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(edit) @13826   17 years nzdl added extraArgs param to collection template so that can pass in some …
(edit) @13825   17 years nzdl have query term highlighting turned on by default
(edit) @8663   19 years kjdon added nav and html subactions to page action
(edit) @8639   19 years nzdl new page subaction for niupepa coll
(edit) @8571   19 years nzdl now we base an interface on another one
(edit) @8569   19 years nzdl updated to match the collections on
(edit) @8566   19 years kjdon no longer need these cos this interface is based on classic
(edit) @8565   19 years kjdon no longer need this
(edit) @8564   19 years kjdon moving it to the classic interface
(edit) @8561   19 years kjdon this is the same as classic, so symlink to the one there
(edit) @8537   19 years kjdon some instructions about missing xsl files
(edit) @8534   19 years kjdon tidied up the style stuff - now uses css. pageHead is now defined by …
(edit) @8533   19 years kjdon these files are the same as in the classic interface - should copy …
(edit) @6688   20 years nzdl some small display changes to make it more like
(edit) @6687   20 years nzdl moved some stuff to query-common.xsl so it can be used in the about page
(edit) @6686   20 years nzdl added default values to interface prefs
(edit) @6685   20 years nzdl renamed the include files
(edit) @6684   20 years nzdl renamed the include files
(edit) @6683   20 years nzdl added some new text and colls and rearranged the colls a bit to keep …
(edit) @6682   20 years nzdl some bits that are needed by more than one xsl removed to -common files
(edit) @6681   20 years nzdl changed names from _ to -
(edit) @6680   20 years nzdl a few changes to keep this in line with real about gsdl page
(edit) @6679   20 years nzdl added query form and help text to teh about page
(edit) @6476   20 years kjdon * empty log message *
(edit) @6245   20 years kjdon added in some more templates from teh default version
(edit) @6244   20 years kjdon minor changes
(edit) @5411   21 years kjdon have to overwrite the applet xsl so that we can pass in a pageType to …
(edit) @5409   21 years kjdon changed the doc node icon template to match the default style
(edit) @5404   21 years kjdon some images for niupepa coll
(edit) @5388   21 years kjdon quite a olt of changes
(edit) @5387   21 years kjdon navigation bar no longer part of page banner, removed /gsdl3 from form …
(edit) @5386   21 years kjdon no longer use iconblankbar, only dividerBar
(edit) @5385   21 years kjdon navigation bar no longer part of page banner
(edit) @5384   21 years kjdon navigation bar no longer part of page banner, also now we find the top …
(edit) @5383   21 years kjdon navigation bar no longer part of page banner, changed form action
(edit) @5382   21 years kjdon no longer use a template named iconblankbar - always use dividerBar …
(edit) @5275   21 years kjdon used as the background for the about, search titles under the home …
(edit) @5274   21 years kjdon we are not using images with text any more
(edit) @5273   21 years kjdon we have this image in default interface, dont need it here as well
(edit) @5120   21 years kjdon some style templates have been renamed, hopefully I haven't stuffed …
(edit) @4996   21 years kjdon no longer use shortnames for service params
(edit) @4948   21 years kjdon col name, description and icon now come from displayItems not metadata
(edit) @4901   21 years kjdon changed where and how the display info is formatted
(edit) @4883   21 years kjdon moved a lot of the classifier stuff into classifiertools.xsl so that …
(edit) @4869   21 years kjdon basicuery has been renamed query
(edit) @4864   21 years kjdon using the GS2BrowseAction instead of generic one
(edit) @4863   21 years kjdon radically changed classifiers
(edit) @4828   21 years kjdon fixed some minor bits
(edit) @4733   21 years kjdon now uses a lot of templates from querytools - instead of repeating …
(edit) @4732   21 years kjdon changed the default of numbox to 4
(edit) @4711   21 years kjdon made a lot of changes, cant remember tham all. config stuff is now …
(edit) @4710   21 years kjdon another image for the home page
(edit) @4278   21 years kjdon removed width att from coll image in coll page banner
(edit) @4277   21 years kjdon home page now uses colIconSmall for coll image if present
(edit) @4276   21 years kjdon fixed a bug
(edit) @4275   21 years kjdon images with text on are now in appropriate lang directory
(edit) @4274   21 years kjdon lots of pref stuff added
(edit) @4273   21 years kjdon now has large or small query box selection
(edit) @4272   21 years kjdon tidied up nav bar stuff
(edit) @4266   21 years kjdon removed the a-z from title and author buttons
(edit) @4254   21 years kjdon work still in progress for nzdl
(edit) @4250   21 years kjdon nav bar buttons for Organization
(edit) @4249   21 years kjdon now have interface config file which lives in the directory for each …
(edit) @4187   21 years kjdon small change
(edit) @4186   21 years kjdon few changes
(edit) @4185   21 years kjdon renamed the txxx buttons (nav bar images) a more sensible name
(add) @4151   21 years kjdon the beginnings of an nzdl interface
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