compile logic for mark2
(copy) @16309   14 years oranfry creating mark2, basing it off lirk2
copied from release-kits/lirk2/ant-scripts
(edit) @16294   14 years oranfry make things compile statically, and don't bother tweaking wget anymore …
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