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(edit) @13305   17 years kjdon removed an unnecessary step from section tagging tutorial
(edit) @13292   17 years kjdon Ian and my mods to Anna's text, also added in a note for 2.71 about …
(edit) @13291   17 years lh92 add in the formatting_word_pdf exercise of how to pass the search …
(edit) @13265   17 years kjdon upgraded the OAI downloading exercise - now it uses GLI as well as …
(edit) @13250   17 years kjdon added in some info about setting section level indexing
(edit) @13159   17 years kjdon a few small tidy ups
(edit) @13143   17 years kjdon changed the date, added top level version num
(edit) @13139   17 years kjdon decided not to modify OAI_downloading at this time. SO all the …
(edit) @13135   17 years kjdon nearly finished updates for 2.71. only a couple to go
(edit) @13119   17 years kjdon updated some more tutorials for 2.71
(edit) @13114   17 years kjdon updated small_html_collection and simple_image_collection tutorials to …
(edit) @11968   17 years kjdon updated for 2.70w, modifications after hawaii workshop
(edit) @11897   18 years kjdon small changes
(edit) @11892   18 years kjdon lots more little changes
(edit) @11859   18 years kjdon some changes for workshop
(edit) @11848   18 years kjdon lots of changes. Added a few new tutorials, and other bits from the …
(edit) @11826   18 years kjdon fixed a couple of mistakes in the multimedia build tutorial, 610 and 621
(edit) @11790   18 years kjdon modified multimedia_collection_build tutorial to be up to date with …
(edit) @11725   18 years kjdon fixed up text in multimedia explore to match the new files
(edit) @11724   18 years kjdon merged branch gsdl-2_70-distribution-branch, tagged the branch as …
(edit) @11643   18 years kjdon fixed up a few more AutoText bits, also deleted the Search Types …
(edit) @11642   18 years kjdon modified this to get strings form various dictionaries and files - …
(edit) @11578   18 years kjdon added in a 'back to wiki' string
(edit) @11559   18 years kjdon added a missing space, 0678
(edit) @11535   18 years kjdon fixed up link to image (in tutorial_files)
(edit) @11533   18 years kjdon added a print string
(edit) @11524   18 years kjdon renamed a duplicate id
(edit) @11518   18 years kjdon added new supplementary material bit, and fixed up one bit of text …
(edit) @11505   18 years kjdon replaced 'perform the first four steps of ...' with the actual steps …
(edit) @11496   18 years kjdon changed -- to —, --> to →, and other changes
(edit) @11469   18 years kjdon changed Category to Browse for buttonnmae in multimedia collection
(edit) @11454   18 years mdewsnip Fixed up the duplicate 0692a entries.
(edit) @11434   18 years kjdon changed the version numbers
(edit) @11429   18 years kjdon added an extra comment tag in intro
(edit) @11428   18 years kjdon some changes
(edit) @11409   18 years kjdon some more updates to make it work with 2.70
(edit) @11406   18 years kjdon more changes to the exercise contents
(edit) @11401   18 years kjdon merged some text elements together where sentences had been split up. …
(edit) @11383   18 years mdewsnip Removed some extra spaces and "funky" tags.
(edit) @11352   18 years kjdon added a title to the whole tutorial
(edit) @11349   18 years kjdon changed a coupld of tutorial ids
(edit) @11347   18 years kjdon modified samplefiles and prerequisite info
(edit) @11346   18 years kjdon changed a couple of <Format> to <Command>
(edit) @11343   18 years kjdon removed some special characters (ellipsis and smart quotes
(edit) @11341   18 years kjdon changed a couple of tutorial ids, and changed some indent tags to Path …
(edit) @11340   18 years kjdon a few small changes
(edit) @11339   18 years kjdon replace Comment2 with Comment, also moved a few tags to new lines
(add) @11336   18 years kjdon Initial revision
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