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(edit) @11910   18 years nzdl updated 2.70 date, new 2.70u and 2.70w dates
(edit) @11846   18 years nzdl added in links for new style and pagedimg demo collections
(edit) @11845   18 years nzdl we don't have permission to redistribute all this stuff, so have …
(edit) @11759   18 years kjdon this file is no longer used - the info is on the wiki instead. I have …
(edit) @11757   18 years kjdon README file for export to CD package
(edit) @11707   18 years kjdon we no longer distribute netscape
(edit) @11577   18 years nzdl 2.70 release
(edit) @11555   18 years nzdl added in a link to new DSpace collection
(edit) @11536   18 years nzdl updated with new macrofiles and new language
(edit) @11521   18 years nzdl making 2.70 release, theres a new DocumentHeading format statement
(edit) @11260   18 years kjdon updated this file for 2.63 - john's new css stuff. Also moved the …
(edit) @11213   18 years nzdl 2.63 distribution. faked the date cos it was set to the first time I …
(edit) @11111   18 years nzdl few changes for 2.63 release
(edit) @11106   18 years mdewsnip Perl CGI modules for Windows, for the GLI remote building functionality.
(edit) @10697   18 years chi Add the latest version 2.62 release date.
(edit) @10686   18 years chi Change of format statement
(edit) @10509   18 years kjdon added 2.60 and 2.61 releases
(edit) @10449   18 years kjdon removed which no longer exists
(edit) @10391   18 years kjdon gli now has latvian
(edit) @9492   19 years nzdl Lots of improvements for the Installshield X installer and also …
(edit) @9491   19 years nzdl Fixed the strange table cell formatting problems that suddenly appeared.
(edit) @9490   19 years nzdl Help text for creating a release.
(edit) @9444   19 years nzdl More tidy ups.
(edit) @9439   19 years nzdl The Collector is now disabled by default.
(edit) @9438   19 years nzdl Removed -cover_image flag
(edit) @9254   19 years nzdl Moved into here from the main Greenstone source (it is only used for …
(edit) @9253   19 years kjdon added 2.53 distribution
(edit) @9250   19 years kjdon removed an erroneous backslash
(edit) @9248   19 years kjdon macro files were reordered
(edit) @9225   19 years mdewsnip Removed and, since these are no longer used …
(edit) @9224   19 years mdewsnip Demo collection configuration file with only core language strings.
(edit) @9223   19 years mdewsnip Tar file containing prebuilt perl-5.6 and perl-5.8 directories for …
(edit) @9222   19 years mdewsnip GLI languages.xml file with only core languages enabled (English, …
(edit) @9221   19 years mdewsnip Greenstone etc/main.cfg file with only core language interfaces …
(edit) @9220   19 years mdewsnip Changed to use Hierarchy instead of AutoHierarchy.
(edit) @9171   19 years mdewsnip A couple of tidy ups.
(edit) @9123   19 years mdewsnip Fixed up bad e-mail address -- how did it get like that?
(edit) @9107   19 years mdewsnip Demo collection configuration file with English, French, Spanish, and …
(edit) @9106   19 years mdewsnip Updated for new Installshield X creation process.
(edit) @9088   19 years mdewsnip No longer used -- the installers now have this hard-wired into them.
(edit) @8419   19 years mdewsnip This segfaults on Gentoo machines.
(edit) @8399   19 years mdewsnip Updated for the Greenstone 2.52 release.
(edit) @8340   19 years mdewsnip Scripts to finish off distributions once created with the …
(edit) @8339   19 years mdewsnip Statically linked wget binary, built pre-Gentoo.
(edit) @8338   19 years mdewsnip Moved demouser.txt file into the etc directory.
(edit) @7665   19 years mdewsnip Used for CD-ROM distributions containing the documented formatting and …
(edit) @7626   19 years mdewsnip Updated for 2.51 distribution.
(edit) @7625   19 years mdewsnip DLS-e collection is now much smaller -- containing only 25 publications.
(edit) @7512   20 years mdewsnip Variant of used for the UNESCO CD-ROMs (has links to the …
(edit) @7300   20 years mdewsnip Windows Perl binary package.
(edit) @7299   20 years mdewsnip Win32s stuff.
(edit) @7298   20 years mdewsnip XML::Parser modules for different version of Perl.
(edit) @7297   20 years mdewsnip Used to generate a change log for a distribution from CVS.
(edit) @7296   20 years mdewsnip File that records when each distribution is created. Used by …
(edit) @6650   20 years mdewsnip Pre-5.8 XML.tgz file.
(edit) @6648   20 years mdewsnip 16-bit and 32-bit variants of a rather old version of Netscape.
(edit) @6647   20 years mdewsnip File used by 32-bit Windows networks.
(edit) @6646   20 years mdewsnip File used by 16-bit (eg. Windows 3.1) networks.
(add) @5506   20 years mdewsnip Initial revision
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