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(edit) @8758   19 years jrm21 added a comment at the top about autoconf versions
(edit) @8756   19 years jrm21 fixes for autoconf v2.59, remove libstdc++ from ACLIBS since we don't …
(edit) @8202   19 years jrm21 don't need host and target set anymore (since it works properly on …
(edit) @8199   19 years cs025 Fixed fault in use of STATIC - variable would never have defined…
(edit) @8183   19 years cs025 Added basic OAI Server configuration
(edit) @3705   21 years jrm21 Added a test for gettext functions to define ENABLE_NLS, even though …
(edit) @3631   21 years cvs_anon Added langaction stuff
(edit) @3062   22 years cs025 Changed to auto-configure the subdirectories of the …
(edit) @2951   22 years jrm21 Added test to change gsdlos from cygwin* to windows
(edit) @2950   22 years jrm21 replaced "tr A-Z" with "tr ABC...XYZ" for solaris's tr…
(edit) @2884   22 years jrm21 replaced "test -e" with "test -r" as some versions of solaris test …
(edit) @2603   22 years jrm21 Look for gdbm in /usr/local before failing (eg FreeBSD).
(edit) @2521   22 years sjboddie no longer compile src/phind/host separately (it no longer exists)
(edit) @2470   23 years jrm21 removed bash'isms from our own sh tests. We should probably always …
(edit) @2296   23 years cs025 Improved behaviour with CORBA etc. support
(edit) @2279   23 years jrm21 configure now allows an argument to give a path to non-std location of …
(edit) @2214   23 years say1 sorted out mico version number
(edit) @2213   23 years say1 sorted out the quotes
(edit) @2204   23 years say1 fixes to corba config
(edit) @2173   23 years cs025 Improvements to configure scripts in their support of various MICO …
(edit) @2051   23 years jrm21 removed a check for HP-UX - gmalloc which was in here twice.
(edit) @1938   23 years jrm21 z39.50 is no longer compiled by default. Use the --enable-z3950 option …
(edit) @1860   23 years cs025 Included CORBA branch for first time
(edit) @1722   23 years jrm21 Check to see if CFLAGS is already set in environment, and if so, don't …
(edit) @1668   23 years paynter Added a new configure script in the packages directory that is called …
(edit) @1568   23 years paynter Create makefiles for phind.
(edit) @1493   23 years sjboddie added getpw and ability to set initial password from within …
(edit) @1332   23 years kjm18 added mgpp Makefiles to the lists
(edit) @998   24 years sjboddie tidied up configuration a bit
(edit) @986   24 years sjboddie modified configuration to check for crypt library
(edit) @794   24 years sjboddie turned on optimization, added LDFLAGS in case required
(edit) @792   24 years sjboddie removed -g flag
(edit) @786   24 years cs025 Added strerror check to
(edit) @703   24 years sjboddie * empty log message *
(edit) @684   24 years cs025 Changes to build MG into autoconfiguration.
(edit) @674   24 years sjboddie changed version number
(edit) @575   24 years cs025 Added fix to set C flags rather than using defaults
(edit) @567   24 years sjboddie fixed autoconf fastcgi error
(edit) @566   24 years cs025 Further patches for the FASTCGI issues
(edit) @564   24 years sjboddie changed version number
(edit) @557   24 years cs025 Changed to setting gsdlos automatically
(edit) @554   24 years cs025 more changes to configure script
(add) @552   24 years cs025 added configure stuff
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