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(edit) @12191   18 years kjdon committed some changes that I had made ages ago. Not sure if it still …
(edit) @12188   18 years kjdon Initial revision
(edit) @10820   18 years kjdon Visualizer service added into the package (rather than in greenstone …
(edit) @10819   18 years kjdon this service fiel has been moved to the extension directory
(edit) @10810   18 years kjdon changed the paths to reflect the move of gsdl-as to extensions folder
(edit) @10077   19 years kjdon greenstone jar files are in a different place now
(edit) @10075   19 years kjdon changed the catalina.dir property to catalina.home
(edit) @9874   19 years kjdon merged from branch ant-install-branch: merge 1
(edit) @8907   19 years schweer method should not be exposed
(edit) @8905   19 years schweer added George's code for the Greenstone Directory Service
(edit) @8888   19 years schweer notifications
(edit) @8876   19 years schweer renamed IdEqualsPredicate to EqualsPredicate
(edit) @8875   19 years schweer first changes towards treating collection ids as unique only on a …
(edit) @8874   19 years schweer todo tags etc
(edit) @8872   19 years schweer started to use constants instead of strings
(edit) @8871   19 years schweer license for gsdl-as
(edit) @8870   19 years schweer debugging-stuff
(edit) @8867   19 years schweer fixed BTS 12: restore subscriptions/predicates from database
(edit) @8847   19 years schweer substring match for host/collection works
(edit) @8799   19 years schweer started version control
(edit) @8798   19 years schweer filtering should work now (including multivalues); changed database …
(edit) @8781   19 years schweer bugfixes
(edit) @8780   19 years schweer started to rework algo for partially matched subscriptions …
(edit) @8779   19 years schweer should now work even when default search returns ids of document parts
(edit) @8778   19 years schweer normalise event map
(edit) @8777   19 years schweer started to work on multi-valued predicates; started to rework the …
(edit) @8775   19 years schweer some todo and licensing comments
(edit) @8754   19 years schweer decided not to use PatriciaTree, because we'd need infix anyway (and a …
(edit) @8753   19 years schweer removed unnecessary TODO's & added an important one ;)
(edit) @8738   19 years schweer user authentication works; user information and …
(edit) @8724   19 years schweer wizard for creating subscriptions: saving state works
(edit) @8722   19 years schweer fix compile errors
(edit) @8721   19 years schweer ignore generated file
(edit) @8720   19 years schweer worked on web interface
(edit) @8719   19 years schweer Set -> each predicate is listed only once when using iterator in velocity
(edit) @8718   19 years schweer bugfix
(edit) @8717   19 years schweer started to rework control flow, user authentication
(edit) @8644   19 years schweer making the alerting service accessible via SOAP (for posting events)
(edit) @8632   19 years schweer generate the templates jar
(edit) @8631   19 years schweer restructured servlet to use velocity
(edit) @8630   19 years schweer restructured servlet to use velocity
(edit) @8619   19 years schweer ignore generated stuff
(edit) @8609   19 years schweer putting the alerting service servlet under version control
(edit) @8475   19 years kjdon changed variables enum to enumer so it compiles with java 1.5
(edit) @8418   19 years schweer started work on alerting component
(edit) @8417   19 years kjdon class for decoding and encoding Base64
(edit) @8412   19 years kjdon * empty log message *
(edit) @8411   19 years kjdon removed some commented out code, added use views option
(edit) @8410   19 years kjdon new windows makefiles
(edit) @8405   19 years kjdon small changes
(edit) @8404   19 years kjdon moved teh getparam(engine) bit to Vishnu, and now pass it in to …
(edit) @8403   19 years kjdon added the engine type as a parm to the constructor - cos we need to …
(edit) @8349   19 years kjdon first stab at generating the results the java way for Greenstone. …
(edit) @8348   19 years kjdon minor fix for view stuff when there are no views
(edit) @8345   19 years kjdon addd some checks for null viewCombo
(edit) @8344   19 years kjdon added view stuff back in. A collection may be built with views - these …
(edit) @8302   19 years kjdon have an index.html file now
(edit) @8301   19 years kjdon more instructions
(edit) @8300   19 years kjdon added another mkdir line to setup
(edit) @8299   19 years kjdon a sample index file which loads up the applet for use with standalone …
(edit) @8298   19 years kjdon changed some text
(edit) @8297   19 years kjdon sample web.xml for using vishnu standalone with tomcat
(edit) @8296   19 years kjdon adding the Makefile, cos we don't bother with configure any more
(edit) @8295   19 years kjdon don't bother with configure now, cos only java stuff
(edit) @8294   19 years kjdon only java stuff in Makefile, so removed the configure stuff. could add …
(edit) @8293   19 years kjdon removed ckindexer and cluster subdirs
(edit) @8292   19 years kjdon now uses java to do clustering and ckindexing
(edit) @8291   19 years kjdon new Java based ck indexer - replaces teh jni stuff
(edit) @8290   19 years kjdon some mods, not sure what they are. will tidy them up soon, but didn't …
(edit) @8289   19 years kjdon no longer use this jni wrapper
(edit) @8288   19 years kjdon added in daniel's mods for new server stuff - not sure what they are :-)
(edit) @8287   19 years kjdon modified to use the CKServer instead of jni based Cluster and Extractor
(edit) @8286   19 years kjdon a tester and server for the new java based ck indexing
(edit) @8285   19 years kjdon these jni wrappers are no longer used. all the functionality is now in …
(edit) @8284   19 years kjdon some changes made to make this work with daniel's new server code. …
(edit) @8283   19 years kjdon some new files from daniel's new server code
(edit) @8282   19 years kjdon moved from sammon package to util package
(edit) @8281   19 years kjdon got new server from daniel - just copied over his new cluster files …
(edit) @8280   19 years kjdon moved from builder package to util package
(edit) @8279   19 years kjdon moved from server package to util package
(edit) @8201   19 years kjdon added in the path to the mg stuff for greenstone
(edit) @8194   19 years kjdon more info
(add) @8189   19 years kjdon first version of Imperial College's Visualiser code
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