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#903 build.xml issue while collection build is running nobody defect very high major
#935 Make perllib/ reuse existing code ak19 defect very high trivial
#742 The -d32/-d64 flag for Java on Mac nobody defect moderate major
#818 Upgrade javascript sjm84 task moderate enhancement
#852 GS3 source distributions still have extra demo collections nobody defect moderate major
#870 GS3 uninstaller needs to preserve sites and interfaces nobody defect moderate major
#899 Built-in citation for GS3 in the style of R nobody defect moderate major
#910 PagedImagePlugin - encoding for text item files nobody defect moderate major
#911 Improving Javascript interaction with Java GS3 server nobody defect moderate major
#912 Flag arguments to full-rebuild kjdon defect moderate minor
#937 PDFBox text conversion nobody defect moderate minor
#940 Apache Tika - see if Sam's GS2 extension works and write up tutorial nobody defect moderate enhancement
#942 New pdftohtml with Xpdf tools - works with newer PDFs too ak19 defect moderate major
#946 Meta and/or fulltext in SQL database as alternative to GreenstoneXML/METS ak19 feature moderate major
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