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(edit) @18082   14 years oranfry changes after greenstone3->compiled name change
(edit) @18073   14 years max Delete Uninst.bat and remove Exception for it in
(edit) @18072   14 years max Revert
(edit) @18071   14 years max revert to before minimized state + vita elevation capable
(edit) @18069   14 years oranfry typo fix
(edit) @18068   14 years oranfry moved drop-in-docs call up so the readme version is updated
(edit) @18067   14 years oranfry a rethinking of the documentation icons
(edit) @18066   14 years oranfry unzip sqlite so it can be compiled
(edit) @18065   14 years oranfry drop in docs before doing the version number replacements and dont …
(edit) @18059   14 years max Update the shortcuts names
(edit) @18054   14 years oranfry create needed empty files at build time so they make it into all …
(edit) @18053   14 years oranfry updated english reademe file
(edit) @18052   14 years oranfry replace version and dates in the readme file
(edit) @18049   14 years oranfry kept Support.htm out of all distributions, and moved Install.txt from …
(edit) @18047   15 years max Update the shortcuts in start menu with new names and icons.
(edit) @18042   15 years oranfry force use of a UTF-8 font in uninstaller
(edit) @18041   15 years oranfry tweak to the uninstaller wording
(edit) @18037   15 years max More info for Mac
(edit) @18036   15 years max Fix server.exe that came from yesterday's compilation.
(edit) @18035   15 years max No VS 2005 yet
(edit) @18033   15 years max Fix the minimized uninstaller.
(edit) @18032   15 years oranfry wrapper to check that the temp directory was properly created
(edit) @18017   15 years oranfry fixes to the code to prepare the windows binary zip release
(edit) @18016   15 years oranfry fixes to the code to prepare the windows binary zip release
(edit) @18015   15 years oranfry ensure there is a top level folder in the windows binary zip release
(edit) @18014   15 years oranfry source and binary zip release tweaks
(edit) @18013   15 years max Update the readme file to V2.81rc
(edit) @18011   15 years oranfry don't include imagemagick and ghostscript binaries in the source release
(edit) @18010   15 years oranfry generalised the create-binary-zip-linux target to work on mac
(edit) @18009   15 years oranfry for mac, delete a windows specific file (was failing before due to …
(edit) @18008   15 years oranfry little fixes to catch every file
(edit) @18007   15 years oranfry exclude all readmes but the english one from binary installer
(edit) @18005   15 years oranfry right files to right place with right permissions in binary and source …
(edit) @18004   15 years oranfry trigger the creation of the binary zip
(edit) @18003   15 years oranfry standardised the create-binary-zip methods
(edit) @18002   15 years oranfry the improved way of creating the source component, this time for mac
(edit) @18001   15 years oranfry a different way to create the sourcecode component
(edit) @17998   15 years oranfry quoting issue
(edit) @17997   15 years oranfry uncommented important code
(edit) @17996   15 years oranfry sorting out the binary zip release
(edit) @17995   15 years max Add lucenewrapper.jar
(edit) @17993   15 years max Add lucenewrapper.jar
(edit) @17984   15 years oranfry reverted to the old way of finding the running jar (as the new way did …
(edit) @17982   15 years oranfry position elements correctly on splash screen
(edit) @17981   15 years oranfry use system tar command over ant tar task
(edit) @17980   15 years oranfry might not need this after all
(edit) @17979   15 years oranfry shared build demo collection shell script
(edit) @17978   15 years oranfry use the shared target in favour of unshared one
(edit) @17977   15 years oranfry shared insert windows perl target plus use of it by sork2
(edit) @17976   15 years oranfry sork needs windows stuff too
(edit) @17975   15 years oranfry shared windows perl
(edit) @17974   15 years max Fix the uninstall
(edit) @17973   15 years oranfry do tarring with the system tar command rather than the ant task
(edit) @17972   15 years oranfry file tweaks in sork2
(edit) @17970   15 years oranfry winbin changes
(edit) @17969   15 years oranfry winbin fix
(edit) @17968   15 years oranfry insert winbin files
(edit) @17967   15 years oranfry export to cd package fixes
(edit) @17964   15 years oranfry fixes to calls to the tar task
(edit) @17963   15 years oranfry dont try to copy non existent
(edit) @17962   15 years oranfry files for testing uninstaller on windows
(edit) @17961   15 years oranfry change to splash screen and added greenstone wiki link file
(edit) @17960   15 years oranfry change of default install path
(edit) @17959   15 years oranfry typo fix
(edit) @17958   15 years oranfry export-gsdl-gli target now shared among rk2s
(edit) @17956   15 years oranfry dont try to create the source distibution anymore as that is done by sork
(edit) @17955   15 years max Update french language strings.
(edit) @17954   15 years max fix
(edit) @17953   15 years oranfry changes for the source release kit
(edit) @17952   15 years max Use the changed uninstall scripts
(edit) @17951   15 years max include language files
(edit) @17950   15 years oranfry a new release kit to create the source release
(edit) @17949   15 years max Do not need to be run from the directory in which it resides anymore …
(edit) @17937   15 years oranfry splash screen changes
(edit) @17935   15 years oranfry deleting doubled up file
(edit) @17934   15 years oranfry deleting doubled up file
(edit) @17933   15 years oranfry the source for the updated splash
(edit) @17932   15 years oranfry made use of rsrs ability to take a fileset
(edit) @17926   15 years max Default password is now admin.
(edit) @17925   15 years max Default password is now admin.
(edit) @17924   15 years max Default password is now admin.
(edit) @17919   15 years max Fix the jar extraction when special characters are in the path.
(edit) @17905   15 years max Now extracts in the hidden folder in the current directory instead of …
(edit) @17898   15 years oranfry Standardised names of directories used in release kits * gsdl and …
(edit) @17897   15 years oranfry a patched ant-installer which can handle being run in paths with …
(edit) @17896   15 years oranfry ignore any directory called externals so that directory can be used in …
(edit) @17882   15 years max Adding LuceneWrapper and unzipping some packages for GS2
(edit) @17881   15 years max Adding replacements for Russian
(edit) @17874   15 years max Fixed some bugs in the Russian translation
(edit) @17873   15 years max Adding Russian translation
(edit) @17859   15 years oranfry replaced a crazy space with a real space
(edit) @17858   15 years oranfry os conditional font selection
(edit) @17857   15 years oranfry consistently spaced and using = instead of colon
(edit) @17854   15 years max Updated some German strings
(edit) @17853   15 years oranfry don't validate the admin password just yet
(edit) @17852   15 years oranfry this java includes a font which should diplay chinese on any system
(edit) @17851   15 years oranfry changing installer to a more universal font
(edit) @17850   15 years max Add a new open source CJK font in the fallback folder of JRE 1.6.0_10
(edit) @17849   15 years oranfry added german language to intallers
(edit) @17848   15 years oranfry different wording for the extracting java step
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