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(edit) @13785   17 years lh92 changed to display the navigation links
(edit) @13784   17 years lh92 manifest for generating the top level index page
(edit) @13783   17 years lh92 xsl for generating the top level index page
(edit) @13782   17 years lh92 modified shell scripts
(edit) @13781   17 years lh92 added SupplementaryText and 'id' 'lang' attribute to 'Manual' element, …
(edit) @13780   17 years mdewsnip GLI/LOCAL LIBRARY: To prevent the problems with the GLI being unable …
(edit) @13779   17 years mdewsnip Now reads the output of config commands sent to the local library …
(edit) @13778   17 years kjdon we don't want to do the images and scripts things for greenstone, so …
(edit) @13777   17 years kjdon merged the indexers branch. mg, mgpp, lucene and unac now live in …
(edit) @13776   17 years kjdon mg now lives in indexers instead of packages
(edit) @13775   17 years kjdon LuceneWrap.jar renamed to LuceneWrapper.jar, and uses the new package name
(edit) @13774   17 years kjdon org.nzdl.gsdl.LuceneWrap is now org.greenstone.LuceneWrapper
(edit) @13773   17 years kjdon mg, mgpp, unac. lucenewrap moved from gsdl into separate indexers …
(edit) @13772   17 years kjdon mg and unac moved from packages into separate indexers repository
(edit) @13771   17 years kjdon removed some erroneous quotes from install-nojava
(edit) @13770   17 years shaoqun now use the absolute source path to get the last modified time
(edit) @13764   17 years lh92 added cvs manuals module
(edit) @13763   17 years lh92 added gsdl tutorials module
(edit) @13761   17 years kjdon changes for new mg lib names
(edit) @13760   17 years kjdon don't include getopt.h if UNISTD is defined, since it will conflict. - …
(edit) @13757   17 years kjdon changed teh lib names to match mgpp. changed the windows install …
(edit) @13756   17 years kjdon changed the names of libs to match the linux version. and other …
(edit) @13755   17 years kjdon fixed soem bugs. now uses all option instead of compile
(edit) @13753   17 years mdewsnip Fixed a bad comment.
(edit) @13752   17 years mdewsnip Removed a whole bunch more dead code.
(edit) @13751   17 years kjdon removed a debug statement
(edit) @13750   17 years kjdon added a few missing cd commands
(edit) @13749   17 years mdewsnip Removed the code for getting/setting script options in the config.xml …
(edit) @13748   17 years mdewsnip No longer saves the and arguments in the GLI …
(edit) @13747   17 years kjdon windows makefile
(edit) @13745   17 years qq6 update some linesREADME.html
(edit) @13744   17 years qq6 Change the file paths, but index.html didn't be split into several …
(edit) @13743   17 years qq6 Change the file paths
(edit) @13742   17 years shaoqun delete the default style of ul and li
(edit) @13741   17 years mdewsnip Added a second item to the "TO DO" list in this file.
(edit) @13740   17 years kjdon removed LDFLAGS setting which was committed by mistake
(edit) @13739   17 years kjdon made new indexers repository work when coll building is enabled - we …
(edit) @13738   17 years mdewsnip Tidied up the loadArguments function in ScriptOptions in preparation …
(edit) @13737   17 years kjdon OTHERDIRS should be JAVADIRS
(edit) @13736   17 years mdewsnip A little bit more of CollectionManager now static.
(edit) @13735   17 years kjdon mg have been moved to external indexers repository
(edit) @13734   17 years mdewsnip Made a bit more of CollectionManager static.
(edit) @13733   17 years kjdon updated for new indexers package. This works for when we have no …
(edit) @13732   17 years kjdon LuceneWrap now called LuceneWrapper and its in a different package
(edit) @13731   17 years kjdon changes to use new indexers repository and not mg/mgpp from gs2
(edit) @13730   17 years kjdon don't install the jni stuff at the moment - so now needs to be …
(edit) @13729   17 years kjdon added a no java option for compiling for greenstone 2
(edit) @13728   17 years kjdon first stab at windows Makefile - hasn't been tested on windows yet
(edit) @13727   17 years shaoqun added the support to cover images
(edit) @13716   17 years kjdon added nojava and install-nojava targets for use with gs2
(edit) @13715   17 years kjdon renamed inaword, isaspace and skipspace so they don't conflict with mg …
(edit) @13714   17 years kjdon removed bindir=exec_prefix/bin
(edit) @13713   17 years kjdon made bindir use @bindir@ instead of exec_prefix - we need to pass in …
(edit) @13712   17 years kjdon merged all, install, clean and distclean, added nojava and …
(edit) @13711   17 years kjdon forgot to remove unac from packages in previous commit
(edit) @13710   17 years kjdon changed gs2build module to use indexers repository instead of mg, mgpp …
(edit) @13709   17 years mdewsnip Added some space above the "Preview Collection" button.
(edit) @13708   17 years kjdon modified sh scripts for new gsdl-documentation package, with new …
(edit) @13707   17 years kjdon moved manifest from xml-source to processing directory as the xsl …
(edit) @13706   17 years mdewsnip The second half of speeding up metadata access and editing …
(edit) @13705   17 years mdewsnip Changed the "uploadModifiedMetadataXMLFiles" function to …
(edit) @13704   17 years nzdl Added Google Analytics stuff into pages.
(edit) @13703   17 years kjdon some configure and make files for the new indexers package
(edit) @13702   17 years kjdon added install and distclean targets
(edit) @13701   17 years kjdon .version file didn't make it in original commit
(edit) @13700   17 years kjdon removed GSDLOS variable - not used
(edit) @13699   17 years kjdon removed CPPFLAGS
(edit) @13698   17 years kjdon now provides a --with-unac arg, default is ../packages/unac
(edit) @13697   17 years kjdon unac no longer part of mgpp - its now external
(edit) @13696   17 years kjdon made the unac directory a variable
(edit) @13695   17 years kjdon undid a previous change
(edit) @13693   17 years mdewsnip Added a new command "get-all-chunks" for getting all of the chunks for …
(edit) @13692   17 years mdewsnip Finished the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet generation page that I …
(edit) @13691   17 years mdewsnip Added strings and macros for the new "offline translation" GTI page.
(edit) @13690   17 years mdewsnip GLI modules are no longer enabled by default, so the GTI works with …
(edit) @13689   17 years mdewsnip HTML 4 compliance fixes.
(edit) @13688   17 years kjdon moved a def from INCLUDES to DEFS. why was it there??
(edit) @13687   17 years lh92 Fixed the bug that overwrite the _head_ macro in
(edit) @13686   17 years kjdon package has changed to org.greenstone.LuceneWrapper to be consistent …
(edit) @13685   17 years kjdon moved the Makefile to the top level
(edit) @13684   17 years kjdon unac moved to top level packages dir inside the indexers repository
(edit) @13683   17 years kjdon lucene source from apache
(edit) @13682   17 years nzdl Updated translation, many thanks to scorpion
(edit) @13681   17 years shaoqun made it use new GEMS
(edit) @13680   17 years shaoqun made it work in Greenstone3
(edit) @13679   17 years nzdl Updated translations, many thanks to tomasfiala
(edit) @13678   17 years nzdl Updated translation, many thanks to yoyomimiyen
(edit) @13677   17 years nzdl Updated translations, thanks to vankhang
(edit) @13676   17 years shaoqun the batch file that launches GEMS in GSDL3
(edit) @13675   17 years shaoqun made it pass GSDL3HOME to GEMS
(edit) @13674   17 years lh92 changed a bit about the layout of the status page
(edit) @13673   17 years lh92 added macros for gti status page
(edit) @13672   17 years lh92 added a new action 'status' which generats a page of the current …
(edit) @13671   17 years lh92 added macros for gti status page
(edit) @13670   17 years kjdon unac package needed for accent folding in mgpp, and possibly for mg in …
(edit) @13669   17 years shaoqun now added it as a binary
(edit) @13668   17 years shaoqun should be aded as a binary, so remove it
(edit) @13667   17 years shaoqun make the get-perl-for-windows target depend on the init target
(edit) @13663   17 years kjdon Initial revision
(edit) @13662   17 years kjdon removed old log messages
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