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(edit) @19986   15 years oranfry new wrapper splash screen for windows
(edit) @19935   15 years oranfry it's all good stuff
(edit) @19850   15 years oranfry assume cmd.exe on the path
(edit) @19848   15 years oranfry changes that went in for the 2.82cd release
(edit) @19846   15 years oranfry corrected a path
(edit) @19845   15 years oranfry tee.exe now part of wirk release kits so we can put the output of wirk …
(edit) @19594   15 years oranfry cdrom wrapper needs to use temp dir, so basing it off web wrapper after all
(edit) @19588   15 years oranfry a little wrapper for the cdrom installer jar, has none of it's own …
(edit) @19587   15 years oranfry keep track of original directory installer was run from
(edit) @19467   15 years oranfry fixed generalised wirk source
(edit) @19452   15 years oranfry a generalised c++ source file for wirkX executables
(edit) @19326   15 years oranfry windows-specific ant scripts
(edit) @19174   15 years oranfry hide the splash screen when error messages come up
(edit) @19009   15 years oranfry going back to using the TMP dir for temp files so that installation …
(edit) @18997   15 years oranfry arranging the shared folder into meaningful subfolders
(edit) @18246   15 years oranfry windows wrapper to use update libsearch4j spec
(edit) @18032   15 years oranfry wrapper to check that the temp directory was properly created
(edit) @17982   16 years oranfry position elements correctly on splash screen
(edit) @17975   16 years oranfry shared windows perl
(edit) @17961   16 years oranfry change to splash screen and added greenstone wiki link file
(edit) @17937   16 years oranfry splash screen changes
(edit) @17919   16 years max Fix the jar extraction when special characters are in the path.
(edit) @17905   16 years max Now extracts in the hidden folder in the current directory instead of …
(edit) @17850   16 years max Add a new open source CJK font in the fallback folder of JRE 1.6.0_10
(edit) @17848   16 years oranfry different wording for the extracting java step
(edit) @17824   16 years oranfry validate the password in installer
(edit) @17820   16 years max Add the version.txt file for java for Windows
(edit) @17772   16 years max Update the java bundle for Windows to Java
(edit) @17385   16 years oranfry made the wrapper properly clean up the temp directory
(edit) @17342   16 years oranfry dont render dos box when extracting and deleting jre
(edit) @17307   16 years oranfry making the windows installer behave like the linux one wrt bundled java
(edit) @17271   16 years oranfry changes to the windows wrapper to work more like linux wrapper
(edit) @17269   16 years oranfry changing to a slef-extracting jre
(edit) @17136   16 years max Delete imagemagick from this folder.
(edit) @17130   16 years max Add ImageMagick 6.4.3 Dynamic version that can work in standalone mode.
(edit) @17071   16 years oranfry corrected an off by one which was stopping causing the wrapper to …
(edit) @16203   16 years oranfry made the wrapper general, so it can be used with greenstone2 or …
(edit) @16184   16 years oranfry a more suitible name for the directory containing the extra installer files
(edit) @16162   16 years oranfry move the windows wrapper to the windows shared area
(edit) @16074   16 years oranfry putting the installer resources general to windows in the windows …
(add) @16073   16 years oranfry creating an area for shared windows stuff
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