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(edit) @13986   17 years lh92 added configuration for dari and pushto languages
(edit) @13441   17 years kjdon added and into macrofiles list
(edit) @13352   17 years nzdl removed some funny whitespace. kjdon
(edit) @13342   17 years shaoqun checks language perrecord instead of per collection and keeps …
(edit) @13297   17 years mdewsnip Added to the list of macrofiles.
(edit) @13224   17 years shaoqun use dc.Language if it exist
(edit) @13219   17 years mdewsnip Added the Hungarian language interface.
(edit) @13079   17 years mdewsnip Missing
(edit) @13043   17 years kjdon added and into macro files list
(edit) @13036   17 years mdewsnip wasn't in the list of macrofiles, for some reason.
(edit) @12686   17 years kjdon small changes to hopefully make it clearer
(edit) @12654   17 years mdewsnip Added the Slovak language definition and macrofile.
(edit) @12602   17 years mdewsnip Added definition for the new DOS codepage 852 (Central European) encoding.
(edit) @12597   17 years shaoqun mapping file for qualified dc to marc
(edit) @12596   17 years shaoqun mapping file for dc to marc
(edit) @12595   17 years shaoqun transformation file for dc to marc
(edit) @12570   17 years kjdon added to list of macro files
(edit) @12009   17 years davidb depositor flag set to 'disabled' by default.
(edit) @11904   18 years mdewsnip Added to the list.
(edit) @11774   18 years kjdon added in some help about resumptiontokens
(edit) @11462   18 years mdewsnip Added into macrofiles list.
(edit) @11394   18 years mdewsnip Removed from the list of macrofiles.
(edit) @11223   18 years mdewsnip Added new "Gaelic (Scottish)" interface.
(edit) @11173   18 years kjdon now that no images are needed for languages, we have enabled all the …
(edit) @11151   18 years kjdon admin pages are disabled by default. If you are building from source, …
(edit) @11118   18 years jrm21 added to the list of macros to be loaded
(edit) @10924   18 years jrm21 updated for sql_query_prime and more hints re CSV files.
(edit) @10866   18 years jrm21 gave examples for CSV files
(edit) @10152   18 years kjdon fixed a typo in oaimapping
(edit) @10108   18 years mdewsnip The language code for Hebrew was changed from "iw" to "he" in 1989.
(edit) @10107   18 years mdewsnip The language code for Kazakh was incorrect -- should have been "kk", …
(edit) @10106   18 years mdewsnip The name of the "Kirghiz" language was incorrectly entered as "Kyrgyz".
(edit) @10031   18 years mdewsnip Replaced the old with the new and much improved
(edit) @9674   19 years jrm21 rename utf-16 to utf-16be, otherwise browsers might get confused
(edit) @9541   19 years mdewsnip Now that non-core language interface images are not included in the …
(edit) @9430   19 years mdewsnip The Collector is dead... long live the Collector!
(edit) @9308   19 years mdewsnip Added Polish language interface, many thanks to Lech Borkowski.
(edit) @9263   19 years mdewsnip Added name for the Kyrgyz language in Kyrgyz.
(edit) @9262   19 years mdewsnip A tab at the end of a macrofiles line caused everything after it to be …
(edit) @9247   19 years kjdon reordered the macro file list so that language ones are at the end and …
(edit) @8957   19 years mdewsnip Added Kyrgyz and Bengali interfaces.
(edit) @8940   19 years mdewsnip Added Catalan name for the Catalan language.
(edit) @8933   19 years mdewsnip Translated macrofile and images, many thanks to the …
(edit) @8822   19 years mdewsnip Added the Mongolian name for the Mongolian language.
(edit) @8820   19 years mdewsnip Added Mongolian interface, many thanks to Mendbayar Ichinkhorlo for …
(edit) @8748   19 years mdewsnip Changed "Russian" in Russian to actually be a word, thanks to Olena.
(edit) @8743   19 years jrm21 correct typos in comments
(edit) @8707   19 years mdewsnip Added traditional Chinese interface.
(edit) @8524   19 years mdewsnip Oops... we don't actually have a Bosnian interface yet…
(edit) @8487   19 years mdewsnip Added the names of the Indonesian and Vietnamese languages, in their …
(edit) @8449   19 years jrm21 fixed 2 lines that were comments but didn't start with #
(edit) @8447   19 years mdewsnip Added the new Latvian and Vietnamese interfaces.
(edit) @8430   19 years mdewsnip Changed the comments slightly to specify the Windows version.
(edit) @8429   19 years mdewsnip Changed some comments to refer to "oaiserver" instead of "oaimain".
(edit) @8324   19 years mdewsnip Added Catalan macrofile and language definition.
(edit) @8312   19 years kjdon new config file for oaimain oai server
(edit) @8237   19 years kjdon put quotes around teh Maori longname - otherwise the local library …
(edit) @8119   19 years jrm21 allow multiple callbacks, one for each metadata field (using the …
(edit) @8116   19 years mdewsnip Added some more information at the top, at Ian's request.
(edit) @7764   19 years davidb New optioned added to control gli applet enabled/disable
(edit) @7707   19 years jrm21 start to put languages in their own language (not everyone speaks …
(edit) @7684   19 years jrm21 added comment for mysql
(edit) @7564   20 years mdewsnip Added second Czech macrofile and the new Georgian interface.
(edit) @7393   20 years davidb added as a useful file for collection specific macros (in a …
(edit) @7222   20 years mdewsnip Added Serbian to the list of languages.
(edit) @6757   20 years mdewsnip Added the Farsi (Persian) interface.
(edit) @6721   20 years kjdon added the macro file to the list
(edit) @6361   20 years mdewsnip Added Armenian language interface.
(edit) @6267   20 years mdewsnip Removed Armenian language, which shouldn't have been committed (yet).
(edit) @6266   20 years mdewsnip Removed from the list of macrofiles, which shouldn't have …
(edit) @6225   20 years mdewsnip Changed default encoding of Greek from utf-8 to windows-1253.
(edit) @6066   20 years mdewsnip Added Greek language interface, many thanks to Dimitris Gavrilis.
(edit) @5641   20 years mdewsnip Added the Finnish interface.
(edit) @5629   20 years mdewsnip Added Croatian, Hindi and Kannada interfaces.
(edit) @5486   20 years mdewsnip Now with Ukrainian.
(edit) @5468   20 years mdewsnip Modified to include both Portuguese (Brazil) and Portuguese (Portugal) …
(edit) @5065   20 years mdewsnip Added and to the list of macrofiles.
(edit) @4839   20 years jrm21 added MarcIdentifier and MarcLanguage metadata
(edit) @4826   20 years mdewsnip Added Kazakh as an interface language, and put the other languages …
(edit) @4741   20 years sjboddie Renamed,
(edit) @4443   21 years mdewsnip Added Japanese and Thai interface descriptions.
(edit) @4429   21 years jrm21 new plugin for importing data from perl's DBI database interface - eg …
(edit) @4137   21 years mdewsnip Added Galician language interface stuff.
(edit) @3808   21 years kjdon added czech language
(edit) @3780   21 years davidb Translation service set to disabled as default
(edit) @3778   21 years sjboddie Disable translator by default
(edit) @3774   21 years davidb * empty log message *
(edit) @3632   21 years sjboddie Added langaction
(edit) @3430   21 years jrm21 Added MARCPlug, mostly done by David Bainbridge. It needs a …
(edit) @3220   21 years jrm21 Added turkish macro files and language settings.
(edit) @3153   21 years jrm21 missing newline at end-of-file added.
(edit) @3133   22 years jrm21 Added iso-8859-15 as another possible Western encoding, commented out …
(edit) @3122   22 years sjboddie * empty log message *
(edit) @3121   22 years sjboddie We now use UTF-8 as the default encoding instead of iso-8859-1
(edit) @2939   22 years sjboddie All error messages now go to error.txt (i.e. did away with errout.txt …
(edit) @2912   22 years nzdl Added preferences link for changing display settings (language and …
(edit) @2903   22 years jrm21 new tag "uc" - for unicode in the rtf header.
(edit) @2893   22 years sjboddie Added Indonesian interface translation. Thanks to Paul Mundy.
(edit) @2785   22 years sjboddie The build process now creates a summary of how many files were …
(edit) @2731   22 years sjboddie Added Hebrew interface. Thanks to Leonid Hatskin, Vladimir Veiner, …
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