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(edit) @18068   15 years oranfry moved drop-in-docs call up so the readme version is updated
(edit) @18067   15 years oranfry a rethinking of the documentation icons
(edit) @18066   15 years oranfry unzip sqlite so it can be compiled
(edit) @18065   15 years oranfry drop in docs before doing the version number replacements and dont …
(edit) @18059   15 years max Update the shortcuts names
(edit) @18054   15 years oranfry create needed empty files at build time so they make it into all …
(edit) @18049   15 years oranfry kept Support.htm out of all distributions, and moved Install.txt from …
(edit) @18047   15 years max Update the shortcuts in start menu with new names and icons.
(edit) @18036   15 years max Fix server.exe that came from yesterday's compilation.
(edit) @18014   15 years oranfry source and binary zip release tweaks
(edit) @18004   15 years oranfry trigger the creation of the binary zip
(edit) @17996   15 years oranfry sorting out the binary zip release
(edit) @17978   15 years oranfry use the shared target in favour of unshared one
(edit) @17967   15 years oranfry export to cd package fixes
(edit) @17958   15 years oranfry export-gsdl-gli target now shared among rk2s
(edit) @17956   15 years oranfry dont try to create the source distibution anymore as that is done by sork
(edit) @17954   15 years max fix
(edit) @17951   15 years max include language files
(edit) @17937   15 years oranfry splash screen changes
(edit) @17932   15 years oranfry made use of rsrs ability to take a fileset
(edit) @17924   15 years max Default password is now admin.
(edit) @17898   15 years oranfry Standardised names of directories used in release kits * gsdl and …
(edit) @17882   15 years max Adding LuceneWrapper and unzipping some packages for GS2
(edit) @17853   15 years oranfry don't validate the admin password just yet
(edit) @17849   15 years oranfry added german language to intallers
(edit) @17833   15 years oranfry make sure uninstaller makes it into source releases
(edit) @17831   15 years oranfry let the right compilation files (configure, win32.mak, etc) into …
(edit) @17830   15 years oranfry in wirk2 source release, dont try to modify gsdlsite.cfg in install …
(edit) @17827   15 years oranfry made source release target get triggered in non linux source installers
(edit) @17824   15 years oranfry validate the password in installer
(edit) @17815   15 years oranfry the targets to intall the source releases on mac and windows
(edit) @17814   15 years oranfry prepare source releases on each os
(edit) @17786   15 years oranfry shifted the responsibility for the source release to the linux release …
(edit) @17742   15 years oranfry with source installer, don't force installation of the sourcecode core
(edit) @17721   15 years oranfry gave each sourcecode component zip a unique name
(edit) @17712   15 years oranfry create a compressed zipfile of the sourcecode component, for download
(edit) @17702   15 years oranfry added english translations to language names to mitigate the effect of …
(edit) @17697   15 years oranfry made each release kit use the new unified language string bundle for …
(edit) @17652   15 years oranfry started source releases
(edit) @17638   15 years oranfry overinstalls now delete the old startmenu group and install the new …
(edit) @17632   15 years oranfry new binary that doesn't create the installer directory at startup, …
(edit) @17597   15 years oranfry untested changes to exclude sourcecode from the binary release, use …
(edit) @17583   15 years oranfry HCI changes to installer for wirk2
(edit) @17576   15 years oranfry more HCI changes to the installer: an animated activity indicator …
(edit) @17538   15 years oranfry getting the language selector page going in all installers
(edit) @17523   15 years oranfry dont compile search4j and pass param to make-concrete task
(edit) @17488   15 years oranfry get searchj from the new place
(edit) @17478   15 years oranfry dont try to load the sevenzip task as it is no longer included in …
(edit) @17472   15 years oranfry component fixes
(edit) @17470   15 years oranfry chamges to installer build.xmls
(edit) @17466   15 years oranfry moved version number constants to the shared init script
(edit) @17447   15 years oranfry corrected a typo that was making the component sizes too big
(edit) @17444   15 years oranfry jre now part of core
(edit) @17441   15 years oranfry temoprarily commenting out calls to inster-uninstaller in linux …
(edit) @17437   15 years oranfry changes to the way binaries are stored in the cgi-bin and bin/(os) …
(edit) @17436   15 years oranfry link to the right file
(edit) @17428   15 years oranfry dont fail just because the component hasnt been build before
(edit) @17427   15 years oranfry making targets idempotent
(edit) @17425   15 years oranfry give the instert-uninstaller target the format of the script to include
(edit) @17422   15 years oranfry made the create-components targets more stable
(edit) @17418   15 years oranfry compile search4j in release process
(edit) @17414   15 years oranfry for windows, going back to the commandline tool method for compressing …
(edit) @17413   15 years oranfry for windows, going back to the commandline tool method for compressing …
(edit) @17392   15 years oranfry use the 7zip ant task to compress components
(edit) @17382   15 years oranfry use the 7za commandline tool in wirk2
(edit) @17381   15 years oranfry new logic for installing components which are now individually compressed
(edit) @17380   15 years oranfry updated binary for wirk2
(edit) @17379   15 years oranfry better error checking
(edit) @17378   15 years oranfry use the individually zipped components instead of loose files
(edit) @17377   15 years oranfry ant targets to split distribution into components and compress them
(edit) @17311   15 years oranfry standardised the java bundling stuff
(edit) @17310   15 years oranfry compiled with vc 2003, should work for all
(edit) @17308   15 years oranfry standardised the java bundling stuff
(edit) @17291   15 years davidb Fixed missing < in XML file
(edit) @17281   15 years oranfry tidied up some xml files
(edit) @17268   15 years oranfry compile search4j in release process and started standardising java …
(edit) @17262   15 years oranfry finishing the split up of compile-uninstaller
(edit) @17257   15 years oranfry added the uninstaller to all release kits
(edit) @17125   15 years oranfry simplified the system in wirk3
(edit) @17119   16 years davidb changed linux->windows for db2txt. Looks like an oversight (copy and …
(edit) @17107   16 years oranfry changed build scripts and create-installer targets after the …
(edit) @17080   16 years oranfry corrected a spelling mistake and made default gsdlsite.cfg appear in …
(edit) @17074   16 years oranfry also change the httpprefix and image prefix in gsdlsite.cfg at install
(edit) @17073   16 years oranfry a default gsdlsite.cfg to be put in the root of intallations
(edit) @17043   16 years oranfry put the help screen into wirk2, after all it is documented as being there
(edit) @17041   16 years oranfry have the installer use the new license file
(edit) @16948   16 years oranfry make sure server.exe makes it into the root, …
(edit) @16946   16 years davidb Fixed package unzip for new
(edit) @16931   16 years oranfry dont overwrite startmenu shortcuts for repeat installs unless they are …
(edit) @16917   16 years oranfry dont overwrite startmenu shortcuts
(edit) @16916   16 years oranfry include the GetFreePath class in the greenstone2 windows release
(edit) @16832   16 years oranfry replace GSDLHOME in gsdlsite.cfg and setup.bat at install time
(edit) @16817   16 years oranfry fixed installer sourcecode target, use shared code from rk2 targets …
(edit) @16774   16 years oranfry fixes to wirk2
(edit) @16747   16 years oranfry simplification of installer descriptors
(edit) @16746   16 years oranfry leave these options to ant now
(edit) @16745   16 years oranfry changes to wirk2 after ant cleaned up
(edit) @16633   16 years oranfry changes afer splitting gsdl into common, build and runtime
(edit) @16458   16 years oranfry no longer have to check out indexers explicitly
(edit) @16280   16 years oranfry a correction to the last change to wirk2
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