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(edit) @11967   18 years kjdon removed the bob Dylan reference from the dspace exercise
(edit) @11847   18 years kjdon reordered a couple of strings in simple image collection
(edit) @11790   18 years kjdon modified multimedia_collection_build tutorial to be up to date with …
(edit) @11725   18 years kjdon fixed up text in multimedia explore to match the new files
(edit) @11723   18 years kjdon merged branch gsdl-2_70-distribution-branch, tagged the branch as …
(edit) @11578   18 years kjdon added in a 'back to wiki' string
(edit) @11568   18 years kjdon added some spaces, changed ListaV etc back to VList
(edit) @11560   18 years kjdon fixed up a few errors to make it valid xml
(edit) @11558   18 years nzdl translations by Antonia, 2 Apr 2006
(edit) @11535   18 years kjdon fixed up link to image (in tutorial_files)
(edit) @11534   18 years kjdon fixed up Michaels' mistakes (escaping html) in the intro text
(edit) @11525   18 years mdewsnip Fixed up the 0252 duplicate shambles (again?).
(edit) @11516   18 years mdewsnip Manually added a problematic translation.
(edit) @11513   18 years nzdl updated from translator
(edit) @11504   18 years kjdon replaced 'perform the first four steps of ...' with the actual steps …
(edit) @11495   18 years kjdon changed -- to —, --> to →
(edit) @11485   18 years nzdl More French, Spanish and Russian translations, many thanks to Antonia …
(edit) @11470   18 years kjdon fixed up some XML format errors
(edit) @11455   18 years mdewsnip Some more French translations, many thanks to Antonia Lema.
(edit) @11454   18 years mdewsnip Fixed up the duplicate 0692a entries.
(edit) @11450   18 years mdewsnip Updated structure of French, Spanish and Russian files (by the translator).
(edit) @11426   18 years kjdon a couple of format changes
(edit) @11408   18 years kjdon a few changes that I could make
(edit) @11405   18 years kjdon moved a few things around
(edit) @11399   18 years kjdon merged some text elements together where sentences had been split up. …
(add) @11381   18 years mdewsnip French translations of the Greenstone tutorial exercises, done by …
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