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(edit) @9742   19 years davidb 'make clean' was quitting early if no makefile could be found in …
(edit) @8878   19 years jrm21 re-arrange slightly so that an empty MODULEDIRS variable doesn't cause …
(edit) @8769   19 years jrm21 don't run autoconf automatically any more
(edit) @8224   19 years kjdon added src/oaiservr into OTHERDIRS - this is what gets compiled
(edit) @8184   19 years cs025 Added OAI Server directory to the central Makefile
(edit) @3069   22 years sjboddie Commented out new part of Makefile for making modules. This currently …
(edit) @3064   22 years cs025 Added support for 'modules' directory being scanned
(edit) @2963   22 years jrm21 replaced CPP with CXX (although it is not currently used within this …
(edit) @2589   22 years jrm21 make install now depends on all. Similarly distclean depends on clean.
(edit) @2474   23 years sjboddie * empty log message *
(edit) @1935   23 years jrm21 added " srcdir = @srcdir@ " near the top, so that if is …
(edit) @1860   23 years cs025 Included CORBA branch for first time
(edit) @1714   23 years jrm21 moved packages to front of OTHERDIRS list, so it is made first in case …
(edit) @1671   23 years paynter Added "pacakges" directlry to list of places that "make install" hits.
(edit) @1669   23 years paynter Add a new Makefile in the packages directory that makes various …
(edit) @1573   23 years paynter Make and install the phind generate component.
(edit) @1517   23 years jrm21 Edited various files so that "make distclean" works.
(edit) @1493   23 years sjboddie added getpw and ability to set initial password from within …
(edit) @1339   23 years kjm18 added mgpp stuff
(edit) @1332   23 years kjm18 added mgpp Makefiles to the lists
(edit) @1078   24 years sjboddie oops, config.status should be removed by make distclean too
(edit) @993   24 years sjboddie tidied up install
(edit) @992   24 years sjboddie added distclean
(edit) @954   24 years sjboddie no longer need to play with gsdlhome.h
(edit) @704   24 years sjboddie do make install from top level
(edit) @691   24 years cs025 Fixes for autoconfigure
(edit) @683   24 years cs025 Changes to fit MG into autoconfiguration.
(edit) @559   24 years sjboddie more configure stuff
(edit) @555   24 years cs025 more configuration stuff
(add) @552   24 years cs025 added configure stuff
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