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(edit) @13923   17 years kjdon this jar file is no longer needed cos Tomcat or Java already has it
(edit) @13918   17 years kjdon level params now lowercase for full name
(edit) @13878   17 years kjdon want to modify the sortBy param strings for lucene
(edit) @13382   18 years kjdon added page titles for help and prefs
(edit) @13376   18 years kjdon text strings for fielded searching
(edit) @13275   18 years kjdon the classes relating to these files have been deleted
(edit) @13128   18 years kjdon added accentfolding strings
(edit) @12197   18 years kjdon tagsoup only used for gs3build so moved to the extension package
(edit) @12195   18 years kjdon we no longer talk to mysql so connector moved to gs3build extension
(edit) @12193   18 years kjdon moved to a gate extension in greenstone3-extensions repository
(edit) @12151   18 years shaoqun added strings for berrybasket
(edit) @11273   18 years kjdon added all collections parameter
(edit) @11015   19 years kjdon properties file for CrossCollectionSearch services
(edit) @10904   19 years nzdl a couple of extra strings from nzdl
(edit) @10287   19 years kjdon have removed the installation specific init-param gsdl3_home from the …
(edit) @10234   19 years kjdon java 1.5 contains xerces but has renamed the classes. since we …
(edit) @10233   19 years kjdon java 1.5 doesn't contain xalan (1.4 did) so added the jar file in, …
(edit) @10132   19 years kjdon fixed a syntax error in the xml
(edit) @10127   19 years kjdon axis is now installed as part of the greenstone web app - otherwise …
(edit) @10081   19 years kjdon java 1.4 has included xalan stuff in it. if you put xalan.jar in your …
(edit) @10064   19 years kjdon moved this back to lib/java
(edit) @10057   19 years kjdon moved here from lib/java - now they are automatically in the webapps …
(edit) @10044   19 years kjdon well, it didn't last long here - now its in resources/soap
(edit) @10042   19 years kjdon resources/java files moved to web/WEB-INF/classes so they are …
(edit) @7833   20 years kjdon classic style library now uses classic interface not nzdl interface
(edit) @7793   20 years kjdon reorganised the servlets. now have library: localsite + default …
(edit) @5396   21 years kjdon changed a couple of nzdl params
(edit) @5395   21 years kjdon have taken web.xml out of cvs, added in to cvs, the install …
(edit) @4689   21 years kjdon changed the param names - now they use the names specified in …
(edit) @4263   21 years kjdon another servlet mapping for nzdl
(edit) @4061   21 years mdewsnip Changed back to @gsdl3home@.
(edit) @4057   21 years kjdon changed name of site1 to soapsite
(edit) @3594   22 years kjdon new parameter - default language for the interface
(edit) @3551   22 years kjdon changed hard-coded gsdl3home path to @gsdl3home@ which will be …
(edit) @3547   22 years say1 fine tuned install.bash: more feedback, less verbose subcommands, …
(edit) @3493   22 years kjdon changed library2 to library1 - makes more sense cos its serving site1
(edit) @3483   22 years kjdon gsdl3home param replaces both siteshome and interfaceshome
(edit) @3437   22 years kjdon added library name to the init params - may not always be 'library'
(edit) @3333   22 years kjdon changed init params
(edit) @3311   22 years kjdon small changes
(edit) @3281   22 years kjdon a test servlet
(add) @3280   22 years kjdon file needed for tomcat to serve servlets
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