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(edit) @11575   18 years mdewsnip Fixed a bug in previous change.
(edit) @11573   18 years shaoqun new version
(edit) @11572   18 years shaoqun make the image fading more before removing it
(edit) @11571   18 years shaoqun new version
(edit) @11570   18 years shaoqun commentn out the code moving the first picture around
(edit) @11569   18 years mdewsnip Had to add #if HAVE_UNISTD_H around #include <unistd.h> because …
(edit) @11567   18 years shaoqun new version
(edit) @11566   18 years shaoqun removed Display.class
(edit) @11565   18 years shaoqun new wersion that does not use Dislay class
(edit) @11564   18 years shaoqun changed the code handling threads
(edit) @11563   18 years shaoqun changed the code handling threads to make it threads safe
(edit) @11562   18 years shaoqun changed code handling threads
(edit) @11561   18 years shaoqun changed back to use Vector collection
(edit) @11556   18 years nzdl gti strings updated 2 Apr 2006 by Antonia
(edit) @11554   18 years kjdon added support for USE_Z3950. This now gets passed down, and d2m and …
(edit) @11553   18 years kjdon Latest compile complained about redefinition of funciton yaz_log, …
(edit) @11550   18 years mdewsnip Added code for installing the new DSpace documented example collection.
(edit) @11549   18 years mdewsnip Added a command for enabling the Admin pages in the etc/main.cfg file.
(edit) @11547   18 years nzdl More Spanish translations, many thanks to Antonia Lema.
(edit) @11546   18 years mdewsnip Added a comment regarding my last change.
(edit) @11545   18 years mdewsnip Added support for repeatable fields using .
(edit) @11544   18 years mdewsnip Removed the gsdl.gif image from the authentication pages.
(edit) @11543   18 years kjdon added a type to the style tag
(edit) @11541   18 years kjdon buttonname arg moved to BasClas, cos every classifier has it …
(edit) @11540   18 years kjdon now uses buttonname or metadata to generate the title, rather than …
(edit) @11539   18 years kjdon when deciding if a classifier is a datelist or not, now we check …
(edit) @11538   18 years cvs_anon make HTMLPlug recognize the @ character in file extensions
(edit) @11537   18 years kjdon fixed up some mistakes in search form macros
(edit) @11528   18 years mdewsnip Now barfs if there are duplicate chunk keys in Greenstone XML files.
(edit) @11527   18 years kjdon added URL properly to the list of fields
(edit) @11526   18 years mdewsnip Fixed a bug parsing multi-line strings with Updated tags (Greenstone …
(edit) @11523   18 years nzdl translations by olena
(edit) @11519   18 years mdewsnip Fixed a bug comparing CVS dates with Update dates.
(edit) @11517   18 years cvs_anon change GSDL_VERSION to x.xx
(edit) @11515   18 years kjdon put bindir back the way it was in the meantime, until John has …
(edit) @11512   18 years nzdl strings from the translator
(edit) @11506   18 years kjdon fixed the bug where space outside Metadata tags was getting added into …
(edit) @11503   18 years kjdon modified the default format string to match what's in GLI
(edit) @11498   18 years mdewsnip Code for handling new entities in the XML.
(edit) @11494   18 years kjdon fixed up a cut and paste error in MP3Pplug strings
(edit) @11493   18 years kjdon only add [img1], [img2] to the dummy text if assoc_images is on
(edit) @11489   18 years shaoqun set LDFLAGS=
(edit) @11487   18 years mdewsnip Added <Updated date="..."> comments to the greenstone XML files, to …
(edit) @11484   18 years cvs_anon set LDFLAGS=-static
(edit) @11483   18 years cvs_anon update GSDL_VERSION
(edit) @11474   18 years shaoqun set default caption to a empty string
(edit) @11473   18 years shaoqun new jar
(edit) @11472   18 years shaoqun set external_links_ = null if exception occurs
(edit) @11471   18 years shaoqun changed the code getting the greenstone home (document root)
(edit) @11468   18 years mdewsnip Ooops... fix to code I just committed to deal with < and > characters.
(edit) @11467   18 years mdewsnip Changed my mind about the previous change. Now the nicely formatted …
(edit) @11466   18 years mdewsnip Improved the formatting of the ISISRecordHTML table slightly.
(edit) @11465   18 years mdewsnip Now adds ISISRecordHTML metadata also, as a shortcut towards a nicely …
(edit) @11462   18 years mdewsnip Added into macrofiles list.
(edit) @11461   18 years nzdl Some more Indonesian translations, many thanks to Paul Mundy.
(edit) @11460   18 years mdewsnip Added the (unfinished) Excel spreadsheet generation action into the GTI.
(edit) @11459   18 years nzdl More Spanish translations, many thanks to Antonia Lema.
(edit) @11458   18 years nzdl More French and Spanish translations, many thanks to Antonia Lema.
(edit) @11452   18 years mdewsnip Yet more subtle XML escaping -- there must be something weird going on …
(edit) @11451   18 years nzdl Updated Russian interface, many thanks to Olena Medelyan.
(edit) @11449   18 years mdewsnip Prevented from adding extra newlines to the Greenstone XML files every …
(edit) @11448   18 years mdewsnip Some more XML escaping code, for the Greenstone XML files. Hope this …
(edit) @11447   18 years mdewsnip Some fixes for greenstone XML files that I forgot to commit earlier :-(
(edit) @11445   18 years mdewsnip Now escapes '&' in xml_safe too.
(edit) @11442   18 years kjdon check the result of read_file before continuing
(edit) @11441   18 years grbuchan Removed erroneous space character after -L in expat library option
(edit) @11437   18 years mdewsnip Changed the coredm and auxdm descriptions to be more descriptive.
(edit) @11435   18 years mdewsnip Added a string for the Greenstone tutorial exercises (for the GTI).
(edit) @11433   18 years shaoqun modified splitlist method to handle reverse_sort parameter
(edit) @11430   18 years mdewsnip Fix for removing nasty carriage returns/line feeds from the end of …
(edit) @11422   18 years shaoqun jar file with fixed bugs
(edit) @11421   18 years shaoqun add documentroot (_httpimg_) parameter to _collageapplet_
(edit) @11420   18 years shaoqun add code to get the greenstone home directory
(edit) @11419   18 years shaoqun fix code that test the image file extension and external links
(edit) @11418   18 years shaoqun replaced &amp; with &
(edit) @11417   18 years mdewsnip Undoing Katherine's change.
(edit) @11416   18 years kjdon testing cvs, added a space
(edit) @11414   18 years kjdon added URL to the list of fields
(edit) @11413   18 years kjdon fixed up some stuff to do with navbar, and spacers and search buttons
(edit) @11407   18 years kjdon made the mingroup default 1
(edit) @11403   18 years mdewsnip Changed this to suit the GLI.
(edit) @11402   18 years kjdon removed a debug macro
(edit) @11395   18 years mdewsnip Fixed a few little problems from Katherine's help rearrangement.
(edit) @11394   18 years mdewsnip Removed from the list of macrofiles.
(edit) @11393   18 years nzdl French translations for the UNESCO 2.70 release, many thanks to …
(edit) @11392   18 years mdewsnip Updated Install.txt to reflect the recent changes to compiling on …
(edit) @11390   18 years mdewsnip Added process_exp arguments to these plugins so the GLI knows what …
(edit) @11389   18 years jrm21 try to get the encoding from a '<meta http-equiv' tag if HTML. make …
(edit) @11384   18 years jrm21 new model
(edit) @11380   18 years kjdon davids fixes for a couple of warnings
(edit) @11379   18 years mdewsnip Bug fix for subfield change.
(edit) @11377   18 years kjdon garish images are now located in garish collection
(edit) @11376   18 years kjdon now lives aas in the garish collection
(edit) @11375   18 years kjdon removed gsimage macro, cos no longer needed (hopefully)
(edit) @11374   18 years kjdon removed an unneeded macro
(edit) @11373   18 years kjdon imagepref changed to preflink, gsimage changed to navtab
(edit) @11372   18 years kjdon changed to use preflink instead of imagepref
(edit) @11370   18 years kjdon override style:globalscripts to include usabilityscript, also removed …
(edit) @11369   18 years kjdon moved collectionspecificstyle moved outside the style tag so that it …
(edit) @11368   18 years kjdon For some reason smart_block was hidden for gli, so made it visible
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