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(edit) @18065   15 years oranfry drop in docs before doing the version number replacements and dont …
(edit) @18054   15 years oranfry create needed empty files at build time so they make it into all …
(edit) @18049   15 years oranfry kept Support.htm out of all distributions, and moved Install.txt from …
(edit) @18009   15 years oranfry for mac, delete a windows specific file (was failing before due to …
(edit) @18008   15 years oranfry little fixes to catch every file
(edit) @18007   15 years oranfry exclude all readmes but the english one from binary installer
(edit) @18005   15 years oranfry right files to right place with right permissions in binary and source …
(edit) @18002   15 years oranfry the improved way of creating the source component, this time for mac
(edit) @17996   15 years oranfry sorting out the binary zip release
(edit) @17995   15 years max Add lucenewrapper.jar
(edit) @17981   15 years oranfry use system tar command over ant tar task
(edit) @17967   15 years oranfry export to cd package fixes
(edit) @17964   15 years oranfry fixes to calls to the tar task
(edit) @17958   15 years oranfry export-gsdl-gli target now shared among rk2s
(edit) @17956   15 years oranfry dont try to create the source distibution anymore as that is done by sork
(edit) @17926   15 years max Default password is now admin.
(edit) @17898   15 years oranfry Standardised names of directories used in release kits * gsdl and …
(edit) @17853   15 years oranfry don't validate the admin password just yet
(edit) @17849   15 years oranfry added german language to intallers
(edit) @17835   15 years oranfry lirk2 and mark2 were delete a little too much from binary releases
(edit) @17833   15 years oranfry make sure uninstaller makes it into source releases
(edit) @17831   15 years oranfry let the right compilation files (configure, win32.mak, etc) into …
(edit) @17827   15 years oranfry made source release target get triggered in non linux source installers
(edit) @17824   15 years oranfry validate the password in installer
(edit) @17817   15 years oranfry added imagemagick and ghostscript to mark installer components page
(edit) @17815   15 years oranfry the targets to intall the source releases on mac and windows
(edit) @17814   15 years oranfry prepare source releases on each os
(edit) @17786   15 years oranfry shifted the responsibility for the source release to the linux release …
(edit) @17754   15 years oranfry dont fail if jre is not bundled
(edit) @17742   15 years oranfry with source installer, don't force installation of the sourcecode core
(edit) @17721   15 years oranfry gave each sourcecode component zip a unique name
(edit) @17716   15 years max Changing the permissions of the right folders at the right time.
(edit) @17712   15 years oranfry create a compressed zipfile of the sourcecode component, for download
(edit) @17710   15 years max Changing the permissions of the right folders at the right time.
(edit) @17707   15 years max Add ImageMagick and Ghostscript Components for Darwin
(edit) @17702   15 years oranfry added english translations to language names to mitigate the effect of …
(edit) @17697   15 years oranfry made each release kit use the new unified language string bundle for …
(edit) @17663   15 years oranfry fixes to lirk and mark
(edit) @17661   15 years oranfry imagemagick package for greenstone2 on mac
(edit) @17660   15 years oranfry standardized these files
(edit) @17659   15 years oranfry standardized these files
(edit) @17652   15 years oranfry started source releases
(edit) @17611   15 years oranfry corrected a path in mark2
(edit) @17608   15 years oranfry fixes to make mark in sync with lirk
(edit) @17597   15 years oranfry untested changes to exclude sourcecode from the binary release, use …
(edit) @17576   15 years oranfry more HCI changes to the installer: an animated activity indicator …
(edit) @17538   15 years oranfry getting the language selector page going in all installers
(edit) @17523   15 years oranfry dont compile search4j and pass param to make-concrete task
(edit) @17488   15 years oranfry get searchj from the new place
(edit) @17470   15 years oranfry chamges to installer build.xmls
(edit) @17468   15 years oranfry importing the sevenzip task into all installer build.xmls
(edit) @17457   15 years oranfry put into the releases now
(edit) @17453   15 years oranfry making mac release kits use components
(edit) @17449   15 years oranfry insert the export to cdrom package files into gs2 mac and linux releases
(edit) @17441   15 years oranfry temoprarily commenting out calls to inster-uninstaller in linux …
(edit) @17437   15 years oranfry changes to the way binaries are stored in the cgi-bin and bin/(os) …
(edit) @17425   15 years oranfry give the instert-uninstaller target the format of the script to include
(edit) @17423   15 years oranfry create-component targets for mac
(edit) @17422   15 years oranfry made the create-components targets more stable
(edit) @17317   15 years oranfry adding the rk.os property to greenstone2 release-kits
(edit) @17281   15 years oranfry tidied up some xml files
(edit) @17268   15 years oranfry compile search4j in release process and started standardising java …
(edit) @17262   15 years oranfry finishing the split up of compile-uninstaller
(edit) @17257   15 years oranfry added the uninstaller to all release kits
(edit) @17107   16 years oranfry changed build scripts and create-installer targets after the …
(edit) @17077   16 years oranfry force the use of command line svn to stop seg faults and bus errors on …
(edit) @17076   16 years oranfry also change the httpprefix and image prefix in gsdlsite.cfg at install
(edit) @17040   16 years oranfry have the installer use the new license file
(edit) @16911   16 years oranfry fixed a file path
(edit) @16832   16 years oranfry replace GSDLHOME in gsdlsite.cfg and setup.bat at install time
(edit) @16818   16 years oranfry fixed installer sourcecode target, use shared code from rk2 targets …
(edit) @16808   16 years oranfry fixes to mark2
(edit) @16778   16 years oranfry removing return statement, it causes an error
(edit) @16742   16 years oranfry simplification of installer descriptors
(edit) @16741   16 years oranfry changes to mark2 after ant hack cleaned up
(edit) @16654   16 years oranfry got mark2 working
(edit) @16544   16 years oranfry using shared bash script in mark2
(edit) @16519   16 years oranfry now mark2 does different things for intel and ppc macs
(edit) @16469   16 years oranfry binaries werent making it into release, fixed the problem. also, now …
(edit) @16460   16 years oranfry no longer need to check out indexers seperately
(edit) @16456   16 years oranfry moved the compiled gdbm, reflecting that change
(edit) @16454   16 years oranfry an external for mark2 to get the mac related stuff
(edit) @16453   16 years oranfry the bulk of the work on the compile logic for mark2
(edit) @16451   16 years oranfry replacing the lirk2 script with mark2 one in mark2
(copy) @16309   16 years oranfry creating mark2, basing it off lirk2
copied from release-kits/lirk2
(edit) @16294   16 years oranfry make things compile statically, and don't bother tweaking wget anymore …
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