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(edit) @10080   19 years kjdon moved from lib dir
(edit) @10063   19 years kjdon added this back in to lib/java
(edit) @10056   19 years kjdon moved jar files to web/WEB-INF/lib directory
(edit) @10055   19 years kjdon moved to the jni dir
(edit) @10054   19 years kjdon moved the dlls to jni directory - putting all the jni stuff in one place
(edit) @10047   19 years kjdon this is not used by anything (I think, so I'll remove it
(edit) @9874   19 years kjdon merged from branch ant-install-branch: merge 1
(edit) @8617   20 years schweer version 3.8.1 instead of 3.7
(edit) @8133   20 years kjdon upgraded lucene to 1.4.1
(edit) @7897   20 years kjdon jni library for mgpasses
(edit) @7797   20 years kjdon this comes with the SOAP distribution, so we don't need it here (I think)
(edit) @7718   20 years kjdon I don't think these should be in here. I can always add them back in …
(edit) @6488   20 years kjdon renamed gate.jar to gate.jar.tmp so it doesn't get put into the …
(edit) @6419   20 years mdewsnip Re-added in binary mode.
(edit) @6418   20 years mdewsnip Re-adding in binary mode.
(edit) @6417   20 years mdewsnip Pre-compiled versions of MG and MGPP JNI interfaces.
(edit) @6363   20 years kjdon lucene classes for the xml demo coll
(edit) @6294   21 years mdewsnip Updated DLL file for updated MGPP.
(edit) @6286   21 years cs025 Added tagsoup jar with Waikato modifications
(edit) @5801   21 years cs025 Adding mysql
(edit) @4183   21 years kjdon XML writer from cpan. used by have added in …
(edit) @4065   21 years mdewsnip Now contains output code that was commented out in MGPPWrapperImpl.cpp.
(edit) @4059   21 years mdewsnip Precompiled Windows library for MGPP using JNI.
(edit) @4058   21 years mdewsnip Precompiled Windows library for MG using JNI.
(edit) @4039   21 years mdewsnip Trying with -kb.
(edit) @4038   21 years mdewsnip Temporary removal.
(edit) @4007   21 years mdewsnip JAR file for GATE code.
(edit) @3956   21 years mdewsnip Readded as binary file.
(edit) @3955   21 years mdewsnip Going to try readding this in binary mode.
(edit) @3954   21 years mdewsnip Third time lucky.
(edit) @3953   21 years mdewsnip First commit was not stored correctly in CVS, trying again.
(edit) @3926   21 years mdewsnip Built windows library file for J-GDBM package.
(edit) @3378   22 years kjdon needed for j-gdbm
(edit) @3374   22 years kjdon using a different jar now
(edit) @3357   22 years kjdon new and modified jar files
(edit) @3294   22 years kjdon more jar files for the lib directory
(edit) @3293   22 years kjdon this jarfile shouldn't have been in cvs
(add) @3222   22 years kjdon Initial revision
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