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(edit) @13700   17 years kjdon removed GSDLOS variable - not used
(edit) @13699   17 years kjdon removed CPPFLAGS
(edit) @13661   17 years kjdon added some comments
(edit) @13660   17 years kjdon added some x++ -> ++x changes submitted by Emanuel Dejanu
(edit) @10921   19 years kjdon added -fpic to CFLAGS (and unused CXXFLAGS) - need to generate …
(edit) @9987   19 years kjdon added in an exitValue/get_exit_value method to the MGPassesWrapper
(edit) @9874   19 years kjdon merged from branch ant-install-branch: merge 1
(edit) @8694   20 years kjdon added some changes made by Emanuel Dejanu (Simple Words)
(edit) @7729   20 years kjdon changed my mind back again about installing into bin/linux = now just …
(edit) @7709   20 years kjdon small changes
(edit) @7630   20 years kjdon fixed up some compiler warnings, and made this header file to be used …
(edit) @7628   20 years kjdon fixed a couple of compiler warnings
(edit) @7627   20 years kjdon make stemmerdescription a const
(edit) @7593   20 years say1 moved variable to the start of the block
(edit) @7585   20 years kjdon fixed a typo I think
(edit) @7584   20 years kjdon have to declare vars before calling functions!!
(edit) @7582   20 years kjdon fixed the bug that was causing it not to be able to create a second …
(edit) @7464   20 years kjdon renamed WIN32.MAK to win32.mak cos it was annoying me
(edit) @7463   20 years kjdon small tidyup
(edit) @7460   20 years kjdon adding more options to mgpasses, tidying up
(edit) @7456   20 years kjdon renamed gs3_mg_passes to mg_passes_4jni, and removed the executable - …
(edit) @7455   20 years kjdon renamed gs3_mg_passes to mg_passes_4jni, and added a bit more stuff to it
(edit) @7452   20 years kjdon tidied up the setting filename and basepath path stuff
(edit) @7440   20 years kjdon some hacky changes - fix up under linux
(edit) @7439   20 years kjdon added gs3_mg_passes stuff, and fixed up some compile errors undex windows
(edit) @7431   20 years kjdon new mg passes for gs3. I thought I had commited this already
(edit) @7419   20 years kjdon new executable, gs3_mg_passes, and new library libmgpass.a - for use …
(edit) @7401   20 years kjdon removed a duplicate function declaration
(edit) @7400   20 years kjdon changed a message
(edit) @7399   20 years kjdon need to close the file we created in done_text_1 otherwise java holds …
(edit) @7228   20 years kjdon added a new -M option to mg_passes, allowing maxnumeric to be altered …
(edit) @7227   20 years kjdon added the environment.o file into some LIB-OBJS thingys
(edit) @3921   21 years mdewsnip Modified to be more independent of GS2.
(add) @3745   21 years mdewsnip Addition of MG package for search and retrieval
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